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After Yi Ti received a “potion order” on the phone early in the morning, she “paid no attention to outside matters and wholeheartedly cheated others with her potions”. She was excited for a long time. As the saying goes “blessings and misfortune are interdependent”, if there is a gain, there must be a loss. A good blessing in your career would be a tragedy in love…..cough, this one’s good too, a tragedy in the money in her pocket.

“And so?” She crossed her arms, watching the young man smirking at her—— that thing hadn’t come in yet, but she already sensed the “poverty energy” emanating from him.

“Seeking permission with the tyrant!” Because A’Jiang was with him, although Lu Kong went hungry for several meals, he still reached Yi Ti’s house without delay. Penniless, he abandoned his dignity (he has one?) and pleaded for pampering.

“No.” Recalling the deception of this thing, Yi Ti felt it was necessary to give him a lesson.

“Don’t do that, everyone is friends!”

“Who is your friend?”

“……I didn’t offend you.” Lu Kong was a little miffed by Yi Ti’s attitude, remember when they separated last time? He even stole a treasure from the old man and gave it to her, what happened all this time?

Not mentioning was good, once mentioned, Yi Ti unpleasantly said: “What is the Dragon Group?”

Lu Kong opened his mouth wide, inconceivably looking at her: “I just talked casually and you really believed it? Did you read more yy novels?”

“……” He.had.the.nerve??? Yi Ti felt her anger rushing upwards, enough to cover the sky, “Goodbye!”

“Ai ai, stop!” Lu Kong grabbed the door with his hands, desperately trying to keep up with her “relentless pace” but found that his little effort couldn’t even reach her! Seeing her leave, he shouted desperately, “I don’t care about myself, but do you have the heart to let poor A’Jiang sleep on the street?”

Yi Ti paused.

She looked at A’Jiang.

Lu Kong looked at A’Jiang, signaling it to sell meng—— there’s seafood to eat at the local tyrant’s place!

A’Jiang then jumped down from his shoulder, squatted at Yi Ti’s feet, raised its head and looked at Yi Ti with its cat’s eyes, then made a noise——


Aiya, well done!

Lu Kong secretly raised his thumb.

Yi Ti hesitated, then said: “Okay.”


“The cat can come in.”

“And me?”

“Squat at the door.”

“Hey!” Lu Kong wanted to vomit blood, unfair! Immediately after, what made him even more desperate was that A’Jiang was inhuman……wrong, this cat companion really abandoned him like this. It tottered into the house and shamelessly coiled around the tyrant’s legs to sell meng.

What about their vows?

That they’d never betray each other?


Poor Lu Kong, under the colds winds of the late autumn evening, bleakly silent……silent……silent……

He turned in solitude, and walked slowly, his every step so heavy and sad.

Yi Ti finally couldn’t hold back her mouth: “I say……”

The young man quickly turned around, looking at her with starry eyes: “I knew you would be soft-hearted!”

“……you forgot your bag.” She pointed at the backpack at the door, “take it away.”

“……” TAT I don’t want it ahhhh!!!

Lu Kong cried and slumped on the ground.

Seeing that someone seemed to have learned enough, Yi Ti sighed, then opened the door: “Come in.”

“Ah?” Someone abruptly turned back, an incredulous look in his eyes.

Yi Ti ignored him, directing Cecil: “Don’t cook tonight, it’ll be tiring. Call to order food, make sure to order more.” She didn’t want to tire him out.

“Okay.” The young man nodded, then took out his mobile phone from his pocket very lovingly. Unlocking the screen, there appeared a photo of the two. He looked at it a while longer before making the call.

“Yi Ti……” Lu Kong’s eyes overflowed with moved tears, “I think I fell in love with you again……”

“I’m not interested in guys with bad luck.”

“……” Ruthless. QAQ

The next thing could be guessed. A certain someone was gobbling up food along with a cat. Although A’Jiang had the shape of a cat, since it’s not a real cat, it could eat the same thing as humans.

After being full, Lu Kong patted his belly then finally became concerned about Yi Ti’s recent situation: “How did you know that the Dragon Group was fake? Did you meet someone from the Special Department?”

“You dare to talk about that?” Yi Ti squinted at him.

Cough cough cough, I just said it casually, who knew you’ll really believe it.” Lu Kong wiped his sweat, “I will never dare again. Really, trust me!”

“It’s strange to believe you.”

That being said, Yi Ti said a little about what happened before. Hearing this, Lu Kong slapped his thigh and exclaimed, “Aima! It’s a pity I’m not here for such an interesting thing!”

“You’ve done a lot of this, right?”

“But it’s not every time I run into a bunch of shocked werewolves!” Because of his relationship with Liang Chen, Lu Kong was quite uncomfortable with this race.

