I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 54: Impostor

Back to the hotel where the crew stayed, Director Lu still remembered to praise the new dishes in the restaurant, especially the mutton soup. The soup’s umami is very satisfactory, and Jian Hua silently agrees in his mind. Li Fei followed from behind him, whispered with a chuckle, “You ate it all?” Jian Hua turned.… Continue reading STB Chapter 54: Impostor

Different World Business Symbol

DWBS 28: Worker

Workers Wanted!! ・Qualifications: Anyone will do ・Job Description: Soap production. For more details, head to the main town hall. ・Working hours: From sunrise to sunset ・Salary: Monthly 6 silver coins For details, please go to ○○○○ 「I wonder if something like this is good? 」 Haruto made the sign and showed it to Roa, Aisha,… Continue reading DWBS 28: Worker

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 53: Suspension Bridge

About Liu Shan, they've hooked the bait, and can only wait. After that incident, Li Fei has to return to the dinner party, otherwise “the high-born daughter infatuated with the Emperor of Movies, is blocking Li Fei” rumors will be circulated among the circle. Jian Hua opens the door, about to go, when he suddenly… Continue reading STB Chapter 53: Suspension Bridge

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 52: Making Conversation

T/N: Sorry for the late update. I got addicted and distracted from some other story. Anyways, I changed the Broadcasting Head Office to GuangShi Bureau. I don't know the correct translation, so I just used the pinyin, makes it easier for me. Liu Shan holds her chopsticks, absent-minded. Her whole mind focused on the door.… Continue reading STB Chapter 52: Making Conversation

I'm Not Shouldering This Blame

STB Chapter 51: Possessed

Several assistants occupied a table downstairs. With their amount of funds, they ordered five lower-priced dishes. Because some people have to drive, there is no alcohol that you can see——they also can’t afford to drink too much. It’s reasonable to say that they have a few words to say, and the atmosphere is not hard… Continue reading STB Chapter 51: Possessed