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At dusk, both parties appeared at Yi Ti’s shop at the same time.

Although this matter had little to do with her, as the “intermediary”, she inevitably presided over the conversation. Although when they first met the hospital, Shi JingLe almost made Liang Chen a “skewered wolf”, he didn’t do anything hostile this time. The same was true of Jing Yuan. Depending on their performance, Yi Ti determined that today’s practitioners could live in peace with other species.

Come to think of it, the reason why Shi JingLe showed hostility at that time was probably because he mistakenly regarded them as the killer who hurt XuanYuan Yu? And even when he attacked, it’s not to harm them but rather to “stop” them.

The situation described by Jing Yuan proved Liang Chen and Xue Ye’s speculation.

He felt a strange aura near an alleyway and heard a few faint shouts belonging to humans so he rushed over immediately. It just so happened that Philip was drawing blood from a person. Since it was his first time down the mountain, he suffered from a lack of coping experience and hesitated. Faced with this kind of situation, he was suddenly stunned from behind halfway through an attack.

When he woke up again, he was already in Shi JingLe’s home.

He didn’t know what happened halfway but it’s true that his blood was drawn. Then he saw in the news that the human who was attacked before him was found and taken to the hospital. According to Shi JingLe’s internal information, this was not the first in this city, but rather the third case. It’s just that the citizens didn’t know it yet but a search had actually been filed internally.

“Since this matter is related to monster species, I’m afraid it’ll be handed over to S.Dep.”

“S.Dep?” Yi Ti thought she heard it wrong, “Is that a shoe brand?”

“It’s not ‘S.Dep’,” Shi JingLe, who still had dead fish eyes, explained, “It’s a special incident countermeasures department, commonly referred to as the “Special Department”. However, some people jokingly call it ‘S.Dep’.”

“Is that an organization composed of practitioners?”

“Practitioners are only a part of it.”


“Since it’s a state organization, how could it be only us?”

Yi Ti understood the unexplained meaning in Shi JingLe’s words, nodding along: “So there are others mixed up.”

“Like them.” Shi JingLe pointed his chin in the direction of Liang Chen and Xue Ye.

Yi Ti subconsciously looked over.

Xue Ye nodded: “There are indeed other species involved. Moreover, there are state-owned ability holders as well as a few independent parties.” It’s impossible for all practitioners and monsters to have a sense of belonging with each other but there were those who have a deeper sense of identity with the country. This category belonged to the latter, but their number was small.

“Wait,” Yi Ti asked in doubt, “Isn’t this organization called the Dragon Group?”

Shi JingLe choked on his cigarette, coughing a few times: “Who said that?”

Liang Chen laughed out loud: “Did you read more yy novels?”

Xue Ye was a gentleman and didn’t speak, only turning his head silently.

At this point, how could Yi Ti still not understand? She was deceived by that bastard Lu Kong! Losing her face in public, Yi Ti was embarrassed and silently gritted her teeth, promising in her heart: Lu Kong, you wait for me!!!

Then Cecil walked over and put a glass of freshly squeezed pear juice in her hand.

It might be a coincidence since around the same time, Lu Kong, who was far away, suddenly sneezed. Then he started sneezing one after another. After finally stopping, he rubbed his nose with one hand then rubbed his arms with the other hand: “Is it a cold?”

“I don’t think so.” The quickly recovering A’Jiang hung lazily on his shoulder, yawning, “because a fool won’t catch a cold.”

Lu Kong: “……believe it or not, I’ll throw you out!”

“Who are you throwing out?”

“……old man, why are you here?” Lu Kong was surprised to see his grandpa suddenly appear behind him. He looked back again—— definitely not wrong!

Lu WenRui looked his grandson up and down until the latter became uncomfortable, then he said: “A’Jiang is almost recovered, what are your plans for the future?”

“P-plans?” Lu Kong froze, eat at home until he died?

“There are no extra meals for you here.”


“And did you pay that girl what you owe?”

“Huh?” Lu Kong stilled. It took him a long time to react, “Grandpa, didn’t you pay her back for me?”

Lu WenRui’s mouth slightly hooked. He looked at Lu Kong with an eerie smile then answered: “The money you owe, why should I pay it back?”

“……” Such a thing! We’re related!



After admiring the stupid face of his grandson, Grandpa Lu threw him a wallet in a good mood: “This is for you.”

“Old man!” Lu Kong was moved, “I knew your mouth is hard but your heart is soft!” Having said so, he pulled open the wallet. After taking a closer look, he became dumbfounded once again, “how come it’s only 250 (èrbǎiwǔ, idiot, stupid person)?”

