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Information about subordinate collars seemed to be a state secret.

So I can’t see it.

Even when I’m on Sig, I wasn’t blown by the wind and just quietly stayed in Rodo’s arms.

With the current subordinate collar, it seems that not so many races can be subordinated.

In other words, it’s that weak.

Still, I’m not relieved.

Even if other people can’t remove it, I just want the ability to remove it.

I wanted to see the real thing, but it seemed to be kept in a safe, so I couldn’t see it.

I even asked if I could keep it for a few days.

…apparently, it’s not something that can be done.

Subordinate collars are banned in Marihect.

But that meant it was used in Marihect before.

And some places still use it in other countries.

If I wish for it to disappear, it might disappear temporarily.

However, the information will remain and even if that was erased, it’s meaningless if it’s in someone’s head.

If eradication is difficult, I want the ability to cancel it.

…even if it might not be possible.

…even if what I’m trying to do is useless.

I want to do what I can do.

Rodo didn’t seem to follow my way of thinking since he had a confused look on his face.


Upon arriving at Karzen, we parted from everyone in the Third Corps and headed home.

I’ll be free of work from tomorrow, but Rodo will return to normal work the day after tomorrow.

──if there’s no emergency.

On the day we went back from my support mission, we spent time flirting with each other.

Rodo didn’t have many holidays, so I’m completely spoiled these days.

But I was the type to play after doing my duty first, so I have the documents about the subordinate collar in my hands at the moment.

…but I don’t have a personal study.

There are other rooms, so if I wanted one, I could use it.

But Rodo didn’t seem to have any intention of us having separate rooms while reading books could be done in the living room.

No one would come to our house, so I could just leave it there.

Anyway, Rodo wouldn’t touch or read my things without permission.


While Rodo went to the stables to hook up Sig, I went inside the house and placed the documents on the table.

I put a weight on it so that it wouldn’t fly away.

I’ve been on Sig for a long time so I stretched and that’s when Rodo came in.

“Are you tired?”

Rodo grabbed my stretched arms and half-raised my body as is.

This is the best way to stretch your body.

It feels good.

Whenever I ride Sig for a long time and ask for it, he’d help me every time.

And he always cared about my physical condition.

──though I won’t get used to riding ever.


When my body is stretched, a moan came out.


“Rodo, let’s take a bath together?”

“…aren’t you going to research?”

When I called out with my arms still being grabbed, he had a surprised face for some reason.

I will research the subordinate collar from now on, but I also want to stick to Rodo.

For this support mission, I was called as a healer.

On top of that, I called the Sarez Representative to exchange opinions and then talked with the members of the Third Corps, so I didn’t have time to relax.

It’s not like I didn’t have the time, but I wouldn’t feel calm, so I didn’t feel like taking a rest.

“Yeah. I’ll start researching from tomorrow.”

It didn’t seem to be something that could be clarified immediately.

There’d be a lot of jargon so I’d have to start by looking it up.

“From now on, it’s time to eat Rodo.”


The next moment when I thought Rodo was glancing at me, I was picked up and rushed to the bathroom in no time.

I was instantly stripped of my clothes and into the bathtub.

Feeling his rush, I’m full of smiles.

It’s been over a year since we got married, but we still act like newlyweds.

So far, there’s no sign of it abating.


Staying on Rodo’s lap, my head was being washed.

I stayed outside all this time and wanted to wash my hair, and since Rodo already started it, I let him be.

Whenever I took a bath with Rodo, he sometimes even wash my whole body.

But I don’t dislike it.

Even if I’m washed until my insides, I won’t resist if it’s Rodo.

…and because it’s all up to Rodo to clean me up, I’m now embarrassed though.

I was embarrassed at first since I didn’t want to be seen.

Before, if I didn’t make my body small, I’d have refused to enter together since I didn’t like it.

Now it became like this.


From the top of my head to my toes, I was thoroughly washed. In the bathtub, I leaned on Rodo’s body while feeling a little lightheaded.

Rodo was pressing his lips against my nape.

Either licking or lightly sucking…

Every time, a moan would come out.

My body just accepted the pleasures that Rodo brought.

It felt like my body has been rebuilt for Rodo, or am I just imagining things?

Because in the beginning, all of Rodo wouldn’t fit.

I was afraid that he would break me and it hurt when he hit until the back…but now, I don’t feel like that anymore.

Even when everything’s in, I don’t feel like he’s hitting the back anymore.

Did my body change because I had the intention of accepting him as an Akinist?

…is it starting to prepare so as not to bleed?


“Ko, let’s get up soon.”

Splash...there was a loud sound of water.

Rodo was already hugging me.

When I looked up, I saw an excited face and I felt hotter.

Rodo’s “manly” face was the most exciting to me.

When I put my lips on top of his, it soon turned into a steamy kiss.

By the time my mouth was released, my body had already been wiped and I’m laying on the bed.

It’s as fast as ever.

A hard, big palm meant for holding a sword crawled all over my body.

I’m always tossed so much that I don’t even have time to touch Rodo’s body.

I’m a stable dead lay.

I’ve been done like that every time, but I’ve never touched Rodo’s stuff during s*x.

I can’t afford to touch it since I wanted Rodo to put it in rather than touch it, so I’m thinking of trying it after being embraced.

──I don’t know when that’ll happen though.


“Hi~ya….ah, nn…ahn….”

A hot thing firmly wedged inside me and rubbed my good place with a wet sound.

I don’t feel any pain, probably because I’m used to it.

After many times, I’d become lazy in the morning but there’s less chance that I can’t walk.

…rather than that, I’d wanted it too much lately that it’s dangerous.

“W-wait! ….wai-! Ya~a…there, no~”

I pushed the body in front of me, but the difference in physical strength was too big.

If he poked further, my eyes would roll over and I would go limp.

“No~…Rodo…Rod~o! Geez…hwu~rts!”

He hugged my quivering body and shook me like that, and I──ej@cul@ted without any previous stimulation.

At this fairly early stage, I can now climax with just the stimulation from behind.

But then again, it’s harder to get away from Rodo.

With my disordered breathing, I hooked my arms around his neck and entangled my legs around his waist.

And then──


I did something like squeezing Rodo’s thing inside me, and Rodo’s reasoning was cut off.

He grabbed and slammed me on his hips more violently than the first time.

Still, I felt no pain and was swallowed by the pleasurable sensations burning my brain. I could only pant.

Only my screaming voice came out.

I couldn’t touch Rodo’s hand in such a state.

I’m just clinging desperately and I can’t even understand what I’m saying.

It seems like I’d sometimes bite his arms or shoulders, but Rodo’s skin couldn’t be punctured by my teeth so I just smeared him with my saliva.

I can’t even scratch Rodo’s back even if I use my nails.

So I’m the only one who’d have that kind of mark.

Of course, all I have are kiss marks.

I want to put it on him too, but…Rodo’s skin wouldn’t mar no matter how hard I suck.

──it’s too thick.

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