Alien 12: Moonlit Night Attack

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Cecil was angry.

After she laughed, he quietly got under the sofa and refused to come out.

Yi Ti was troubled and grabbed her hair, making her ponytail messy. She didn’t mean to make him angry and just thought that he was deliberately teasing her, so she just laughed in his face and fell down…well, in fact, it’s amusing.

“Cecil, I really didn’t mean it.”


“In a few days, I’ll be able to give you energy blocks to eat.”


“When I have enough money in the future, I’ll give you premium ones.”


Yi Ti thought about it and probably understood why Cecil “transformed” making her feel moved. Although it’s a really trivial thing, not everyone would do such a small thing for the sake of making others happy. Because she knew this, it felt even more valuable.


“Cecil, you don’t have to become a person.” Yi Ti said through the tiny gap under the sofa, “For me, your original look is adorable.” I always wanted to poke or pinch it, and it’s tough to endure every time.


Yi Ti slightly sighed, it seems like the apology had become a long-term job. Moreover, if she kept talking, he wouldn’t feel even more annoyed, right? Let him calm down first before she continued and might as well take a shower.

Although using Aura can effectively resist the heat, she’s still a novice after all, and often when turning around…forgot, then turned around again, then forgot again. In the end, she’s still sweaty.

She only took two steps and suddenly felt that her foot was caught.

Yi Ti looked down and saw a blue tentacle on her ankle. She crouched down, reached out, gently untied the tentacle, and held it in her fingertips.

“This meant you forgive me, right?”

The tentacle rubbed her fingers.

“Then hurry up, the dust under the sofa is almost cleaned by you.” Yi Ti said and smiled. “If you really want to do something for me, how about cleaning? Look, I can’t wipe some corners of the house, but your tentacles can easily touch it, isn’t it?”

The tentacles immediately stood up and looked very energetic.

When Yi Ti came out of the bathroom, Cecil had already started cleaning. Each of his tentacles was wrapped with a small piece of cloth which was then rubbed back and forth in the corners of the house. From time to time, the tentacles are retracted, and the cloth was placed in the basin. At this time, there will be another tentacle that would help clean.

Everything looked so orderly. Apart from…

Yi Ti looked at the living room that could not accommodate others. She hesitated before asking: “Cecil, is it really okay to spend energy like this?” Thinking of his previous “miserable condition”, it’s better to weigh one’s abilities and act accordingly than overexert himself.

“…” motionless.

“Hu xiu, hu xiu——”


Yi Ti: “…” Hey!

On this day, Yi Ti did not refine any potions.

After making a sumptuous dinner and enjoying it, Yi Ti held Cecil and enjoyed the moonlight in the garden for a long time. At the same time, she listened to him recite <<Flying to the Moon>> to her——she found that listening to Cecil’s reading is a fascinating thing, because no matter the content, he can read it out in a severe way. Of course, probably because she’s used to it, the initial monotone voice had gradually become natural.

Nn, Yi Ti considered giving him president type novel. She really looked forward to hearing him say “you’re a bothersome hussy” or “30 million, you’re mine for tonight” these kinds of lines.

It wasn’t until it was late into the night that she yawned. After putting Cecil on the sofa (although she proposed to let him sleep in the remaining bedroom, he unexpectedly liked the sofa), she went back to the house, covered her head and prepared to sleep.

Before going to bed, she looked at the moonlight outside the window and the beautiful flowers bathed with the white light. After thinking about it, she didn’t pull the curtains.

These days, she had been doing the same thing every day. Although she’s still in good health, the mental fatigue is not so easy to recover.

So she fell asleep in just a few seconds.

The so-called “Moonless night with loud winds is when perverts attack.” (really?) Cough, although the moon is full and there’s no wind, the night attack seemed to still be there. Because Yi Ti woke up in a daze, she only felt like something was beside her.

Her senses are now much more acute than before, so she discovered it almost immediately. Yi Ti suddenly opened her eyes and saw a blue slime trying to climb her bed. When she was about to talk, two tentacles closed her mouth.

Yi Ti: “…” Although she didn’t think Cecil won’t do anything bad for her, their current position…is still very strange!!

Hesitantly, Cecil climbed into the bed and whispered near her ear, “There are people outside.”

“!!!” Yi Ti opened her eyes wide, outside…is the house’s courtyard! That is to say, someone invaded? Speaking of which, it’s no longer news when single women are robbed.

She reached out and pointed at the tentacles on her mouth, indicating that she would not shout. After the latter was released, she also whispered, “In the yard?”


