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After a while of talking nonsense, Lu Kong looked around, then pulled a white egg out of his pockets. Like a thief, he pushed it into Yi Ti’s hands, “This is for you!”

Yi Ti took it and curiously looked, finding that there were many blue dots on the white eggshell. At first glance, it looked a bit like defective porcelain, but looking closely, these blue dots shone a little which was very beautiful.

“This is what A’Jiang and I stole…… cough, took out from the old man’s private collection!” Lu Kong’s eyes shifted everywhere, “Quickly hide it, don’t let it be seen by him!”

Yi Ti suddenly felt a little sympathy for the nervous guy in front of her. Nothing he did could be hidden from the old man……that’s tough, but most importantly, “What exactly is this?”

“An egg!”

“……what kind of egg?”

“I don’t know!” Lu Kong answered very unreliably, “since it’s part of the collection of the old man, it’s most likely a monster egg. Anyway, you just have to incubate it and watch over it. If it can’t hatch, just use it like a brick. I tried knocking it to my head, it’s pretty hard.”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey, is this really okay?

But considering the words of Grandpa Lu, she still accepted this thing decisively.

After that, she bid farewell to the thief Lu Kong and walked with Cecil back to the Jade Porcelain Pavilion.

Yi Ti felt that the tentacles gripping the hand holding the egg were warm and very comfortable. Then she raised her hand and put the egg right by her ear. She heard nothing but silence.

Can this thing really hatch into something?

She expressed her suspicion.

“Cecil, do you know what this egg is?” She handed the egg to the youth beside her.

After the latter took it and searched his archives for a bit, he shook his head, “I don’t know.” He’s not familiar with the species on Earth and there was no information in the Earth network.

“I see……” Yi Ti touched her chin, looked at Cecil then looked at the color of the egg again. She suddenly laughed, “I always think you both look alike, could it be a relative you’ve been missing for years?”

“I’ll know when I go back and make a comparison.”

Yi Ti, “……” I was just joking. No need to be so serious.


“Then compare it. It’s up to you to make it hatch, you can do it!”

“……oh.” Cecil carefully held the egg in his palm and nodded earnestly with a “willing to devote myself to the task” look.

And so he did.

After returning to the house and looking around, he took off his shoes and laid on the bed, then curled his hands and feet like a little turtle trying to shrink itself into its shell.

Yi Ti’s mouth twitched uncontrollably: “What are you doing?”

“Standard position for hatching eggs.” ಠ_ಠ serious face, “But it seems like I can’t do it well.” After trying N times, he still felt that his posture was not perfect. After a long absence, he changed back to a small blue slime then put the egg under his body with his tentacles. After carefully adjusting his body temperature, he nodded with satisfaction, “This is fine.”

Yi Ti: “……” Goodbye!

Although the word “serious” seemed to be an advantage, being too serious could sometimes be a headache!


How could she say these things?

This guy always listened very, very carefully to every word she said and worked very hard to complete them.

Yi Ti sighed: “You, work hard.” She thought he looked funny trying to hatch an egg and even planned to buy dozens of eggs for him to play with……if I’m not drunk, then I must be sick.


Yi Ti originally planned to sit down when her divine sense suddenly felt the arrival of others—— by the way, when using it, Grandpa Lu didn’t have any response so she was relieved.

She looked back at Cecil then said, “Continue hatching it, I’ll go out.” Then she opened the door and went out.

She just went out the hallway when she saw a young girl in a red dress hovering back and forth not far away. When she saw her coming, the girl suddenly stopped, bit her lip and stared at her with wide eyes.

Yi Ti glanced around. After confirming that the other person was indeed staring at her, she asked, “Can I help you?”

“Don’t be too proud!”


“Although I’m worse than you now, I will definitely be better than you one day!”


She stared at the other person’s back. In hindsight, Chu Yan seemed to specifically want to say just these words. She couldn’t help but feel ‘ah, this is youth‘. At least in her age, even if she was unreconciled, it’s impossible to say such things directly.

Thinking of it this way, not only was she not angry, but also thought that the other party’s move was cute.

Yi Ti couldn’t help but review her own tastes again.

