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Alien 99: Lu Family Patriarch
Alien 101: Fiery Young Miss

Lu Kong didn’t stay angry for long, because he’d been used to this kind of wild thinking from his own grandfather. Anyway, he’d always make fun of this grandson!

“In other words, you met a spiritual plant cultivator?”

“En, hmph!” Lu Kong looked up, once again his expression very telling——hurry up and ask me! Ask me!

Lu WenRui held the medicine bottle, then thoughtfully said: “You’ve seen all Spiritual Plant Cultivators, a pity you’re too stupid to have a relationship with them. This seemed like a newcomer who’s unknown to many people.”

Lu Kong: “……” How stupid do you think I am? And you want your grandson to have a relationship with them, hey!

“Most likely that Orange Grape Juice.” Lu WenRui looked up and asked, “She’s the little girl you brought back?”

Lu Kong: “……” That’s why talking to grandpa is so boring! He could guess everything every time!

“It seems she is.” Lu WenRui didn’t know what came to mind as he shook his head and sighed, “Did you regret it after seeing her?”


“If you stuck to it, then I’ll have a plant cultivator as a daughter-in-law.”

“……” Lu Kong stilled and took a long time to return, then stuttered, “Y-y-y-y-you, how did you know!” That, that shameful past, why did this old man know that? !

“You’re my grandson, I’m your grandpa.” Although grandpa Lu didn’t say it clearly, his words clearly implied a “right and proper” meaning.

“……” Covers face.

“If you worked hard, I feel like you could become a concubine?”

Lu Kong vomit blood: “Grandpa! Can you be lower than that? !”

“You’re right,” Lu WenRui nodded, “The times are different, three wives and four concubines are no longer allowed.”

Lu Kong vomit blood again: “Is that the problem here? !” Even if they go back in time, he hadn’t heard any women having three husbands and four concubines! He’s not discriminating against women, he just wanted his grandpa to quickly explode and die.

“Okay.” Lu WenRui placed the bottle on the table in front of him and spread his hands, “It’s really a problem that you don’t have enough in appearance, but this should be blamed on A’Qi, can’t blame me.” Grandpa Lu had a very confident face.

Lu Kong once again vomited blood: “You’re blaming dad?” Yes, Lu Qi was his father, this man’s son!

Grandpa Lu glanced up and down at his grandson, saying naturally: “Although your dad was a bit paler, his mind was not bad, as for you……haha.”

“……” What’s with that meaningful “haha” just now? Is he suggesting that I’m actually picked up from the trash! ! !

He didn’t believe it when he was a kid, but at this moment……

He believed it!

This must not be my grandfather! ! !

Lu Kong expressed his dissatisfaction: “The reason why I did this was your fault!”


“Because you gave me a bad name!” Lu Kong actually thought this way a long time ago, “Kong (empty/in vain)! Good luck, empty! Pockets, empty! Head……cough, it’s because of my name!”

“You realize your own problem, I’m relieved.” Lu WenRui put the bottle on the table to the side, picked up another go piece and flipped it flexibly between his fingers, “But, this is not the meaning of your name.”

“……my name really has some meaning.” Lu Kong was shocked. He remembered his dad tell him this: “When I told your grandpa that he had a grandson, he was looking into the sky then casually said to call you Lu Kong.” He had been lamenting the fact that his name was decided so casually. Look at that bastard Yan XiXing. His name came from “great hopeful sound (yin xi), invisible (wu xing) elephant” which meant beauty in silence, invisible in its form. The name of that bastard who loved to dress up and say things like: “I’m so beautiful. I’m so beautiful. I’m so beautiful.” Asshole things like that were really upsetting!

But now was different!

His grandpa said that his name also had a meaning!

Lu Kong felt like he’s weed-like self would transform!

“There is.” Lu WenRui answered, “Don’t you think your name is missing something?”

“Uh……” Lu Kong thought hard, then replied cautiously, “The sea (hai)? ” Most people won’t call him Hai Lu Kong (sea land air), cough cough. 

The middle-aged looking Grandpa Lu nodded slightly, giving a smile full of elegance: “Yes.”

“You’re going to say I lack the water element, right?”

“No, quite the opposite, it’s because you’re not lacking, so I didn’t use the word 『sea (hai)』.”


Lu WenRui raised his hand with a smile then pointed at his head: “You have so much water here, how can it be missing?”

Lu Kong: “……”

After being stunned for a few seconds, he then reacted. This was probably scolding him……water in my head? Wrong, it’s all water in my head! ! !


A grandson had been bullied enough to flip the table.

“I want to run away from home! ! !”

“As I said before, can you go out alone?”

“I……” TAT Dad, mom, grandpa bullied me again! ! !

