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─Rodo’s side─


In the end, I couldn’t stop once I put out my hand and did it to the end.

I was planning on doing it after touring the towns and going home…

But when I sucked, it’s easy to leave marks.

That elastic and youthful skin made me want to touch it forever.

But when I touched his back h*le, Kou exhaled and relaxed.

Does that mean he’s used to being touched there…?

From who?


Is it someone from Niho?

When he was in Niho, Kou said he’s the same as his humanized form.

Certainly, if he’s this attractive, many would have flirted with him.

He said he never had a physical relationship with anyone, but there’s no certainty that he hadn’t reached that point.

When I asked if he was touched by someone, he made a confused face──then turned away with a red face.



Did you have a lover when you were in Niho?

Did you like that person?

When I angrily asked, Kou shook his head.

Then someone other than your favorite person…?


Are you forced!?

However, Kou still shook his head.

“Kou, by myself, touched.”

At what was shyly told, my head boiled.


With a blank head, I managed to gather my thoughts.

(It’s useless…)

This is Kou’s first time, so I have to be gentle.

Because I want to cherish Kou.

I don’t just want to connect our bodies.


With furrowed brows, Kou is groaning.

When I asked if it hurts, he just shakes his head.

I’d like to think that since it’s his first time, he’s not that l**se yet…


However, when I stimulated a good place, Kou would scream cutely.

Kou, who’d bounce around and scream, is too bewitching…he easily made me lose my reason.

When I realized he’s feeling pleasure, my breathing became rough.

My eyes might even be bloodshot.

…isn’t Kou scared?

“Yaaa! Rodo, ******!”


Seems like he’s not in a state to notice me.

It’s hard to believe that no one else has ever felt this swaying and pleasant sensation.

He’d often use his language, which means he didn’t have the wits to take care of his words.

Kou’s thing that just released got hard again.


When I increased the number of fingers, his brow furrowed painfully.

Even though it’s loosening, I still feel it’s too tight.

This kind of narrowness is something I’ve never felt before.

Is it because Kou is thin?

Will my stuff really fit in this narrow space?

Won’t it break Kou?

When I stimulated Kou’s pleasure points, his writhing from agony was kind of cute.

And when I saw Kou, who shed tears and shook his head while saying something, I’m worried that he’s telling me to stop.

He kept unraveling while squeezing my fingers painfully.

At the same time, I continued to provide the stimulus to the front──

“******. Rodo, ──!”

That cloudy fluid was released in my hand again.

When I unconsciously licked it, it tasted sweet.


Kou looked more bewitching than before.

Disturbed breathing and chest that goes up and down each time he took a big gulp of air.

Moist and sweaty skin.

His ecstatic expression and even the blurry eyes where I don’t know where he’s looking.

Seeing his exhausted appearance, I held his legs and slowly went between them.

I took my time aiming at the back, on that painfully narrow space.

“Hii…aahh…****. *****. Big…”

Kou endured it painfully.

When everything was settled, Kou was quite sweaty.

In other words, it’s that painful.

Repeating a shallow breathing pattern, he tried to strike my shoulder but I stroked his cheek and he uttered dissatisfied words…so I tried to exhale and relax.


However, when I saw Kou who smiled while shedding painful tears, it broke the reason I was supposed to hold.

Resulting in kissing and biting.

Kou made a painful sound, but I know he’ll accept it since it’s his first time…

I’m too into it that I can’t stop my waist.

I sucked, crawled my tongue, and groped all over his body.

Each time, Kou’s body would bounce, tremble and scream cutely.

Although his brows would furrow in pain, it’d disappear before I knew it, and he’d have a pleasured expression.

He slowly reached for me and called my name, perhaps due to the pleasure.


Even when I called out, it didn’t seem to reach Kou who’s too full.


“Iyaa! …*****! Rodo ah──*******!!”

I don’t understand the words, but I understand that he’s rushing.

I’m also about to get there.

Hugging Kou and piercing deeply many times.


Kou’s thing that reached cl!m@x spent on my belly.

Unable to endure the movement of being squeezed from the root, mine exhaled its heat deep inside.

Although still feverish, this is his first time.


I immersed myself in the afterglow while listening to our rough breathing sounds.

“Kou, are you okay?”

I called out, but there was no reply.

Seems like he fell asleep.

I intended to be more concerned about Kou’s body, but my greed came first.

I moved on my own without considering the burden on Kou…

(I don’t smell blood…)

I sniffed, but there doesn’t seem to be any bleeding.

However, I have to leave all the plans for tomorrow blank.


(Kou didn’t resist at all…)

Seeing the sleeping Kou, I remembered how he sweated with his hair stuck to his forehead.

I didn’t even hear the words “hate” or “impossible”.

He might have said it in Niho’s language, but he didn’t try to pull away nor escape with magic.

Kou accepted me, even though he’s having a hard time and he had time to stop me.

Did he accept me as a marriage partner?

(In the end, we didn’t eat dinner.)

Kou won’t be able to move much after waking up, so should I buy something now?

It’ll be hard to eat outside, and it’s better to take it home and eat it slowly.

But leaving even for just a little while…though I’m worried, it’d be terrible to take the current Kou.

I left Kou in the room and went to buy food in a hurry.

I had to come back soon since I want to be by his side when Kou wakes up.




He woke up with a faint voice in my arms.

“Kou, woke up?”

When I called out, his drowsy eyes looked up.


Because he just woke up, his tongue isn’t moving well.

He tried to approach me──so I stopped moving.


The pain is probably terrible because he put a hand on his waist.

…I just couldn’t hold back.

“Kou, let’s stay like this today.”

” …town, go?”

“Don’t go.”

In the first place, this is like announcing that I’m an Akinist who found my mate.

Kou said he didn’t like being seen and I’m not going to force him.

Kou is my mate, and this is just to keep a check on others, like saying, “Don’t touch!”

Even if I don’t walk around each town, once I take Kou on a mission, they’ll know about Kou’s existence and they’ll know my love and attachment to Kou.

…I’m confident that I could definitely kill anyone who touched Kou.


“What happened?”

Noticing that Kou looks like he’s about to cry, I called out.

Does it still hurt even if he doesn’t move?

Should I call a healer?

Seems like it’s difficult for a healer to heal themselves, but can Kou also heal himself?

“…marriage, gone? Rodo, Kou, married, hate?” (Are we not married then? Does Rodo hate being married to me?)


I shook my head in a hurry.

There’s no such thing.

Why would he make such a misunderstanding?

Besides, we’re already married.


“Town, go, force, no. Besides, Kou, back, hurts. I won’t let you do it.” (I won’t force you to go around town. Besides, your back hurts so I won’t let you do it.)

That’s it.

I just gave priority to Kou rather than going around towns.

“…Kou, well, can’t, then, marriage, stop, right?” (I didn’t do it well so the marriage is stopped, right?)


“…I see. That’s good.”

The misunderstanding seemed to be resolved and he finally smiled.

Moreover, he said, “I didn’t do it well”…

I was so absorbed in it even though it’s his first time.

I’ve never loved someone so much.

I can’t let go of Kou and I don’t need anything other than Kou.

“Kou, I love you. I only love Kou.”

I hugged him and said that many times.

Because it’s my true thoughts without any lies.


“Kou, too. I love you.”

I can feel my cheeks loosening at those spoken words.

Kou is my mate and I’m happy with that.


─Rodo’s side end─

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