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Author’s Note:

Still r18.

(T/N:…soooo, uncomfortable topic up ahead. Please read at your own risk.)

It’s been a long time since I conceived Calvert.

Rodo didn’t try to hold me since I shouldn’t have any changes in my physical condition during pregnancy.

It’s probably because I’m sick all the time while I was pregnant with Eldred.

Immediately after Eldred’s birth, I wasn’t touched for a while probably because I was crying a lot.

…my heart was just so full that I cried from happiness.

That’s why, now, more than ten days after giving birth, I put out my hand.

…I wish I could have done it earlier…but I didn’t after some thought.

In fact, I asked him several times but he wouldn’t do it.

This time, I was in good shape and Rodo was off from work and stayed with me all the time.

But if I ever feel sick…he’ll just hug me every time.

Even if there’s more, it’ll stop at a kiss.

I thought I was the only one in agony.


Rodo’s thing, which I accepted for the first time after more than half a year, is still big and suffocating.

The oppressive feeling of something being pushed inside and the pain of my internal organs being pushed up made my sweat gush out.

Maybe it’s been a long time, I feel like it’s more painful.

What held him back turns out to be Rodo’s kindness.

I know he wants to move right away.

But whenever I accept him, he gives me priority over himself.

It’s been more than eight years since we got married, but I like the fact that he still cared for me.

Given Rodo’s living environment, way of thinking, and personality, I became even more pleased with Rodo’s kindness after realizing that he can be a person who can care like this.

Rodo himself thinks, and worries because he cares for me.

I don’t think anyone would be unhappy knowing that someone who had never cared for someone would care for them more than anything else.


We were hugging each other while staying connected for a while, but I found my inner walls getting used to it and shallowly writhing.

I don’t have any stamina so I always finish once or twice.

There are times when Rodo looks like he hadn’t had enough, and I always thought “my bad…”, but if I overdo it, I’ll just faint.

If I faint, I can’t get up in the morning.

Aside from Rodo, I have children now so I can’t let them go without breakfast.

I can’t just tell my parents-in-law “I can’t cook breakfast because of work, so I can’t help it” as the reason for “I want to flirt with Rodo”, it’s a little…

Listening to parent-child conversations in the morning is something I enjoy every day.

I’m happy to see Rodo becoming more like a father as he goes through those days.

I’m happy that both El and Cal like Rodo as their “father”.

(I’m so happy…)

Feeling the heat behind me, I was immersed in happiness.


But suddenly I was pushed down──

The draw started again.

I’ve just climaxed so my body is sensitive…

I haven’t regained my breathing yet…

Even when I said a word of restraint, Rodo didn’t stop.

It’s been a long time, so he might have lost all restraints.

It feels too painful, I don’t want to be embraced like this but my resistance lacks power.

If you hold the back of my knees, open my legs, and fix my hips to the extent that I float a little while being poked in the back, I can only scream.

I climbed high many times and my belly was sticky with my semen.

Not only that, I only reached halfway several times.

…this is too pleasant and embarrassing.

I felt the heat inside again and thought it was over today.


…yes, I thought it was over──



“…eh? Wai…wait──!”

Even though I was in a hurry at Rodo who started swinging his hips again, I couldn’t resist Rodo who pierced my pleasurable points.

Even if it wasn’t, it was fierce until a while ago and his physical strength seemed to have sharpened.

“Uuh…w-wait…! N-no more…yaa! Wa-it──”

I tried to pull away from the hand that grabbed my waist to stop him but I can’t do it with my own power──

“Haa…Ko…Ko, I love you.”

Even though his breathing isn’t disturbed during training, he deprived me of my resistance after those words that are told while having rough breathing.

It seems like he’s lost his reason, and when I saw his eyes glaring at me with his vertically long pupils, I realized that resistance itself is useless.

But any more than this is dangerous to my physical strength.

“H-hey, water, want.”

I wanted a break and called out.