Just then, she heard a mutter coming from behind.

“To think she just wants to say those harsh words……”

She narrowed her eyes, looking back at someone leaning on the porch. She said to the disappointed guy: “I’m really sorry I didn’t let you see a good show.” As soon as she finished speaking, Yi Ti was stunned because she rarely spoke in such a tone.

The other person “generously” waved his hand: “It’s okay.”

Yi Ti suddenly blushed with shame that could not be swept away because this guy was really annoying. She thought it’s better not to talk to this guy anymore else she’d definitely become irritable.


“Is that you in the hospital then?”

Yi Ti was stunned and immediately reacted by looking at him: “Did you recognize me?”

Shi JingLe spat out a ring of smoke, calmly replying: “The height difference between you and your boyfriend is obvious.” Another one was her eyes and then the young man named Cecil who shot his needle down…… but he was too lazy to elaborate so he picked the simplest, “I didn’t expect to almost be done in by a Spiritual Plant Cultivator. It’s an honor.” After that, he straightened up, walked straight in front of her and said, “Then, let’s reconcile.”

Yi Ti: “……” This guy’s topic is too jumpy, right?

“Although I would like to apologize first and make a tentative request for reconciliation, I don’t know why many people often get angry before leaving.” Shi JingLe said helplessly, “I don’t want to offend a Plant Cultivator, so it’s better to get straight to the point.”

Yi Ti went silent for a moment and could only say: “You’re very honest.”

“Everyone says that.”


“Of course, they don’t call it “honest” but more like “you’re irritating when you talk”. The meaning is the same anyway so it doesn’t matter.”

“……” Hey, hey, isn’t that worse?

Shi JingLe reached out his hand: “Shake hands?”

The deeply speechless Yi Ti reached out a hand.

So they shook hands and became good friends……how was that possible?

They just exchange phone numbers.

Regardless of Yi Ti’s feelings, for Shi JingLe, it’s certainly not a bad decision.

After a few days, Yi Ti bid farewell to the Lu family and ended her first “outpatient” trip. Although there’s some twists and turns midway, it was overall smooth. If nothing else, it’s a very happy thing to be a guest at the Lu family. The food was delicious and the hot spring was soothing. Occasionally, she could watch a great show between Grandpa Lu and Lu Kong.

Coincidentally, though she showed her “real identity” at the Lu family property this time, Grandpa Lu and Lu Kong would naturally not talk. Shi JingLe, who had no friends, had no one to talk to. Instead, Chu Yan was the most likely to leak this information but don’t know why she was strangely silent.

So although Yi Ti could be said to have stepped into the “cultivation world”, she’s still in a “head could be seen but can’t see the tail” situation. And with her easygoing personality, she adopted a “go with the flow” attitude in handling these matters. She neither exclusively stepped into the circle nor did she do anything to deliberately get into it.

In this strange situation, she continued her “ordinary” daily life such as raising flowers, refining medicine, playing games and others……

And compared to Cecil’s usual routine, one thing was added—— yes, hatching eggs.

Although there was no response after two consecutive weeks of incubation, a certain alien was obviously patient. He even virtuously knitted a woolen small pocket he took from nowhere, put the egg in it, then tucked it into his clothes to keep the temperature stable at any time.

And after seeing this pocket, Yi Ti also decided one thing——

“I will give you all the knitting in the future!”

So this guy was very happy to help Yi Ti knit several wool socks one after another. It became more and more sophisticated that the latest pair even have several kittens and puppies on it. It was very cute.

The most amazing thing was that in this process of knitting sweaters—— who let him have tentacles?

She didn’t think it would be a problem to cook a meal while carrying a child at the same time.

And Yi Ti, who had already given up on principle, watched him have fun. She just bought a bunch of wool and various knitting needles from the Internet. Looking at the boxes of wool at home and the piles of finished products, Yi Ti strangely had the illusion that “I became the owner of a black-hearted factory.”


If I put these cute and skillful things on Taobao to sell, would I be rich?

Why am I feeling reluctant?

Alien 104: Pit Grandpa Pit Son Pit Father
Alien 106: Desolate Winds Amidst Winter

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