Alien 113: Holding Hands On A Date

Alien 112: We Are The Organization
Alien 114: Always Meet Acquaintances

After acting like a drug dealer, Yi Ti felt: Ahh, what’s with this feeling of my life finally being on track? Should I make a wooden shelf for medicine bottles?

……forget it. It would be miserable if she was reported as an “unlicensed medical practitioner”. She already lost her face in front of her “colleagues” today, she didn’t want to create more jokes!

Yi Ti, thinking this way, held her cheek in one hand as she watched Cecil walk back and forth in the flower shop with a watering can. He wore an apron that looked like a skirt, just a bit short for him which was also cute. The waist-length hair was loosely tied behind him and gently shook as he moved. She always felt like something was missing……ah!

“Cecil, come here.” She beckoned.

The young man turned his head with a doubtful expression but still came over right away.

Yi Ti raised her hand. After discovering that she couldn’t reach her target, she silently pulled back: “Bend down.” Then, she reached out and clipped his bangs aside with the pink hairpin on the table, “That’s it!”

Cecil blinked, not understanding why she’s laughing so happily. After thinking about it, he put down the watering can, held her bangs then picked another pin from the table and clipped it on. He then nodded with satisfaction: “Okay.”

“……what do you think I did?”

“Exchange tokens?”

“……” Well, this is still good, right?

“It’s time to make dinner. What does Xiao Ti want to eat tonight?”

Yi Ti thought about it: “Let’s eat out and go shopping along the way.” Maybe also buy a mobile phone or something. As their relationship developed, she thought it’s better to prepare. Although she didn’t think Cecil could be harmed, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

After listening to her, he actually looked shocked: “It turns out we’re already a couple.”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey! Just how did he jump to that conclusion! She covered her face in pain, “I’ll trouble you not jump to the ending, could you tell me the middle part first?”

“Eating out and shopping, isn’t this a date?”

Yi Ti continued to cover her face: “……” Dear, it’s not romantic if you say it like that, okay?!

“Is that not it?”

“……it is.”

Cecil nodded, then spewed out: “Date, a kind of meeting, originally refers to an event where the meeting was scheduled in advance. Originally, dating refers to an appointment of the general public. Now, it usually refers to two people in a relationship.” Summarizing his intel, “So we’re already a couple, right?”

Yi Ti: Chinese is wrong for me! Chinese is wrong for me!

But she’s not Liang Chen, clearly poked but still not admitting. Facts were facts.  Was it so hard to admit it? Look at her, so bright and upright——

“I’m going to change clothes.” ┏|*´・Д・|┛



Yi Ti had a hard time when facing the wardrobe: “What should I wear?”

“This one?” Takes out one.

“What about this?” Takes out one more.

“Then this.” Take out one more.


She held her forehead in one hand. Was this even necessary at all? It should be falling in love then cohabitating, but they were already “cohabitating” before falling in love. He even saw her unkempt face and even nosebleeds. There was absolutely no need to beautify herself deliberately. However, before she realized, once she heard him say “dating”, she couldn’t help but want to take care of herself. This was probably the legendary “women loved their appearance”.

She was a little embarrassed but she couldn’t stop.

Like many women, Yi Ti had difficulty choosing. In the end, she put on the first one she picked—— Cecil helped her knit a thin blue sweater with loose hem and sleeves with the ends and cuffs embellished一一 like with little white wool balls resembling grapes and also a white slanted belt.

She glanced back and forth in the mirror and rarely put down her long hair.

After watching for a few minutes, she finally managed to leave the mirror.

And when she went to the door, she felt uncomfortable.

“……why would you wear that?”

Cecil, dressed in black hanfu, solemnly replied: “Because you like to watch me in it.”

“……” Okay, this man was a loyal follower of “men loved their faces!” Yi Ti silently walked behind him and pushed with both hands, “Change to a normal one!”


“Because……” Yi Ti paused. If she said, “We can’t go on the streets like this”, he might ask why, so the easiest way to solve this situation was, “You can only show it to me!”

He shut up.

Then turned into a puddle of blue liquid again.

Yi Ti silently looked up, speechless.

After fooling around, an alien finally put on “normal clothes”. His figure was originally normal among men but could still naturally conform to any clothes. Simple clothes could be worn well, not to mention a windbreaker.

