ACDWL 043: Extra ─Rodokiaus’ Conflict─

ACDWL 042: After The Support Mission
ACDWL 044: Reporting to the Castle

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─Rodo’s side─



From my arms, I could hear faint sleeping breaths.

It came from Kou who’s now grown up like in that drawing.

I thought he’s already very beautiful just from the drawing, but he’s far better than I expected.

At first, I was so nervous that I decided we couldn’t use the same bed.

An unbelievably eye-catching beauty sleeping in the same room is enough.

Yet, Kou seemed dissatisfied with that and returned to his child form in the morning.

…I was shocked that time.

I’m sure Kou didn’t notice.

I felt like he had refused to marry me.

I even wondered if he hated it that much.

…well, that soon proved groundless.


The next day, Kou, who humanized again at the bathhouse, made hot water as usual.

And then looked at me very, very unhappily as if he had a grudge against me.

But I then got surprised when he got on my lap unsuspectingly in the bathtub.

Delicate white skin with a yellowish tinge that makes me want to touch, along with smooth muscular arms and legs.

Although he had a slender body that fits snugly in my arms, I tried not to have any physical reaction. When I looked at him between my legs, I realized his gaze was swimming.

What would Kou do if I got my hands on him right now?

──Will you escape with movement magic?

──Will you be wary of me and scared?

Either way, he won’t have a good impression.

Of course, the reason why I didn’t want to touch the humanized Kou was that I didn’t want him to know my desire and hate me.

Until now, I never thought that I didn’t want to be hated by someone.

It’s normal for others to be afraid and scared of me.

It’s natural for everyone to be scared and I wouldn’t be interested in such a person.

It didn’t matter whether I’m liked or disliked.


However, Kou is different.

I always wonder how he can like me and how he can stay with me.

So I can’t touch him.

If he hated it, I wouldn’t be able to recover.

This way, I could only hold him in my arms.

I could only offer my arm as a pillow as I stroked his sleeping head.



Kou rubbed his face against my chest when he woke up.

He’s so cute, but I wonder who he was before he met me.

I haven’t asked about his past relationships because I won’t know who the other party was even if I hear it, and I’ll only be jealous so there’s no point.

Then I heard something even more shocking.

Kou said that in Niho, only a few people are in love with the same sex, and most of them are in love with the opposite sex.

In other words, does Kou also have a woman?

Did he only marry me as an extension of my “guardian” status?

Would he leave me one day when he suddenly said that he had someone he likes?

…there’s no guarantee that the other party would only be a woman.

Kou has an eye-catching beauty.

His slender body, which easily fits into my arms, makes me want to protect him.

Nevertheless, he’s the number one magic power holder in Marihect and is a talented person who can also heal.

There’s no doubt that Kou is a person they’d want as a human resource as well as a romantic partner.

In fact, there are still people looking for a chance to try and talk to Kou.

I noticed their stares and knew they wanted to talk to Kou.

But Kou only answers things he could answer.

That’s why the rumors of the return of Erideya had spread.

Seems like Kou knew it’s someone’s name but after knowing it’s a healer from the past, he wasn’t that interested.

Kou might have perceived Erideya as a “healer” rather than a “benevolent and attractive person”.


“…Ryodo? Mohning.”

Kou looked up with his still sleepy eyes.

“Good morning. You still look sleepy.”

I held down Kou’s hair messed up from his sleeping habits but the moment I released it, it sprang up again.

Kou sleeps longer than I do.

He doesn’t get up very well and takes a long time to wake up.

I sat while still hugging Kou, but he didn’t want to change and still hugged me.

If he stayed still, Kou would fall asleep again.

“Kou, get up.”

I have to patrol and subdue monsters again today.

Kou is so sleepy because we patrolled after taking a little nap last night.

He seemed to be the type who’d sleep well in one sitting, so it’s difficult to rest his body with just short naps.

When we’re at home, waking up wasn’t this hard.

After eating breakfast, lunch was quite small.

The mealtime is delayed little by little but it seems like it’ll take time for Kou to get used to it.


He muttered something, but I didn’t understand since it’s not the words from this world.

I always wonder what he wanted to say, but it seems to be something that Kou can’t translate to my world’s language yet so I’ve never understood.

I’ve thought this many times before, but should I study Kou’s language?

Kou is steadily learning the language of my world.

But I only know two words from his, “Niho” and “Wearth”.

Niho is the name of the country where Kou lived and Wearth is the name of the star where Niho is.

Needless to say, the number of words I learned is too small.

That’s the difference in our intelligence.


After a while, Kou, who looked up at me, didn’t seem that sleepy anymore.

“Eat, meal, go. Change clothes, okay?” (Let’s go eat. Change clothes first?)

“Okay. Kou, change clothes.” (Yes, change clothes first.)

I think smiling has become a habit or is that just my imagination?

In front of me, he took off his nightwear without hesitation.

He used to be shy when I took off his clothes.

Did Kou know how much effort I spent to suppress the urge to touch his clean back?


To look but not touch.

I looked away and changed my clothes.


Kou is now wearing ready-made products.

I ordered the smallest size, but it’s still big for Kou and he looked like he’s wearing someone’s clothes.

When he was wearing my clothes, it’s too big to move, but I thought it was cute.

…is it because it looks like he borrowed clothes from someone other than me?

(Let’s order Kou’s clothes and shoes as soon as the mission is over.)

There’s still the report to His Majesty, but that’ll be for the day after.

For me right now, Kou is the highest priority over reporting to His Majesty.

That’s what a mate is, and the report should be done by the Captain of the Sixth Corps.

We, the Third Corps, are just here for support, so there should be no problem even if I’m late for a day.

Even if there’s a problem, it’ll still be fine so it doesn’t matter.


“Ryodo, let’s go?”

After growing up, Kou often held hands with me.

After having his own shoes, he was happy that he can walk, and even though its a little big, he still wanted to walk on his own.

But I was dissatisfied, so he probably compromised and held my hands.

…it might be unavoidable to be called “like a younger brother”.

Because I’m acting like one.

Even when I was young, I hadn’t been spoiled by my parents.

But ever since I met Kou, I’ve changed a lot.

Is this a good thing…

Or is it a bad thing…


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 042: After The Support Mission
ACDWL 044: Reporting to the Castle

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