Regardless of the Lu family brothers……wrong, the winds between grandpa and grandson surging, Yi Ti, Cecil and Aggregate on the other side also arrived at their arrange rooms under the leadership of a maid. The antique courtyard where they’d live was called “Yu Ci (jade porcelain).” Its overall shape resembled a porcelain bowl, and the overall color was cyan. Yi Ti remembered Bai Juyi’s poem: “Late spring day, overflowing hot spring over warm jade bricks.” It was named like this, probably because of this allusion.

Moreover, the richness of aura was obviously higher than the outside and the rest of the villa. For practitioners, this was undoubtedly a very pleasant place.

At this point, Aggregate actually forgot to smoke. This could be seen by him letting the cigarette burn to his lips.

Three adjacent rooms, Cecil was in the middle.

Aggregate lived closest to the door of the courtyard, so he was the first one to stop. Don’t know what he thought, he suddenly turned his head and looked thoughtfully at Yi Ti.

Yi Ti: “……” W-what’s wrong?

The young man suddenly smacked his forehead: “It’s you, you’re the girl who peeped at me that day.”

Yi Ti: “……” Who peeped at you! And your reflection arc is too slow!

Unfortunately, he did not wait for her to say anything. He already pushed the carved wooden door and went straight in, blocking the other two out.

Yi Ti silently gritted her teeth, what did this man just say? So annoying.

“Xiao Ti?”

“Cecil!” As soon as she took his hand, she was so moved to say, “Sure enough, you’re a little angel!” Clever and obedient, although occasionally having no common sense, he had a good personality and good looks……cough, the last one was definitely not the point!

“……” Hearing this, Cecil was certainly moved, but at the same time felt that something was wrong, where exactly was it?

Just then, a voice came from the closed door: “Please don’t show affection at other’s doors, thank you.”

Yi Ti: “……”

Although she really wanted to see what happened to A’Jiang immediately, now that she’s in someone’s home, she had to heed their arrangements and can’t mess around.

Thinking so, she took out two laptops from the space (one was bought by a local tycoon for her “lover”), passed one to Cecil and told him to “play well.” Yi Ti used the one she was used to.

Although the furnishings in the house were just as antique, there was no shortage of modern products, like an air conditioner and network cables.

After opening QQ, she headed for the discussion group.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 10:44:14


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 10:44:17

You really take noon as morning as always.

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 10:44:23

……are you qualified to say that to me?

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 10:44:24

edge of his seat onlooker

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 10:44:26


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 10:44:26


So they decisively switched to private chat.

Aggregate 10:45:01

What happened? You don’t sound well today. Dumped by your girlfriend?

Long XiaoTian 10:45:11

Because when I went out today, I met a guy I didn’t get along with.

Aggregate 10:45:15

That’s really bad luck. Coincidentally, I went out today too, also met strange guys.

Of course, Shi JingLe didn’t expect that the other person was actually talking about him. Because in his mind, they got along very well. Yes, he just had this confidence!

Long XiaoTian 10:45:20


Aggregate 10:45:23

A suspected stalker secretly following me. (cocky face

Of course Shi JingLe knew that the girl named Yi Ti had no secret crush on him. Their encounters were also coincidental. That “peeking” was true but he didn’t know who she was looking at. Based on past experience, it was probably that kid Zhao MingQi, so she must be tracking them. However, this did not prevent him from chatting and surfing with netizens in a slightly exaggerated way! Didn’t you see he added “suspected”, and who made him an author, making things up in their brains was a must!

And with the strange combination of circumstances and also because of the word “stalker”, Yi Ti didn’t even think that the girl was her.

Long XiaoTian 10:45:27

……that’s a bit scary.

Yi Ti felt deeply that stalker girls were really creepy! And……that girl should have eye surgery? Why him? Why fancy such an insignificant guy like Aggregate!

Aggregate 10:45:34

Envy me, hahaha, needless to say, I understand you all!

Long XiaoTian 10:45:40

……no one would be envious of such a thing!

Aggregate 10:45:43


The two chatted for a while.

Shortly after, Yi Ti suddenly heard a knock on the door. After just ending a copy, Cecil consciously walked over to open it. After chatting with the outsider, he came back and said: “Xiao Ti, it’s time to see A’Jiang’s condition.”

“Got it, coming!” She was preparing to talk to Aggregate when she saw him send a message.

Aggregate 10:55:01

Something came up, I’ll flash first, come back then talk again!

Yi Ti: “……” What a coincidence?

She just stepped out of the door when she saw someone already leaning on a post, creating a large patch of polluted air.

Inadvertently, he looked up.

Probably thinking of how he called out to the girl before, even though her face wasn’t as thick as Shi JingLe, he still felt slightly awkward, so he immediately turned his head, deciding to bury the embarrassment that was so small and negligible.

Yi Ti: “……” A big man being so vengeful! And she didn’t offend him, right?

This person is really annoying!

Alien 99: Lu Family Patriarch
Alien 101: Fiery Young Miss

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