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The time is about two years after the main story.

─El (2 years old) side─


“El, good morning.”

El is always awakened by Mama. (T/N: El is calling Kou “kaashan” and has some lisping so I just translated it as “Mama” since I found that cute.)

“Mama, mowning.”

“Good morning, El.”

Mama is always smiling.

Beautiful and smells good.

El loves Mama.

“Mama, wikes.”

“Mom also likes El.”

When saying he likes El, Mama always smiles.

El is happiest when Mama is smiling.


“Come, let’s eat.”


He followed my pace as we walked.

I didn’t get many hugs these days.

El is now heavier so Mama said it’s hard to hold El.

But when Mama sits down, El’s head can rest on his lap and be stroked.

Also, be cleaned with a brush.

Also, wash in the bath.

El likes Mama the most!


Papa was sitting where we were eating.

“Come now El, say good morning to your dad?”

“…Papa, mowning.”

Prompted by Mama, I greet Papa.

Papa is scary.

Papa smiles at Mama but doesn’t smile at El.

Papa smells the scariest and El can’t stand it.

Grampa and Grammy also smell scary, but Papa smells the scariest.


But El knows that Mama loves Papa the most.

Mama always says that Papa is the coolest and most cute.

When Mama takes El to the place where Papa is working, I also think he’s cool.

Papa is very strong.

Everyone else is saying haa~ haa~ but Papa isn’t saying haa~ haa~. (T/N: The others are panting but Rodo isn’t.)

There’s also defeating the bad guy with a sword.

…El also wants to be as strong as Papa.

Because fighting is cool.

Mama also says Papa is cool.

El also wants Mama to say El is cool.


“…good morning.”


It’s scary to be told that without a smile.

“Rodo, help carry the food.”

“Got it.”

However, Papa only smiles at Mama.

Papa says he only likes Mama.

…then, does he not like El?

Because El is afraid of Papa?

Because El hides behind Mama?

But, El also likes Mama the most.


Most of our meals are eaten at the cafeteria where Papa works or at home.

We sometimes eat at a restaurant in town, but we don’t go there very often.

Because, both Papa and El prefer the food made by Mama.

El’s afternoon snack is also made by Mama for El.

Papa doesn’t eat sweets, so El can eat them slowly.

One time, El played without eating and Papa ate everything.

“It’s your fault since you didn’t eat when Ko told you to. Such a guy is not qualified to eat Ko’s food.”

El cried a lot when told that with a scary face.

…later, Mama made new food for El.

After that, when told to eat, El had to eat even if El still wanted to play.

El is glad for being praised as a “good boy” by Mama.



“Then, I’m going.”

“Rodo, take care. I’ll bring lunch later.”

Mama then chu~….then, Papa went to work.

Before Papa goes to work, they always chu~.

“Papa, chake care.”

“…I’m going.”

When El called out, Papa also said, “I’m going.”

(So happy!)

Let’s say it every day from now on.

“Mama! Papa, going, got it! El, many, take care, will do!” (Mama! Papa also said “I’m going” to me! El will say many “take care”s in the future!)

“Yeah. I’m glad. Let’s say it with mom every day, okay?”


Mama, all smiles!

El is happiest when Mama is smiling.

And when stroked on the head, El is thrilled.

“How cute.”

Though he said that, he’ll do it again.


Mama cleans and does the laundry after washing the dishes.

El is always helping.

Because Mama always smiles and says “thank you”.

When Mama is cleaning, El can move the chairs, and when Mama is washing, El can take the basket containing the washed clothes to the place for drying.

El can only do that much for now.

After that, Mama makes lunch to eat at noon.

El is just looking.

It’s impossible for El to help with cooking.

If El can humanize, El thinks El can carry the dishes like Papa.



“El, let’s go to dad’s place.”


El walked next to Mama, who had a lunch box.

When El carried the lunch box, the insides were all messed up when they arrived and El was told to eat it.

Instead, Papa told El to protect Mama, so El walked while on the lookout so that no one came near.

When Mama leaves the house, Grampa and Grammy also come out from next door, so three people surround Mama.

“El, you don’t have to be so vigilant. Isn’t El tired?”

“El, otay.”

Papa’s place is close so El never gets tired.

“Papa, Mama, pyotekt, will. El, can!” (Papa said to protect Mama. El can do it!)

“…I see. Thank you.”


El was thanked again.

El will do my best so that El can be told that a lot.


When we entered the cafeteria, there were many people.

It seems like a “pwarty” with everyone.

…what happened?

Don’t really understand.

“Ko, are you okay? Did anything happen?”

“We’re okay. How about Rodo, injured? Are you tired?”

“I’m fine.”

When Papa ran up, he immediately picked up Mama.

Mama is a healer, so his body is very weak.

El isn’t very strong so Papa is always worried.

El is also worried.

So El will be with Mama all the time and help Mama where El can.

When playing too, El often spends time with Mama.

El only plays alone when there are Papa, Grampa, and Grammy.

Mama tells El that El can play more, but El sometimes goes crazy when playing so El doesn’t do it when there’s no one but El.

When no one is there, El protects Mama.


Mama not only makes lunch boxes for Papa and El but also lunch boxes for Grampa and Grammy.

Everyone smiled when they ate the food made by Mama.

And, seeing everyone like that, Mama would beam happily.

“Mama, delish.”

“Eat a lot and grow up a lot, okay?”


El, grow bigger!

When El eats a lot, Mama would always beam.

However, Mama doesn’t eat much.

Sometimes, Mama would give his portion to El.

…is it okay to not eat?

Isn’t he hungry?


Mama sits on Papa’s lap when eating.

…isn’t it difficult to eat like that?

They’re always doing it, so it should be okay?

When El grows up, El also wants to put Mama on my lap.


After eating, Papa would walk while carrying Mama.

And El always hurried to follow.

──if I dally around, they’ll be gone before I know it.

The place they’re going is where Papa trains, so El won’t get lost.


With everyone, El watched while crouching.

Grampa and Grammy sometimes swing their swords together.

There were times when Mama was running with Papa by his side.

El sometimes runs with them.

It feels good to run with all your might.

However, there are people around who have swords so Mama says it’s dangerous.

That’s why El decided to run in a place where there are no people.

Will El work here after humanizing?


─Eldred’s side end─

ACDWL 117: Spellbound Over Black Cats
ACDWL 119: Events of One Day

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