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─Rodo’s side─


Taking off his coat and happily exploring the rooms, Kou jumped onto a bed.

He didn’t move so I got worried and called out.

When I asked, “Are you tired?”, he affirmed and turned around.

Seeing him reach out to me while looking a little tired, I wanted to take his glossy lips but stopped in time.

When I hugged him and laid down, he looked reassured.

He fell asleep, but…

I felt like those unconsciously uttered words drew blood.

We’re finally married, but did Kou not want it?

──”I want to go home,” he said…

While hugging Kou who has fallen asleep, I have no choice but to hope that I just misheard those words.

If he said that even after waking up, I’m likely to do something terrible, even though I wanted to be gentle and cherish him.

The arm around my back lost strength and fell onto the bedding.

Even that made me moody.

(Should I take a bath?)

I think it’s good to cool my head, but I don’t like being away from Kou, so I took him even asleep.

He looked so tired that he didn’t even wake up.

I can rinse him with hot water then we’ll soak together.

──We should have toured a little more slowly.

…is that why he wanted to go home?

Because I didn’t care about Kou…


Kou didn’t wake up even when I wiped his body.

When I tried to get him into some sleepwear, he clung to me, half asleep.


Even when I called out, he didn’t wake up, but his arm didn’t come off.

Giving up on the clothes, I headed for the bed.


Kou is starting to give in to me.

His smiles also increased.

…but he often looked sad.

Sometimes, he’d say he wanted to be with me, but I can’t fully believe those words.

I want to ask what he really thought, but I felt scared.

…I’m so scared…

We laid down on the bedding.

Isn’t he hungry?

I was planning on us going out for a meal after relaxing in the room for a while.


How much time has passed?


I heard a lovely sneeze and the lovely warmth came closer to me.

(Is he cold?)

I’m not, but I think Kou is sensitive to changes in temperature.

When he feels cold, he’d also sneeze when he’s awake.

My body seems to be warm.

(I think he said that my beast form is warmer.)

Is it because of my fur?

When I turned into a beast, he got on my body while still asleep.

Kou, who rubbed his face onto my body, is so cute.

It’d be better to be a beast than the humanoid me.

I could see from his excitement that Kou prefers me being an Akinist.

Every time I turn into a beast, he’d happily raise his voice and stroke me with a flush on his cheeks.

He’d say something like “nako”, but what does that mean? (A/N: Nako=Nyanko)

He’d emphasize it quite a bit, but he’s talking in Niho’s language, so I didn’t understand what he said.



After a while, Kou seemed to have awakened.


I was a little relieved when he called my name right away.

Kou realized I’m under him then put his body back on mine.

I’m glad he didn’t try to leave and remained stuck to me, but…

As expected, I’m worried about that.

When I humanized, Kou raised his head.

I wondered if I should have stayed in beast form, but Kou bowed his head again.

──because it’s cold?

──or is it because it’s a hassle to move?

I just think about the bad ones.


“…Kou. You said, you want to go home, are you serious?”

I called out to Kou, who’s still on my body.


Maybe he didn’t remember since he made a confused face.

But soon he nodded as if he remembered.

How can Kou not want to go home?

…but those words that wrapped me in despair turned out to be my misunderstanding.

Kou wants to go home to our house.

When I heard that he didn’t want to be looked at, I suppressed my overwhelming need to lock him up.

I knew that Kou wouldn’t want that.


When I was relieved, I didn’t reply to Kou.

Going around the towns in Marihect has many meanings.

Being an Akinist is also an important factor.

It’s also important to let people know that Kou is my mate.

…but I wouldn’t have done this if I knew he didn’t like it.


When I tried to reply──

Unexpectedly, my head went blank.

“Now, endure, can.”

Kou, who’s smiling in front of me, is very beautiful.

(Kou kissed me…?)

With a non-moving head, I managed to grasp the facts──but I felt my head become whiter.

I can’t think of anything and instinctively pushed down Kou.

I went crazy on Kou’s mouth by the time I noticed.

“Hnn, nn, uh….nn.”

Kou is making painful sounds, but I can’t stop.

I rubbed my hard object on his smooth th!ghs.


I thought he’d be scared, but then I felt a hard object hitting my stomach and couldn’t stop it anymore.

His body shook and his nails dug on my back.

I’m rubbing mine on his thighs, so Kou’s thing is also rubbing on my belly.

The wet sounds I hear every time I shake my hips aren’t just from mine.

When I slowly let go of his mouth, Kou immediately screamed.

“R-Rodo…Rodo! I, I…!”

I got fueled by that screaming voice.

Raising Kou’s body and sitting him on my lap, I put our things together and rubbed against each other.

“Hn ahhh! Rodo, ************.”

He trembled and shed tears as he looked up at me.

──does it hurt?

──or is it comfortable?

“Does it feel good?”

When I said that, Kou nodded.

Without stopping my hand, I let my tongue crawl on his white skin.

The feel of soft skin is transmitted to my tongue.

With just a suck, marks are easily made.


Feeling the warmth on my hands and belly then smelling that peculiar odor, I knew that Kou had reached clim@x.

It’s hard to stop my greed for Kou, who had a pleasured expression due to ej@culating.


…but I can’t connect our bodies like this.

Actually, I want to get inside Kou right away, but for beginners…moreover, for such a thin Kou, it’d take time to get inside.

I also need to let off some steam so I don’t ruin it.

Taking my hand off Kou, I handled mine.

Just from looking at Kou, I’ll quickly reach a fever state and easily rise to a clim@x.


My senses returned to my body when Kou deliriously muttered so.

My body against Kou’s body…

…looked ill-suited.

Seems like I’ll go into heat again.


Kou smiled when he noticed me looking at him.

He looked a bit tired, but it has enormous sex appeal…

With that look──

“Rodo, like.”

──Don’t say that.

My reason ran out.

Even when I pushed him down and let my hands crawl all over his body, Kou didn’t resist.

He also wasn’t frozen in fear.

Even when I touched and squeezed his behind.

On the contrary, he swallowed a finger as if welcoming me.

This is…

Did someone other than me touch it?

He said he’d never done it before, but I didn’t ask if someone else touched it.

…when one finger finally entered, the inside was quite narrow.

“Rodo. Kou, embrace, take time, I think. …troublesome, maybe?” (Rodo, it might take time, I think. Is it troublesome?)

Seems like he’s worried since I stopped moving…but those words are foul.

“I don’t think it’s troublesome. Only Kou is important. I love you.”

I gently pulled out my finger and hugged Kou.

Certainly, we can’t connect right now.

But right now, I only want to be with Kou.

Even when I had a lover before, I didn’t have that much interest in the other party.

And I’ve never thought of not wanting to be hated.

It’s doubtful whether they could even be called a “lover”.

But I’m different only for Kou.

Because he’s my mate…or rather, because I’m attracted to all of Kou.


─Rodo’s side end─

ACDWL 064: In Other Towns
ACDWL 066: Various Emotions ※

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