I’m sure he’ll listen to my words, but…I can’t even hear my voice right now.

Crazy, crazy…I couldn’t spin words that seemed to be words because I was pierced in the back many times.

My body just went crazy with all the pressure.


How long has it been?

Rodo is poking me from behind, raising only my waist.

My consciousness is already blurred.

It might be the first time for Rodo to have lost his reason this long.


“──? ~~~~!!!”

To the sudden increase in oppressive feeling, a cramped sound came from my throat.

The thing inside, which was thicker and longer, caused a lot of tears that I thought wouldn’t come out anymore.

I don’t have to look behind to see what happened as the arm I can see change.

…Rodo beastified and became an Akinist.



Calling so dearly, I’m glad that my name is called many times.

I waited for the movement to get faster and faster.

Sexual intercourse in beast form has a higher pregnancy rate than sexual intercourse in human form.

If put inside like this, I might get pregnant soon even though I just gave birth to Calvert.

“Wait…inside, no…Rodo! Stop, uh…y-you can’t! No, you can’t──”

I desperately called out, but I couldn’t stop him and it was let out inside.

There’s no disgust at the heat released deeper than usual, and my body that only felt pleasure tightened around Rodo’s thing.

My stomach seems to be deformed, and I feel scared seeing it myself.


I don’t remember much from there.

I somehow knew that I was shaken for a while, but I couldn’t get up anymore since I’m at my limit.



When I woke up, it was in Rodo’s arm.

Judging from the light coming in from the window, I think it’s already past noon since the sun is quite high.

“Ko, I’m sorry. I forced you to do it.”

The hand stroking my cheeks is still gentle.

When I looked up, I saw a worried face.

“I lost my reason and turned into a beast then attacked you. I’m sorry.”

It seems like he’s reflecting on it.

I don’t feel angry at Rodo, who still asks for my forgiveness.

I’m actually very happy.

“Good morning, Rodo. I’m fine.”

The voice I made was like a rattle and I couldn’t move because I was too tired, but I’m not particularly dissatisfied.

“What about the kids? Rodo, did you eat?”

That’s all I’m worried about.

“The kids are being watched by my parents. I…I was waiting to eat with Ko.”

(…that’s an absolute lie.)

I guess he’s worried and didn’t feel hungry.

As expected, I know what Rodo thinks when this happens.

We’ve been together for that long.


“Then, let’s eat?”

I want Rodo to eat twice as much as I do.

When I feel sick, I know I’m not the only one who loses appetite.

Rodo didn’t have to suffer with me.

I healed myself and got up.

I still feel something’s wrong with my lower body, but I think I can manage.

Walking is…a little hard?

“Ko, are you okay?”

“Hold me because I can’t walk.”

As soon as I reached out, I was lifted up.

The strength to easily lift me with one hand is always amazing.

I’m now 27 years old.

But I look the same as when I was 18 years old.

Rodo’s appearance also remained in his mid-twenties.

It seems like that from the beginning, but it’s strange that my appearance hasn’t aged at all.



“Motha! Gud mowning.”


“El, Cal, good morning. Thank you for watching them, father-in-law, mother-in-law.”

Gentle parents-in-law and cute children.

How long can I stay with my loved ones?

I wish I had the same longevity as Rodo.

(I wish I could have a baby.)

Rodo says that if I die, he will follow.

So at least the children should be able to share his sorrow.

If there are many, I think they can help each other and live.

Translator’s Notes:

Uhhh, okay? I will not judge a couple’s sex life as long as both of them are happy about it? This should be fine, right? Sure, just sweep the entire thing under the rug as long as you feel pleasured and happy, right? I totally did not expect this.

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  1. Hmm…. my initial hopes of this novel having mpreg, kids, and beastia1ity did indeed come true but…… Rodo’s attitude since Kou has been mingling with the in-laws and kids has been very unsatisfactory. Hopefully he improved and gets more…. “humane”, ironically.

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