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In the cultivation circle, the Lu family had always been known as experts in contracting monsters. Therefore, there was a special place in the villa for these contracted monsters to live, but this place must be a secret for outsiders.

A’Jiang’s place was naturally not there. On the contrary, it’s not far from the courtyards where the guests live which was also more convenient for them to act.

When they entered the outbuilding, she saw another girl, about 15 or 16 with her hair combed into two ponytails and tied up with two ribbons. There’re even two silver bells hanging from each end. Bangs diagonally combed, red flame-like hairpin, and wearing a fiery red knee-length skirt, a small rococo belt, and under that were white and red striped stockings and red shoes. Her look screaming of a burning flame.

This dress was certainly cute, but it looked nothing like……normal wear.

Don’t know when Lu Kong sneaked up to Yi Ti, he whispered: “Don’t be surprised, this is her hobby. Don’t look at her for too long, this bossy young miss grew up pampered and super bad-tempered.” When saying the words “bossy young miss,” he unconsciously raised his tone, wanting to show his suffering.

Yi Ti: “……” This reasoning was quite justifiable.

Even though she felt it was strange, she immediately looked away, so as not to cause trouble. She looked at Cecil’s side and found that this guy was looking at the furnishings in the house, seemingly interested in China’s ancient times. As for humans……before growing a hundred tentacles, they’re not enough to get his attention. By now, as long as Yi Ti thought of Cecil’s aesthetic standard of “having more than a hundred tentacles,” she would really feel how much he love her, because even if she pulled out the bones on her hands and feet, even way back to her ancestors, she could only make up five tentacles, right?

The fiery young lady ignored Lu Kong directly, quickly swiped past Yi Ti, paid Cecil some attention, then eventually looked at Shi JingLe’s body: “You’re from the Shi family that Grandpa Lu said?” It’s obviously a normal question, but there’s a sense of haughtiness that couldn’t be said.

Shi JingLe’s expression remained unchanged. He slowly spat out smoke circles, then inadvertently answered: “That’s right.”

“Hmph, you don’t look so amazing.” The girl said, raising her chin, “If you can’t do it, just say it. This way, it won’t delay everyone’s time.”

“Do you mean yourself?” Shi JingLe took down the cigarette butt from his mouth, raised his eyes and glanced at her, still with a pair of dead fish eyes.

“You……” the girl seemed to feel offended. She subconsciously raised her hand, and for some reason put it down, she hmphed again, “I’ll see what you can do!”

“It’s better not to look at it.”

“What, scared?”

“No,” Shi JingLe gently flicked his finger. The extinguished cigarette butt fell into the ashtray on the table, a lazy smile appeared on his face as he said, “Little sister, haven’t you heard? Family secrets can’t be spied on.”

“……who wants to spy on you! Don’t joke around, I’m a spiritual plant cultivator, how could I covet your Shi family stuff!”

Shi JingLe lightly shrugged his shoulders, obviously not caring about what she said and just straightforwardly walked to the room where A’Jiang was.

The moment they passed by, the blushing young girl suddenly lifted her foot and kicked the young man’s leg. The latter flexibly moved away and also lifted his foot with toes pointed down to her ankle——the Golden Needle family naturally knew the acupuncture points of the human body.

The girl just felt her whole leg become numb from her feet to her calves. She couldn’t stand firmly and could only fall forward. Seeing that she’s about to kiss the floor, her collar was caught.

Shi JingLe lifted the girl with one hand like a cat, then tossed her to the side, saying in a deadly tone: “Little sister, listen to this big brother, wait until you have breasts before you play.”

The girl, who took a few moments to stand still, took a few steps back, held her chest with both hands, then gazed at the man like looking at a beast: “You pervert! ! !”

With her back to Aggregate, she didn’t see him wave his hands. After a few seconds, his figure disappeared completely in the outbuilding.

This confrontation occurred in less than a few minutes, but one could feel the turbulent waves underneath.

Lu Kong looked very happy because he finally saw someone eat a loss other than himself.

Cecil looked at a loss. He had always been peaceful and he still couldn’t understand how all sorts of emotion could erupt in an instant.

Yi Ti’s focus was on the “I’m a Spiritual Plant Cultivator, how could I covet your Shi family stuff” part. This girl looked only 15 or 16 years old, but she’s also a plant cultivator?

Maybe because of surprise, her gaze was very direct for a moment. The girl, who had eaten a loss from someone’s hand, immediately turned her head, shouting angrily: “What are you looking at? !”

Yi Ti couldn’t help but think of the conversations she had with her roommate in college as she subconsciously replied: “Looking at a beautiful woman.”

“……” The girl obviously did not expect to hear such an answer. Don’t know if she’s angry or happy as her face showed a variety of emotions, then she stomped out of the house.

As she left, Lu Kong laughed out loud: “Hahahaha! Yi Ti, well done!” Thumbs up, “I think she’ll be upset for a long time, hmph. If it wasn’t for the old man who said I shouldn’t dare touch her else he’d hit me, I’ve long been……” pulls up sleeves.

Yi Ti looked at him scornfully: “All men who attack little girls are animals.”

