Alien 102: From Hope To Despair

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Lu Kong went pale, but it’s not unreasonable. The other person really worked hard and was not just perfunctory, he could see that clearly. Looking at Shi JingLe’s slightly tired expression, he said: “One way or another, thank you for your help.”

Shi JingLe gave him a slightly surprised look, obviously not expecting a rich second generation to say such clear words, but then he replied, still with his dead fish eyes: “Even without me, that Miss Chu can also do this kind of thing.”

Amidst the two’s conversation, Yi Ti and Cecil walked into the inner room together.

They just entered the house when she clearly saw a large yellow and white “yarn ball” on the bed. That was A’Jiang in a coma. As if asleep, its soft body moved with its breathing and its fur slightly trembled, looking very cute. But even if its cute, this state had been maintained for more than a month, inducing worry.

She took a deep breath then turned her head to the young man beside her: “Cecil, please help me look.”


He agreed without hesitation and her heart quickly calmed down. With him waiting by her side, she could do anything with confidence.

Then, Yi Ti reached out her hands towards A’Jiang’s body, her palms quickly gathering aura. While treating Xue Ye’s grandfather, Angus, she found that her aura had a strong affinity with others and not easily rejected.

It’s the same now.

She gently “stabbed” a ray of aura into A’Jiang’s body, checking along the veins. While her aura flowed, she also combed through the damaged meridians. After entering the Foundation Establishment, her control of aura was in another dimension.

Her results were the same as that of Shi JingLe. Although not fully recovered, the problem was not that big.

Since there was no problem, it must be an injury to the soul.

Yi Ti retracted her hand. She didn’t think that the judgment of Grandpa Lu, Shi JingLe and another plant cultivator would be wrong, now was just for further inspection. Recalling what Lu Kong said before about lacking herbs, a prescription quickly appeared in her mind. This was also recorded in the ancient books given to her by her master. Although not the best, it does work, and the herbs were the easiest to find.

The only problem was the missing herb.

She couldn’t pull it out on the spot, this was seeking death. If there was no other way, she could only give the potion, citing it was left by her master.

Just as she thought so, there were new developments because of the news brought by Lu Kong.


“En!” Lu Kong nodded excitedly, “I don’t know where they got it from!”

Yi Ti could understand his happiness, because as long as there’s a plant cultivator, even if it’s just a seed, it’s not a problem at all.

But then Lu Kong frowned: “Unfortunately, Chu Yan plans to come in person. I really can’t trust her.”

“……but she’s also a plant cultivator, so it should be fine.”

“But I always have an ominous feeling.” Touches chin.

Yi Ti: “……” Hey! Did you learn that from a certain older brother?

Because it’s not too late, after lunch, everyone met in the outbuilding. This time, grandpa Lu(everytime she thought of that word, and see the other person’s real appearance again, Yi Ti always felt something wasn’t right! )also came in person.

The girl in red, Chu Yan, obviously still remembered her enemies from this morning. When she saw Shi JingLe, she raised her chin, hmphed then said: “Right, I’ll let you see the difference between a professional and a half baked amateur!”

Shi JingLe randomly found a stool and sat down, crossing his arms, looking like watching a TV drama. His attitude was quite serious, but she didn’t know why she found it irritating.

If it’s the usual, Lu Kong would definitely like to watch someone eat a loss, but how would he feel like that in this situation. He just hurriedly said: “Old man, what about the seeds?”

Lu WenRui glanced at him, took a brocade box out of his pocket and placed it on the table. After opening, there was a brown seed inside.

“Is this the seed of the Golden Snow Patterned Grass?” Lu Kong looked at it carefully, asking to be sure, “Looks nothing special at all.”

“Isn’t it? You’ll know when it grew.” Grandpa Lu incidentally took out a flower pot that had been prepared, and put the seed in.

Yi Ti noticed that there was a faint aura in the soil.

“Xiao Rong, I’ll trouble you.”

“En.” Chu Yan nodded.

Yi Ti found something interesting. Among the three of them, two were lazy or arrogant and one was proud, but in fact quite polite. She could even say, they’re actually quite harmonious in some places but they just didn’t realize it.

She wanted to smile at this discovery when Grandpa Lu’s eyes lightly glanced at her.

Immediately after, everyone’s eyes were on Chu Yan. She took a deep breath, stretched out her hand, and started growing the seed.

Just for a moment, Yi Ti’s eyes looked surprised.


Totally different!

Chu Yan did not turn her aura into liquid like she did but directly controlled the aura that’s scattered near the seeds, letting them gather around it and making the small area around the seed rich in aura. It felt a place “suitable for growth”, so it gradually woke up from its deep sleep.