Yi Ti stretched out her hand, helping him arrange his tie a little: “Very good.”

“Xiao Ti, do you want to put on more clothes?” Cecil looked at her with concern, “It’ll be windy tonight.”

“Makes sense, I should be prepared.” Yi Ti agreed then held her chin as she thought, “which coat should I wear?”

The young man walked to the “wool mountain” on the side and picked up a white woolen shawl: “How about this?”

“Okay, then that one!”

The alien classmate, who got affirmation, happily walked back, shaking his hands along the way. He carefully put it around the woman in front of him, then gently picked up the hair caught under the shawl, learning from what she just said: “Very good.”

“Let’s go!” Yi Ti was in a good mood and took his hand before quickly walking outside.

The young man being pulled forward watched the two hands holding together. He kept pace and walked alongside her while blushing. He then quietly moved his hands and adjusted the posture to “big hand over small hand”.

As the autumn season went on, it’d get darker sooner. When their guests left, it was just getting dark but it’s completely dark right now.

Don’t know when the lights on both sides of the road lit up, providing light on a dark road. The mosquitoes seemed to want to seize this “last carnival moment” as it gathered together and fluttered around the lights, throwing small shadows on the ground.

Sure enough, it was windy.

The grass growing between the road cracks and houses trembled slightly under the wind of this autumn night.

In this environment, walking alone would make people feel scared.

But if it’s two people holding hands, they’d feel relieved.

At least at this moment, Yi Ti’s heart was peaceful.

The advantage of being with an alien was that—— because he didn’t need to eat, there wouldn’t be any dispute with choosing a place and what to eat!

“Xiao Ti, what do you want to eat?”

“This day is very suitable for hot pot, but there’d be smells left on the clothes.”

“Go eat then.”


“I will wash it for you.”

“……” Yi Ti silently turned her head. Yes, she didn’t know when a certain someone loved to do housework and was more and more skilled in becoming a “housewife” who had an amazing “ambition” to open up a “laundry business”. With his step by step takeover, except when she “held her ground” regarding the undergarments issue, all else……she surrendered.

Although it’s a bit like a “buy low, sell high” kind of deal, when she thought about it, she felt a little embarrassed. Had she always been so lazy?

“I just checked, it’s easy to suffer from excessive internal heat in autumn and also when eating hot pot so don’t eat anything too spicy.”

“No problem. I’m not afraid of getting excessive heat nowadays.”

“……” ( ●__●)

“……alright, alright, I know.” She couldn’t defeat him.

After that, Yi Ti took Cecil to a hot pot restaurant that she used to go to when she was working. She didn’t know if everyone got the same information since the shop was full. After looking for a long time, they didn’t see an empty table. But it’s not that hopeless since she found an acquaintance with her divine sense.

“Yi Ti?”


Yi Ti turned her head. Yes, it’s not just someone who called her, it was Lu Wan whom she’d met earlier today.

Coincidences were truly wonderful. They’d never met before but once it happened, they always met.

Except for Lu Wan, there was also another acquaintance—— Zhang Xian, also Yi Ti’s former colleague.

“What a coincidence, let’s sit together.” Lu Wan said with a smile.

“Yes, sit together. We rarely meet.” Zhang Xian also said, “Long time no see, right?”

“I only saw her when I was off work at noon today.”

“Really? That’s a coincidence.”

Yi Ti glanced at Cecil. After finding that he had no objection, she walked over.

Lu Wan and Zhang Xian’s eyes fell on Cecil, a stunned emotion on their eyes: “Who is this?”

“Uh……” Yi Ti subconsciously looked at Cecil, finding that his head was bowed slightly and that he was actually a little nervous. She suddenly wanted to laugh but she answered naturally, “My boyfriend.”

Cecil suddenly raised his head, eyes shining at her. The next moment, his mouth bloomed into an extremely bright smile.

Yi Ti only felt the surroundings suddenly become silent. At the same time, her heartbeat amplified. Then, she found……

It was really quiet all around.

She silently reached out her hands, then rubbed someone’s face, trying to erase that smile—— don’t seduce anyone outside! Although it’s done unconsciously, it couldn’t be forgiven!

Alien 112: We Are The Organization
Alien 114: Always Meet Acquaintances

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