Yi Ti felt that in this matter, they had to take the advantage to attack so that when the other party entered the house, she would be prepared and could defend herself. She thought about it. After making a gesture to Cecil, she flashed into the space and took out a bottle of self-defense potion her master specially prepared for her. It’s written that as long as it’s thrown out, the enemy would immediately lose all mobility.

She made a “toss” gesture to the jelly alien beside her.

Cecil wrapped the bottle with a tentacle while the other tentacles quietly opened the window clasp and pushed it silently to make a small opening. And then with lightning speed, he uncovered the bottle of potion and toss it out!

The next second, he quickly closed the window.

Yi Ti felt that this was the correct decision because almost at the same time, a burst of green smoke rose from the courtyard. A vague smell came through the window, and she subconsciously covered her nose, completely imagining the serious situation. Then she remembered that if she could smell it, then Cecil, who is much more sensitive than her, could smell it even more. So she opened the air conditioner, wrapped him in a blanket, and held him in her arms.

Cecil: “…”

“Hu xiu, hu xiu——”

Yi Ti: “…”

“What is this?!” At this time, a familiar voice came from the courtyard, “Cough, cough, cough! What the hell are you doing?!”

Yi Ti: “This voice couldn’t be…”

Liang Chen felt very bitter.

This afternoon, after the second rescue of a stupid woman, the bastard Xue actually tried to stop him, and then they had a very unpleasant conversation.

The conversation started with Liang Chen’s words: “Good dogs don’t block the way!”

Xue Ye laughed: “Why do I think that it’s you, not me, who’s closer to a dog?”

“Do you want to fight?”

“Of course not.” Xue Ye spread his hands to signal he wasn’t hostile. “I just wanted to ask you something.”

“Spit it out, I’m very busy.”

“Also, tonight is the night of the full moon, is it very hard?” The young man laughed.

Liang Chen frowned: “Is that all you want to say?”

“Of course not,” Xue Ye went on to say, “I thought you didn’t like me looking for prey on your territory, but now it seems, that human seemed to be special to you? You actually ran to my territory to grab her.”

“…this has nothing to do with you!”

“Is it?” Xue Ye showed a smile yet not a smile expression, “Liang Chen, we had an agreement, well water doesn’t make river water. This time, I didn’t commit a taboo, you did.”

“Are you threatening me?”

Xue Ye shook his head: “No, I’m reminding you.”

“Even if the agreement is broken, I won’t let you touch her.” Liang Chen’s words are very firm.

“Just for a human, why bother doing this?” The young man showed some expression of incomprehension, “She looked really delicious, but I remember that you shouldn’t eat blood.”

“She is the new owner of the flower shop.”

Xue Ye was surprised: “…that flower shop?”

“Yes,” Liang Cheng hmphed, “If you have any sense, stay away from her.”

After that, he directly bumped into his shoulder and walked away.

He hadn’t taken a few steps when there was a laugh behind him——

“I was almost cheated by you. Liang Cheng, if that human really inherited that…why would you be so worried about her?”


“What? Do you actually have feelings for that human? This is really shocking.”

“This has nothing to do with you.” The young man that looked like a teenager turned his head. The green eyes showed his killing intent. “In short, stay away from her!”

Although he said that at that time, he knew Xue Ye very well. The other party wouldn’t easily give up. Even if he’s not someone who ate blood, he could still smell how delicious the new tenant is, enough for him to want to make a move. Although he warned her not to approach Xue Ye and she also agreed, but…

The reason why is because that old woman really gave him a big problem.

So damn annoying!

However, if it weren’t for her, he would never have been able to spend a full moon like tonight as smoothly as he does now.

Speaking of which, when he first met that old woman, it was also a full moon, and the location was in the yard.

Thinking so, Liang Chen unconsciously “revisited old haunts” and because of thinking too much, he did not hear the subtle sound from the house. So he was easily——

Suddenly attacked!

This overwhelming smell is already a weapon of destruction for ordinary people, but it’s an atomic bomb for him.

Therefore, when Yi Ti put on a mask and walked into the yard, Liang Chen had already collapsed softly on the ground and kept retching.

“How come you’re here…” Her voice stopped short.

Yi Ti’s horrified eyes fell on the brown ears on his head the tail of the same color behind him. She suddenly didn’t feel so good…


She’d like to understand it this way, but…the ears and tail are constantly moving!

A word came out of her mouth: “Dog person?”

Then she saw the fluffy brown tail suddenly explode and turn into a huge feather duster.

“You are the dog!!!”


well water doesn’t make river water – everyone minds their own business.

revisited old haunts – idiom, down memory lane

Alien 11: Do You Like It?
Alien 13: He Actually Reformed His Ways

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