It’s too slow.

Yi Ti originally thought that all plant cultivator’s methods were the same, but now it looked like, it’s obviously not.

Although the breathing exercises left by her master was only used during the training period, the methods recorded in it was obviously similar to those in the jade stele, it could even be said to be the same. Yi Ti even suspected that her master might have obtained that breathing exercise the same way she got the DongTian. If she used it to cultivate and after reaching the Foundation Establishment, she could further develop the space in DongTian……but as she died, it became a permanent secret and there’s no way to verify it.

However, there’s no doubt that the technique left by her master was far better than that of the plant cultivator in front of her.

One was just a quantitative change, letting the aura around the seed gather and create an environment suitable for its existence. Because many herbs perished alongside the aura of heaven and earth, the deterioration of the living environment was inseparable. This was because today’s lack of inheritance was not something ordinary practitioners could do. Even if it could be done, they couldn’t make precise adjustments to the needs of the plants. This was something that only a plant cultivator could do.

While the other directly transformed aura into a liquid that could promote its growth and could be called……a qualitative change.

It seemed like there’s only a one-word difference, but in fact, both were very different.

Until this moment, Yi Ti realized that what master left her was very precious.

At this moment, Chu Yan took out several pieces of jade carved with square patterns from her sleeves, making it form a circle around the flowerpot. As soon as the jades formed a circle, the richness of aura became much higher than anywhere in the house.

The moment it took shape, Chu Yan’s finger made some strange poses, seemingly casting a spell. As she moved, a green light appeared at her fingertips, quickly bouncing toward the seed. Almost instantaneously, the latter absorbed the light into its body.

After a faint “click” sound, the seed spat out a pale green bud.

Yi Ti noticed that this spell was quite similar to her technique, but the effect was obviously much worse.

After doing all this, Chu Yan wiped her forehead, before stepping back.

Lu Kong asked eagerly: “Done?”

“How is that possible?” Chu Yan looked at him like looking at an idiot, then said, “Even if it’s a grass, it takes time from germination to maturity.”

“How long will that take? Can you speed it up?” Even if he didn’t understand the specific situation, Lu Kong also knew that the longer A’Jiang was unconscious, the worse the situation would be.

“I have another technique that can help it grow slightly.”

“Hurry up!”

“I used it just now!”

“……” Lu Kong remembered the green light just now then asked, “Can you use it again?”

“Do you think it’s Chinese cabbage?” Chu Yan answered angrily, “Even for me, I can only use it three times a day and I still need to rest halfway!”

“Take a rest then!” Just thinking about A’Jiang’s situation, Lu Kong didn’t take the other’s tone seriously, “do you also want a bed?”

Chu Yan: “……” Facing this guy, being angry seemed superfluous, so she pointed at Shi JingLe, “How about it?”

Shi JingLe showed a very sincere expression: “Can I ask a question?”

Chu Yan raised her chin and softly hmphed: “You can ask, but I won’t necessarily answer. You have to know, my family secrets can’t be spied on.” She told everyone implicitly——you will regret it!

“Can I smoke here?”

“……” Roll roll roll roll roll! ! !

After the seed sprouted, everyone seemed to feel a lot easier. One way or another, A’Jiang was finally fine. Yi Ti, originally invited by Lu Kong, felt like she was a passer-by, but she didn’t mind. Or rather, for her, it’s also good to witness the practice of other plant cultivators.

Thinking about this, she turned her head to Cecil and was about to say something when she suddenly heard a shout from the inner room. It sounded like a girl.

“A’Jiang! What happened to you? A’Jiang! ! !”

Lu Kong’s originally smiling face changed: “A’Jiang? !” Then he rushed inside.

Everyone also went in and then saw, a ginger cat was flying around A’Jiang. As soon as it saw the people who rushed over, it jumped on Lu WenRui’s outstretched arm, shouting hastily: “Patriarch, it’s bad! A’Jiang’s condition deteriorated!”

The originally sleeping cat suddenly changed. Its fur seemed to suddenly fade and even its breathing gradually became disordered, seemingly about to stop at any time. This was the result when the injury to the soul manifested on the body.

From morning to this moment, it only seemed like a matter of seconds.

Yi Ti would have liked to take out the potion and claim it was left by her master. The problem was that she had no time to make it! It’s impossible to take out the herbs on the spot, so for today only……

She turned around and directly ran outside.

Alien 101: Fiery Young Miss
Alien 103: She's Also A Plant Cultivator

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