ACDWL 056: Extra ─Kou’s Believers─

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Kou is called the “Return of Erideya-sama”.

However, Kou has much higher healing power.

Erideya-sama is a healer from the past who was kind to everyone.

But he couldn’t restore missing limbs like Kou.

Few people could use such a level of regeneration magic and even if they could, I’ve never heard of someone completely regenerating a limb like Kou.

Erideya-sama became famous because of her beauty and kindness.

Though he’s a little young, Kou is also beautiful.

…his mate is the Akinist Captain of the Third Corps so no one dared to touch him.


But Kou is not a healer.

He’s Captain Rodokiaus’ exclusive magician.

As a magician, even the number one magician in Marihect, Sarez’ Representative, Kirishigan-sama, can’t compare to him.

“I just did what I could heal” seemed to be his stance.

However, many people have been helped by such a freak.

If you lose your limbs, you can’t return to being a soldier.

I heard that some people commit suicide because they received only a small amount of benefits from the country, have no available jobs, and are treated like being banished from the country.

The reason why this world with many long-lived people is not full of people is not just because there are races with low fertility like Akinists.

Many people also die during work, but many more commit suicide for that reason.

But with Kou, that number will decrease.

Isn’t Kou aware of how valuable he is?

Unlike the Third Corps Captain, who’s called the treasure of Marihect, Kou is whispered to be the treasure of the world.

It’s just rumored now, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s officially decided.

Not only in this country, but many people from other countries also wanted him.

However, it seems like Kou is not interested in power.

He even said that he would quit being a magician if he couldn’t stay with the Third Corps Captain.

In other words, Kou, who’s the treasure of the world, is sticking to the side of the Third Corps Captain.

Captain Rodokiaus is also so obsessed with Kou that it’d be impossible to separate them.

Since these powerful people are mates, words can’t get through.


It’s rumored that these two will get married.

Kou is a kid who had just humanized…

Kou didn’t even go to the Tower of Trik and seems to be visiting the barracks of the Third Corps every day.

He’s currently learning the language.

He’d be more attractive than now if he didn’t lisp in that figure, I think.

──though it’s still more than enough to attract people.

After all, even His Majesty glanced at Kou.

It might be natural for him to have that power, but he doesn’t feel interested just because he has that power.

Even in the barracks, there’s no chance you could talk to him.

….Captain Rodokiaus always interrupts me.


Even when Captain Rodokiaus interfered with the conversation, Kou wouldn’t get angry.

With Captain Rodokiaus glaring at us from behind, he silently worked.

Apparently, he’s working on a decoration for his wedding outfit.

What’s more, not for his own, but Captain Rodokiaus’.

When I first heard about it, Captain had quite a sloppy face.

Kou looked quite dexterous.

He also seemed able to cook.

…I don’t think we’ll ever get to taste it though.


Kou is making a flower-shaped cloth with jewels studded on it.

I’ve never seen a decoration like this, but I think it’s more elegant and beautiful than a decoration with just jewels.

Is it because they’re unified in the same color system?

The attached jewels aren’t noticeable at first glance, but they shone beautifully every time they moved.

Kou is a magician, a healer, good at drawing which I’ve seen before, could cook and make something like this.

Can he do anything else?

…it’d be more than enough if I could do this much.


“Kou is amazing.”

“Really? …Ryodo, looks good, right?” (Really? It looks good on Rodo, right?)

“Captain would be really happy.”


Kou, who laughed happily, is cute as expected.

It’s Deputy Captain who called out to Kou.

Captain looked sharply at him, but he didn’t stop them because Kou is smiling, right?

“Kou, create, good, different…but, Kou, I will do my best. Ryodo, happy, Kou, also, happy.” (What I made is not that good but I’ll do my best. As long as Rodo is happy, I’m also happy.)

If Captain is happy, the Kou is also happy…

I doubt the part where he’s not that good.

But I know this much, Captain would be very happy to receive it.

Just look at the Captain──

He looks really happy.


“Kou can do anything.”

What Deputy Captain said was probably what everyone is thinking.

…and yet, Kou shook his head for some reason.

“Kou, everything, can do, no. Can, no, fail, many…*******. ***********.” (I can’t do everything. I’ve also failed many times. *****)

Kou said something we didn’t understand.

…why do you look so sad?

He’s learning our language but he said something we didn’t know because no one could translate it to our language.

Or is it because he didn’t want us to know what he said?

The reason why Captain changed from a happy look to a sad look was probably that he also hit a wall, I think.


However, when Kou hugged him, he relaxed his expression.

What did Kou say earlier?

I don’t think he hated the marriage, but it’s also true that he looked sad.

What’s he so sad about?

Did Captain know about Kou’s feelings?


We haven’t been told anything about Kou’s origin or whether he has a family.

When he became a guardee, he couldn’t understand the language and we only knew that he had a childish appearance we’d never seen before.

I still don’t know which race he is.

Does Captain know?

But no one cares about that right now.

Those who wanted to get such a strong person like Kou out of Marihect are probably those people from other countries.

Just how greedy could they be?

What if another country learned about Kou’s existence?

If Kou goes to another country, his mate Captain would definitely follow.

In other words, along with Kou, our Akinist Captain will also go.

Is there any way for His Majesty to prevent it?

If Kou wanted to go to another country, Captain is unlikely to stop it.

Captain values “protecting his companions” but has now decided that Kou is his highest priority.

For Captain, the definition of “companion” is just the people who protect the same place, not someone specific and certainly not necessarily in Marihect.

Captain, who hasn’t shown a deep interest in anyone, is now obsessed with Kou.

So if Kou wanted it, Captain would easily leave the country.

Even if we became hostile, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill us to protect Kou.

──whether it’s the Deputy Captain who’s been closest to him so far.

──or even if it’s His Majesty.

We would easily be cut off by Captain.

Even if he went to another country, that nature of Captain will not change.

Just that it now applies to Kou.

Before he met Kou, Captain’s only thoughts would be, “I am only a soldier.”


So if we don’t want to lose them, we’ll have to make Kou want to stay in Marihect.

…but how do we do that?

I have no idea.

More and more people in Marihect now like Kou, but Kou doesn’t pay attention to them.

Is he accustomed to being pampered?

──I could feel Captain’s possessiveness and anyone could understand him glaring out of jealousy.

Looks like if a mate is too attractive, it’d be difficult.


─?side end─

ACDWL 055: Silent Preparation
ACDWL 057: I'm Looking Forward To It, But I'm Worried

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