Alien 8: Red Bill Discrimination

Under normal circumstances, the aura in dongtian was far more concentrated than in the real world. However, there was one exception——that is at sunrise. The stone chamber built by the elder used a very uncommon material called “yin yang stone”. As Yi Ti first saw, these stones are covered with black and white patterns representing … Continue reading Alien 8: Red Bill Discrimination

STB Chapter 150: Post-bellum

Later, people called this the doomsday in the history of human civilization. Pavements collapsed, bridges damaged, buildings collapsed……and serial explosions. The camera lens casually swept over the ruins and corpses with people’s faces twisted in fear. Many famous cultural landscapes were destroyed. There are also leaks in nuclear power plants in some countries, and the … Continue reading STB Chapter 150: Post-bellum

Alien 5: Spiritual Plant Cultivator’s Inheritance

“Spiritual plant cultivator…” Yi Ti carefully chewed these strange words. She really liked to read novels, so she'd seen many with similar words. However, a novel is a novel, after all. She never thought that one day, those words would really appear in reality. And, in connection to her. Truly incredible. She shook her head, … Continue reading Alien 5: Spiritual Plant Cultivator’s Inheritance