“……hey!” Lu Kong vomit blood, “Although she looked young, she’s actually already 18 years old? !”

“All men who attack girls are animals.”

“……” After being silent for a while, Lu Kong weakly waved his hands, “Forget it, let’s forget this topic.”

Yi Ti agreed with his decision: “Right, that girl is also a plant cultivator?”

“Yes.” Lu Kong nodded, “Her name is Chu Yan. Her great grandfather is the legendary 『Red』. That old Chu had many great-grandsons and grandchildren, but there’s only one great-granddaughter, so she was raised pampered, especially after finding out she had talent as a plant cultivator. All her family spoiled her, making her awfully headstrong.” But that’s why she could be easily fooled by the old man without paying a price. You should know, even though she had a bad temper, other plant cultivators praised her quite a bit, thinking she was very talented.

Although he felt that his little friend must be better than her!

“Is that so……” Yi Ti felt that this girl was not as bad as Lu Kong said. Like before, she realized that she’s not as strong as Shi JingLe. Moreover, it looked like he just wanted her to eat a loss. However, she’s not familiar with the other person, so she didn’t say anything.

“Right, you’d better not reveal your plant cultivator identity when in front of her. Even if it comes up, don’t mention you’re 『orange』 disciple, otherwise, there will be trouble.”

“Ah? Why do you say that?”

“I heard my old man say,” Lu Kong replied, “after measuring the talent of Chu Yan as a plant cultivator that year, Red originally wanted a very powerful plant cultivator to take her as an apprentice, but was rejected. Since you registered in the forum, many people knew that 『orange』 is a plant cultivator. She had always been proud, maybe she’ll trouble you.”

Yi Ti nodded: “Thanks for reminding us.”

“You’re welcome? Who else is with us!”

“……is it really good for you to say such a thing in front of Cecil?”

“Uh……” Lu Kong looked around, then apologized sincerely, “Sorry, his presence is too weak.”

Yi Ti: “……hey!” Although it’s true, don’t say it!

Cecil who was easily overlooked even when he tried to brush his presence: “……” TAT

Yi Ti shook his hand, comforting him with her body temperature and trying to replace the sad topic with another question: “Right, why do you keep calling your grandpa 『old man』?” This was true even in person.

“……can you call him 『Grandpa』?” It’s okay not to mention it, but when mentioning this topic, Lu Kong almost vomited blood——isn’t this topic even sadder!

“This……cough cough!” Yi Ti’s expression already said what she wanted to say. It’d be strange saying it out loud, even shouting dad was very stressful.

Lu Kong said, almost in tears: “So you should know why!” Covers face, “Can you imagine? If we three generations stood together, my dad is like a grandpa, my grandpa is like my dad’s son, my grandpa is like my older brother, my grandpa and I are like my dad’s son……this chaotic relationship makes me want to vomit blood! To me, Xu Bo is actually more like my grandpa. Although he’s younger than the old man.” Probably, for this reason, dad hadn’t gone home for a long time and took out mom everywhere all day.

Yi Ti: “……” She really didn’t know what to say. In the end, she could only say, “My condolences.”

“En.” Lu Kong nodded with tears, then immediately wondered, “wait, haven’t you said this to me many times?”

“Uh……because you have bad luck?”

“……don’t say that! ! !”

Seeing someone almost vomit blood, Yi Ti decisively changed the topic: “Cough cough cough, was the prescription that lacked Golden Snow Patterned Grass prescribed by that girl named Chu Yan just now?”

“En.” Lu Kong nodded, “Although she has a bad temper, she would not lie on this.”

“I see.”

“En, I don’t know what the Shi family would say.” Lu Kong said, slightly worried, “A’Jiang has been unconscious for so long, just in case……” He looked at Yi Ti seriously, “If neither of them works, I beg you.”

“I’ll do my best.”

After about 40 minutes, Shi JingLe came out, still having that lazy look but looking a little tired.

“How is it?” Lu Kong rushed forward.

“There aren’t many physical problems.” The young man replied, “But I think you guys also know that this is not where he’s injured the most.”

“……” Lu Kong’s face was rarely solemn, “yes, it’s the soul.” Chu Yan said the same thing, and he also asked his own father. Golden Snow Patterned Grass worked on the soul, so it’s irreplaceable, “Can your Shi family skills cure it?”

Shi JingLe shook his head, answering: “At least I can’t do it.” When it came to topics like this, although his expression was still lazy, his words were serious and very persuasive. This was probably the legendary saying “a serious man is the most handsome”.

In fact, he was very clear that not only him, afraid the rest of his family couldn’t do this. With the help of spiritual remedies and healing methods from the 《Medical Classics》, they could solve most of the problems that might arise, but the soul was not something that could be easily treated. Many outsiders didn’t know, but the 《Medical Classics》 received by their ancestors was actually fragmented with the most important part lost. With insufficient theoretical knowledge and not enough case practice, as well as ……many herbs being extinct, it’s not surprising he could do nothing about this injury.

In the end, the Shi family rose too late, and their heritage was too thin. As far as the soul was concerned, even the Lu family not involved in healing practices had far richer resources than theirs.

Alien 100: Meet Strange People
Alien 102: From Hope To Despair

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