“……” Enough, don’t continue to stimulate her anymore, thank you!

“Right, how’s your egg?”

Yi Ti: “……” This wonderful way of phrasing……fortunately, she’s not a man, right? Forget it, don’t care about this guy. She said, “Cecil has been taking care of it.”

“……are you penguins where the dad hatched the eggs?”


“Ahem, it didn’t hatch yet?”

“Nope.” Yi Ti shook her head. Although Cecil stayed close to it, unfortunately, it showed no signs of breaking the shell. The only certainty was that the creature inside was indeed alive because Cecil was constantly adjusting the temperature to “incubate the egg”. He felt the weak fluctuations coming out which means the creature must be sensitive to the outside temperature. She was so excited when she knew it but maybe because of lack of time, it hadn’t hatch yet.

“Did you try anything else?”

“Such as?”

“Use a hammer or something.”

“……won’t it die?”

“Before I stole……cough, took it, I accidentally stepped on it but it was fine.”


“Right, have you done blood fusion?”

“Blood fusion?”

“It’s a bit like recognizing its master by dripping blood.”

Yi Ti narrowed her eyes, looking at someone quite nastily: “……do you think I’ll be fooled again?” Read more yy novels, my ass!

“No, this time it’s true!” Lu Kong tried very hard. Sure enough, after lying too much, no one would believe him.

According to him, drip your blood before the egg hatched. Although it’s impossible to actually reach a “recognition contract”, it does narrow the relationship between the two which improved the success rate of contract signing.

Also, many people could also drop blood. After all, the monster’s sense of smell was very sensitive and even cubs wouldn’t confuse people.

“I see.” Yi Ti nodded, then asked again, “What are your plans for the future?”

“……did you talk to my grandpa?”


“He asked me that too.” Lu Kong covered his face, then desperately said, “even if I said I wanted to just loaf around until I die, you certainly won’t agree.”


“……don’t sneer, I understand already! I will work hard so I can pay you back sooner!”

“Hope so.” She wasn’t being ironic. She really felt like with his luck, even with A’Jiang, it would be nice to make enough money for food. Paying her back or something……

Although Grandpa Lu gave her a sum of money, since he didn’t ask, she didn’t take the initiative. One way or another, this thing must become a success again. But to be honest, his performance as a borrower was actually quite good. He wouldn’t mess around and could even handle his own business. Although he seemed clumsy, he wouldn’t bring trouble to others.

And after talking, Yi Ti also took Lu Kong’s words to heart. When he took A’Jiang to bathe, she and Cecil turned to study the mysterious egg.

“Does dripping blood really increase intimacy?”

She was a little skeptical. However, considering that Lu family was a master in contracting monsters, this knowledge was certainly not wrong. Also, it’s just ordinary blood and not the “blood essence” that’s important to practitioners so it’s okay to try.

Thinking so, she turned and found a needle then passed it to Cecil: “Give it to you!” Saying so, she very “bravely” put her finger in his hand.

Cecil: “……to do what?”

“Pierce me!” After that, Yi Ti looked away so she wouldn’t faint. Accidentally cutting your hands and “self-harm” were two different things.

Thirty seconds passed.

A minute passed.

Twenty minutes passed.

Yi Ti: “……”

After waiting for a long time without feeling pain, she helplessly turned back: “What happened?”

The young man still held the needle in his hand and her finger on the other hand, whispering: “I can’t hurt you.” I don’t want to even pierce your finger.

“……idiot.” This guy was really…… She pulled her fingers back, “Then let me do it myself.” Saying so, she picked up the needle and poked her fingertips.


The needle was yanked by a strand of hair.

Yi Ti: “……”

“Sorry, I unconsciously……”

The corner of her mouth twitched. She bent down and picked up the needle: “You turn around first.”

This time, she finally successfully pierced her finger.


As she spoke, she carefully dripped blood onto the egg. Immediately after, a surprising thing happened. When the red blood touched the white eggshell, it disappeared.

At the same time, the egg actually shook a few times, as if to say “More! Give me more!” or something similar.

Yi Ti blinked and another drop of blood fell. Sure enough, it disappeared again. At the same time, the egg was still shaking.

“Its life fluctuations have increased significantly.” Cecil, holding it, said with certainty, “there are also some oviparous creatures in the universe that needed to be fed with blood before hatching, is it the same?”

“I don’t know.” Yi Ti retracted her hand, then sucked on her finger. Feed it blood? That sounds a bit scary.

Cecil thought about it. He also picked up the needle and poked his finger. After a little bit of effort, a drop of blue blood with a faint glow appeared at his fingertip and slowly dripped.

Alien 116: Your Impressive Military Might
Alien 118: The So-Called Parenting

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