STB Chapter 35: Common Understanding

Li Fei’s group was accompanied by the Assistant Director at the hotel.   This Assistant Director is impeccably attired and even dressed as a successful businessman more than Li Fei’s own group. He has a slightly raised beer belly and a balding head. When he laughed, the flesh of his cheeks even shake.     The … Continue reading STB Chapter 35: Common Understanding

DWBS 22: New Year

This is machine translated, and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading. This time, they were gone for a little longer. 「That’s why I, Aisha, became Haruto’s fiancee. Best regards in the future!!」 Aisha said so soon after arriving home. … Continue reading DWBS 22: New Year

STB Chapter 32: Frank

“Johnson Brown is an American from the Southern State, code name Hurican.  Transliterated from Hulakan, meaning, hurricane. Hulakan is the god of thunderstorms and whirlwinds from Mayan myths.” Zhang YaoJin paused, and seriously said, “I think you already understand, he has a dual-system S-level ability as the protagonist.” The protagonist? According to the professional version … Continue reading STB Chapter 32: Frank

STB Chapter 31: Protagonist

The shop signs fell on the street and got soaked in muddy water. Several old houses tilted, its roof gone with the continually pouring rain washing the furniture inside. Many things are floating in the stagnant water: Clothes, plastic bowls, and a half-deflated basketball. You won’t know where the fuzzy sound of radio came from: “ *zi … Continue reading STB Chapter 31: Protagonist