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Translator’s Note:

R18 (Just a side note, there’s be@st!@lity coming in this chapter, so…you can skip that part if you don’t like it. Last paragraph, by the way.)

─Rodokiaus side─


Since Calvert’s birth, Ko has become a child again. (T/N: Like, turning into his child form.)

He isn’t looking down on me.

He whispers words of love for me and still gives me that bewitching smile.

I often deal with his child form and that doesn’t mean I’m not happy with it.

Even if I picked him up, he wouldn’t refuse.

Even if I put him on my lap, he won’t dislike it.

I know his love for me didn’t change.

…still, I’m completely unsatisfied.

And Ko is aware of my dissatisfaction.


However, I don’t feel as reluctant to the children as I expected.

Immediately after Eldred was born, I didn’t like Ko’s interest in the child but now, it’s not so much.

…as expected, it’s thanks to Ko.

I was careful not to scare the kids.

To the children who’d be happy as long as I replied when they talk to me many times, I don’t feel uncomfortable.

From when the children call me “amazing” to when Ko affirms it, I don’t want to avoid the children.


…still, I’m reluctant for him to pay attention to anything other than me.

As a father, I think I’m still lacking in awareness.

But I can’t give the children an overwhelming amount of intimacy like Ko.

Because the kids were born between me and Ko, I think they’re important.

I also think it’s good to have the power to think for yourself and grow to the extent that they repel adversity.

However, this feeling has a stronger meaning of “because Ko will be sad” than “because the children are important”.

──for me, Ko is more important than anyone else.

There’s no one who’s more important than Ko.

There’s no reason to love anyone more than Ko.

I have loved him for a long time, but I definitely loved Ko more than when we got married.

I thought, “I don’t need anything other than Ko”, but I just started thinking “if I have Ko, it’s okay for the children to be by my side”.

My priority is only Ko.

That didn’t change.


“Rodo, we both sleep together. Thank you for playing with the kids a lot today.”

Ko, who returned from the children’s room, says such a thing every day.

There’s no reason not to be happy at being thanked by Ko.

I can’t help but wonder, “If you look happy like this, I’ll play with the children again tomorrow”.

Ko might be a motivational genius.


I approached him, picked him up, and carried him to bed.

Even if I lay Ko on the bed and cover him, Ko won’t refuse.

The corners of his eyes were slightly red as he reached for me with a bewitching smile.

I put my lips on Ko’s as if invited by his arms.

Invading the open mouth with my tongue as if invited and enjoyed his mouth to my heart’s content.

Fanned by the sound coming out of his nose, I can’t stop it every time.

By the time I released his mouth, Ko would always be panting.


My beloved partner sleeps in my arms every day.

There has never been a day when Ko was separated from me in the bedroom.

It’s the same even when he was pregnant with Eldred and tired every day, and when he was pregnant with Calvert.

I had had no sexual intercourse during his pregnancy.

Still, I never wanted to have separate bedrooms.

During the time with Calvert, Ko didn’t get sick and just slept with a calm face in my arms every day.

…it might be just me but I can’t sleep without Ko.


However, when I saw that Calvert was born and there was no change in his physical condition, I immediately started to move.

And since Ko didn’t refuse, I can’t stop.


If I loosen it quickly and slowly pierce it, I’ll be fascinated by Ko’s ecstatic expression.

It’s been a few years since we got married, but I never got tired of seeing it.

I just want to touch and connect with Ko.

“Rodo…Rodo, wait, like this…”

I listened to Ko’s plea and just hugged him without moving.

He immediately turned around in my arms and I felt pleasure.

“Rodo, I love you. …I love you.”

“Me too, I love Ko.”

When we hug each other in this way, I feel satisfied.


Ko was sitting on my lap because he got up while we were still connected.

I put up with the movement and comb Ko’s hair that’s stuck to his face with sweat.

Ko, who rubs his face against my hand, shows a lovely appearance.

The honey that wraps around me entwines with my thing without any gaps and the occasional wriggle would squeeze my soul out.

In this way, it felt good even if I didn’t move.

As long as time permits, I think it’s okay to stay like this.

──but still, I really want to move.

However, for Ko who accepted me for the first time in a long time, such time may be necessary.


“Rodo, you can move.”

After a while, just when I couldn’t stand it, I was given permission.

“Ah, auh, …naa.”

I repeatedly pulled out while listening to that charming voice.

It’s always a surprise that Ko’s slender body can accept all of my thing.

Is it because he’s prepared to accept my beastified thing that I feel like I can put it all the way to the back?

After hearing that reasoning, I began to spend a lot of effort trying to keep my reason.

Even if it isn’t, my reasoning seems to fly when I’m in front of Ko.


“Ahhh….Rodo, more, I──”

As Ko rose to a height, I shot inside while being squeezed.

Ko isn’t strong enough, so I try to finish once or twice.

…when my reason is cut off, it might not be possible to stop even if Ko faints.

The day after that, Ko wouldn’t get angry at me even if he was tired.

He’d just look up at me and smile with a slightly shy face.

Even if Ko doesn’t get angry, I can’t bear my own rash actions.


Ko, who has disturbed breathing, put his cheek on my shoulder and tried to breathe normally.


“…? Wha,t──! Wait, ya──”

When I pushed him down and started a rhythm, Ko showed a pretense of resisting.

It’s probably because he just climaxed that his body is still sensitive.

Holding the back of his knees and fixing it to my hips, my hips floated and poked him many times.

Ko’s hands, which were on my back when I pushed him down, came off, and now grabbed the sheets as he endured the pleasure.

…as expected, it’s not enough no matter how many times.

It might be related to the fact that today is the first time in a while…so I can’t stop.

The wet sound of perfume oil and semen, the sound of meat colliding, the sound of Ko’s voice, and the rough breathing sounds from each other…

The sound that reached my ears increased my heat and my reason has already been burned out.



How many times did I hear Ko’s voiceless screams?

Even so, I had no reason and continued to devour Ko’s body.

(…my reasoning flew more than usual…)

I feel like I’ve heard that screaming voice several times since then…

I looked at Ko’s lower half──


I realized that I had done something ridiculous and paled.

“Ko! …I’m sorry. I lost my reason.”

I apologized but it wouldn’t mean anything to Ko.

──because I seem to have been beastified before I knew it. (T/N: Uhm, be@sti@lity everyone. Here it is.)

When I hurriedly humanized and pulled out of Ko, a large amount of cloudy liquid overflowed.

His closed eyelids didn’t move, leaving tear marks on his cheek.

He seemed to have fainted so he didn’t make a slight movement.

(For the time being…a bath.)

Will he get angry after waking up…?

I hope he won’t dislike me…


─Rodo side end─

ACDWL 125: Extra - Marihect's Treasures -
ACDWL 127: Unexpected Development ※

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