ACDWL 092: Extra─Sharp Ears and Poor Sense of Direction─

ACDWL 091: Unexpected Visitors
ACDWL 093: Akinist Information

A/N: This is a few days after Kou’s parents-in-law came during the support mission in Omileo.


I noticed something was wrong and stopped.

(Where is this?)

As far as I know, I should have been heading to the market, but I couldn’t reach it.

The market might not be open because many people are evacuating during the support mission.

But I heard it’s open today.

That’s why I came to buy ingredients…but where is this?

I used to eat in the barracks’ cafeteria during a support mission, but once I cooked, Rodo asked me to cook again.

I was heading to the market to procure the ingredients myself…

And before I knew it, I was completely lost.

(Why did I refuse to have my parents-in-law follow me?)

Both of them look like they are in their 40s, but in reality, they are nearing the end of their lives, and I didn’t want them to overdo it, so I told them to wait.

It’s good that I came out victorious, but …

(Come to think of it, I have quite a poor sense of direction …)

When I was in Japan, I was always walking while looking at the map on my smartphone.

However, the map of this world doesn’t show the detailed roads, and I wasn’t even trying to remember the roads, probably because I was always with Rodo.

Right now I’m on a support mission and I’m just going back and forth between the healing ground and the barracks, so I just saw the town the first time I came.

But I was with Rodo the whole time when we were parading during our marriage.


(Let’s ask someone …)

That’s probably the fastest, but … there’s no human figure in the place I’m in.

(Where did I make a wrong turn?)

I should have made notes when I listened to the directions.

It’s troublesome that I can’t make a phone call, but I could have someone come to pick me up.

(If I search for the market from the sky…that looks like it’ll become troublesome again…)

I don’t like being surrounded.

Besides, if I do that, I won’t be able to shop.

I can’t just say “I couldn’t buy it” even after leaving my reluctant parents-in-law.


Behind──I looked back on where I came from.

(… Where did I come from again?)

If similar houses are lined up, I can’t distinguish a landmark.

How do the people here remember the way?

(…rather, I can’t even go back anymore.)

……What should I do?

There are no people.

Since I don’t see any people here, maybe this is an evacuation area?

They said that the people on the other side of the barracks were evacuated.

But the healing ground next to the barracks was the starting point …

Did I make a big U-turn?

── Before I know it?

I’m at a loss.

Is there no choice but to use magic?


(This poor sense of direction, I have to cure it.)

But I don’t know how to cure it.

If it could be cured, I wanted it cured when I was in Japan.

Even during tennis games, there were many local gatherings.

However, I often got lost even when I looked at the map, so my adviser always came to pick me up at my house.

I’m glad I had some ability to show.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come all the way to pick me up at home.


……rather than that, what should I do now?


What overflowed unintentionally was Rodo’s nickname.

As expected, what I can rely on in this world is Rodo.

No matter how much I love my parents-in-law or converse with other people, Rodo is the only one I can rely on.

Therefore, what comes to mind at such times is Rodo’s face.


When I was looking up at the sky in a daze──

My eyes were suddenly covered by a black object.


For some reason, there was Rodo in the form of a beastized Akinist.

I can tell that it’s different from my parents-in-law even without looking at the face.

But why are you here?

Did you just happen to pass by?


“What’s wrong, Ko? Why are you in such a place? I heard Ko’s voice, so I came in a hurry.”

While restlessly wandering around me, he attacked me with questions.

“…Kou’s voice, heard?”

I didn’t make a loud voice, right?

How good is your hearing?

Or was he pretty close?

But he should be working in the forest where monsters are likely to appear.


“Aren’t you with my parents? Why are you alone in a place like this?”

I can feel the anger in his voice.

Is he angry at my parents-in-law?

“Kou, no need to follow me, said. Market, just want to go. ……but, got lost.”

“…It’s dangerous to go out alone. If I’m not there, take my parents with you.”

Such overprotective remarks.

But saying something like this confirms that he called my parents-in-law as my escorts.


“Market, just go?”

“Still, I’m worried.”



But I’m glad that I’m being taken care of.

“Rodo, work?”

Did you take off your clothes somewhere to be a beast?

Rodo doesn’t fold his clothes.

Since he had the money, he had no attachment to things.

Currently, I do the cleaning and washing, so he didn’t have to hire people to get it cleaned.

“Ah. I heard Ko’s voice from the evacuation area, so I hurriedly turned into a beast. ……Ko wouldn’t lose to the monsters, but I’m still worried.”

“……I see.”

I shouldn’t like his excessive interference and worry.

I should have thought it was “annoying”.

……but why am I so happy when the other party is Rodo?

I hugged his mofumofu body.

My sweet husband.

……in this world, I’m not called a “husband”.

Because there are many couples of the same sex, they are generally called “partners”.

It’s kind of like how you refer to animals, but not everyone becomes a “married couple.”

……but from what I heard, it seems like woman-to-woman can’t have children.

Though man-to-man can have children…I think it’s a strange mechanism.


“Barracks, take. Father-in-law, mother-in-law, go together.”

I knew I couldn’t go alone, so I want to go back and start over.

“…I will go with you.”

“Rodo will?”


Isn’t he working?

“Not go back, fine?”



Is this really fine?

It’s Rodo’s personal judgment, right?

You’re not on break, right?

I’m glad you chose me over your work, but it’s probably not good.

As the care recipient, I just want to go to the market.

But after knowing it, Rodo often prioritized me over his work.

I think it’s because he’s from a race that would never get fired, but…he’s not on personal business like I am now.


He hasn’t been in the healing area since my parents-in-law came.

Originally, I didn’t mean to be in the healing area every day, so there are days when I’m just sitting on the bench next to Rodo while he’s training and when I just want to talk to my parents-in-law.

I have permission to be a healer in charge of old injuries such as missing limbs and burns all over the body.

The number of people who came to have their old wounds healed is limited, and they need a lot of money, so it’s not that busy.

And I was prepared to be free.

Even when I didn’t know that my parents-in-law would come, I plan on going to Rodo as I would normally do…

I can’t keep up with Rodo’s ability so the number of dropouts gradually increased, or rather, I’d just arrogantly say I’m proud of my boyfriend…

That’s why I like watching him train.

……not all the time, but just to keep him company.

I have never practiced kendo so training with a real sword is impossible.

I’m scared.

And it doesn’t matter even if I can just heal it.


“Let’s go.”

I followed Rodo as he walked.

Anyway, if I’m likely to get lost, I can’t act alone in the future.

I was planning on buying something for the whole family with my first salary…but who should I take?


──impossible, right?

Rodo seems angry at him, and I don’t want to get close to him right now because he said I might be his mate.

……then, Ruu?


He might be busy as the Representative of Trik.

…or rather, no one seems to be free.

But I don’t have any other acquaintances who are likely to go shopping.


What should I do?

…………what a difficult task.

ACDWL 091: Unexpected Visitors
ACDWL 093: Akinist Information

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