“For your travel expenses.”

“……it’s not even enough for a plane ticket!”

“Then take a car, bus or train. What’s left is food for A’Jiang.”

“What about me?”

“Being hungry for a day or two won’t kill you.”

“……” This was definitely not his grandpa!

“Clean up these days and get out of here.” After leaving this sentence, Grandpa Lu turned and left, exuding grace and calmness, without a trace of disturbance.

Poor Lu Kong could only grit his teeth behind him: Old man, just you wait for me!!!

As the saying goes “if you can’t depend on your parents (his parents are not at home), lean against your friends.” He decided to go to Yi Ti again and pay the money while working. Cough cough, and maybe borrow some pocket money. Without realizing it, he had severely offended his future “golden thigh”. What he didn’t even know was that the city where his golden thigh was located was not peaceful at this time.

Although ordinary people wouldn’t feel it, the Special Department would soon make the corresponding arrangements to hunt down the two monsters who wantonly hurt humans and had become increasingly dangerous.

And now, Yi Ti also learned another amazing thing.

“You’re all part of the “Special Department”?”

“Hmph, what about it?”

“Correct, I am.”


Yi Ti: “……” Am I the only exception? TAT


I don’t want to play with them anymore!

Just then, she heard a wonderful voice.

“I’m not.”

Yi Ti looked at the young Taoist Jing Yuan, feeling like she’d seen a beam of light in the dark, filling her with strength and hope. But……was it okay to depend on a child? She suddenly felt unconsoled.

Shi JingLe looked at his reader’s warped expression, then very helplessly said: “There are long-term tasks like this in the forum.”

“Huh? I didn’t see it.”

“You don’t have enough permission to see it.” Shi JingLe said, “Things that can alarm the ‘Special Department’ cannot be done by novices, that’s why only bronze members and above can take it.”

Although unhappy to do such troublesome things, once she looked at the two monsters who didn’t understand the practitioners’ situation at all, then at Jing Yuan, who still didn’t look so good, she could only say a few words of protest.

After his explanation, Yi Ti understood what was going on.

In short, unlike those who were under state administration, cultivators and monsters were more free and loose. After a member replied to the post to express their relevant intentions, the management would contact them one-sidedly and determine if it needed a full member or a regional facilitator. If it’s the former, there it would be reported to the headquarters; and if it’s the latter, then when something happened in the member’s area that needed the special department, it’s likely to receive an “aid notification” and the organization would provide help.

Shi JingLe was a regional facilitator.

Why would a slacker be willing to do this?

No other reason than as long as you’re a member of the special department, you would receive points every month as “salary” so many practitioners were involved.

Speaking of which, Shi JingLe held his chin: “How are you not part of it? Your grandfather is very famous. Just say hello to them and you’ll be pulled in, right?”

Jing Yuan pressed his lips, then with his tender dazed face, he answered: “I’m not good enough.”

Yi Ti was convinced, those who brought their own “taunting aura” as soon as they spoke was really amazing. She quickly switched the topic: “You should have registered in the forum already, right? How come you haven’t reached the bronze standard?” After all, he was different from her and had been in the circle very early.

Hearing her, the cold look on Jing Yuan’s face slightly dissipated. He shook his head then answered: “I have been practicing with my grandfather on the mountain.”

Yi Ti nodded then thought of one more thing: “That being the case, will all of you receive the “aid notice” next?”

Xue Ye nodded: “Although it’s called differently, the situation on our side is similar to that of cultivators. You should be involved next.”

“Tsk, so troublesome.” Liang Chen said in disgust.

Although not very interested in “completing the task” itself, this feeling of “he’s part of the organization” still made Yi Ti a little envious.

Since they already anticipated this situation, they were preparing to leave.

Before leaving, the little priest gave Yi Ti another IOU.

“This is?”

“Medicine money.” Jing Yuan replied, “I will pay you back as soon as possible.”

Although Yi Ti would like to say “I’m just giving a helping hand”, thinking of her master’s orders and the attitude of Grandpa Lu about this matter, she nodded and accepted it. After all, he didn’t seem to have trouble paying back the money. She incidentally took out the little white jade sword and gave it to the other party: “I’ll give this back to you.”

Jing Yuan shook his head and refused.

After trying again and again, Yi Ti had to put it back in her bag. After thinking about it, she hesitantly asked: “I have some medicine here, do you want to buy it? Maybe it can have some effect.”

“Oh?” Shi JingLe, who was sprawled on the chair showed an “I’m a bit interested” expression, “What medicine?”

Alien 111: Fateful Encounter
Alien 113: Holding Hands On A Date

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