STB Chapter 141: Trend

Geng Tian punched a rock wall, and the passage immediately shook. Mushrooms fell from the hole and rolled on the ground, then exploded into mycelium. In the blink of an eye, the entire passage was covered, like overlapping spiderwebs. Geng Tian skillfully moved his hand, the experience of “cultivating” mushrooms in the Black Abyss for … Continue reading STB Chapter 141: Trend

STB Chapter 140: Conflict

Translator: ChaCha     Editor: Izreate Jennifer’s group didn’t manage to leave the underground city successfully. Under the red moon of the plateau, a silent assassination was taking place. The ground seemed like it had been flattened by something, the sand and gravel fell unnaturally, and small sections of the stone forest disappeared into thin air … Continue reading STB Chapter 140: Conflict