STB Chapter 91: What a Coincidence!

With the increase of Abandoned World arrivals, the ability holders are forced to shift their focus to this dangerous world. As Red Dragon collects data, they have found several points that follow a periodic pattern in each city. These locations have distinct characteristics. Theoretically, the scope is the same every time. Even if no ability … Continue reading STB Chapter 91: What a Coincidence!

STB Chapter 89: Prototype

One month later. Frequent accidents happen around the world, such as buildings collapsing, roads collapsing, and chain car accidents. The most significant accident happened in a famous European commercial street where more than a hundred died. The most baffling one is in Greece. Two tsunamis occurred in the Meditteranean in just five days. Because of … Continue reading STB Chapter 89: Prototype

STB Chapter 88: Red Scorpion

“What?” Federico’s broker failed to understand the words ability holder. He’s sick of those kids who haven’t graduated from high school, impulsively make trouble, worship their idolized comic hero, and hearing strange words coming from their mouths. Federico heard something else from Johnson’s panicked words. Base on the teenager's character, it means it's too late … Continue reading STB Chapter 88: Red Scorpion

STB Chapter 87: Headache

The beginning of the tentative temptation quickly became a request. Their lips touch, slipping along the palate to the base of the tooth, playing against Jian Hua’s tongue, Li Fei lead the other side towards the sensitive edge of the mouth. The tingling stimulation rapidly spreads along the palate, spreading all the way to the … Continue reading STB Chapter 87: Headache

DWBS 46: Assassination Guild

A/N: Today is a two chapter post. Be careful. If you haven’t read Chapter 44, click『Previous Chapter』! There’s an organization called the Assassination Guild. As the name suggests, it’s a Guild that carries out murder depending on the money. Assassin Guild was born about 150 years ago. The reason is the leadership struggle between Alto … Continue reading DWBS 46: Assassination Guild