Alien 120: Give Back Her Maiden Heart

Alien 119: Should She Scream
Alien 121: Worthy Of Being Their Child

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Lu Kong’s big head appeared in the gap and eagerly said: “I heard you calling, it’s okay…… eh,” There was sweat on his forehead, “Sorry to bother you, you guys continue!” Closes door.


If it weren’t for the loud bang, Yi Ti almost thought it was just an illusion.


It’s clearly not her fault, right?!

Her innocence disappeared.

Yi Ti covered her face in despair. Being hit by an idiot like Lu Kong, she had “no future” anymore! And when she was so desperate, she’s still deluding herself at this time: “Fortunately, Cecil was dragged under the quilt so only his upper body was seen which is good”……she’s really ruined!

A certain alien silently wrapped the quilt around himself like a young married woman that had this and that done to her. There was a tendency that he’d “hu xiu hu xiu” again.

“Not allowed!” Yi Ti swept all his clothes with one hand, “wear your clothes first!” The pajamas tumbled, exposing the underpants with kitten patterns. She silently turned around and very “gentlemanly” chose not to watch.

After hearing rustling sounds for a while, it finally stopped.

Then she heard someone whisper: “All good.”

Yi Ti turned around. The face that had just been adjusted from blushing too much somehow became red again at seeing the other party. She coughed slightly to disguise it and gained the upper hand by a show of strength: “What the hell were you doing?”

The momentum of those words was not enough.

Of course, because someone was more guilty than her, he was still overwhelmed by her aura.

A blushing alien also sincerely apologized: “I’m sorry……”

“……” Why did she feel more complicated when she heard him apologize? She raised her head, “Well, what’s up with that surprise attack!” Either a shy person or a vulgar man would sneak attack a sleeping person. Did he want to be the former or the latter?



The young man, who still didn’t know how to lie, honestly told the truth under her coercion: “Because I suddenly want to be closer to you.”


“Then I unconsciously put it into action.” Having said so, his flighty eyes gradually became serious, “And then…… I just want to kiss you.”

“……” S-stupid! Can such words be spoken casually?!

N-no, this guy would not be so casual, he’s obviously very serious.

But, that was the scariest part, because it was a “critical hit” ah!

Yi Ti once again felt the blood on her body rush to her face with a “whoosh”, her mouth drying up from her face being too hot. Staring at him, she didn’t know what to say for a while.

Cecil felt that under her gaze, he was once again caught in a kind of half hazy and half clear situation. He stretched out his hands subconsciously, held her shoulders, then murmured: “Is it not okay?”

His blue eyes with illusory colors were like the ocean illuminated by moonlight with a little bit of beautiful white sand flashing in it. Just a look would make you indulge in a beautiful dream, never to wake up again.

At this time, it seemed impossible to say “no”.

Moreover, the real thoughts in her mind were actually……

And so, Yi Ti answered his question with action.

She slightly leaned in……

Moved closer……

Until they’re attached.

Just for an instant.

She blushed and leaned her head against his chest, answering with a little stutter: “I-if it’s not an accident……then……”

Ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump!”

The heartbeat sounded very fast.

But whose was it or was it actually from two people that it sounded so loud? Just like it beat directly on the ear.

Both noisy and tranquil.

In this strange atmosphere, Yi Ti felt her cheeks slowly pressed by a pair of warm big hands. After that, her cheeks felt smooth cold hair. Compared to this subtle touch, the warm, soft, and moist sensation that came from his lips suddenly took all her brain space.


Get together.


Get together again.


Get together once again.


As if falling in love with this game, he peck kissed her lips. In fact, he probably didn’t know the meaning of the words “peck kiss” at all but he explored the meaning by himself. However, what’s so strange about this? This type of behavior originally appeared before the word appeared, right?

Touching the ground, Yi Ti gradually disengaged from the extremely intense situation just now. After that, she felt a warm feeling surround her.

She grumbled and complained: “It’s a little itchy.”

“Then should I try harder?” He seriously solicited her opinion.

“……You think this is just like a massage?” She helplessly found that her “maiden heart” was ruthlessly beaten by a certain someone again. Yi Ti slightly bit his lips to show her displeasure, backed away a little before letting go of his lips, and letting it “bounce back”.

Her retaliatory action made his eyes shine as if he found a new game.

So, he bit her lips and was about to pull when he suddenly stopped.

Yi Ti was pleased that this guy understood (being a man, he cannot bully a woman) but suddenly felt…… he actually licked her lips tentatively. Shocked, she quickly retreated and blushingly asked: “Y-y-you, what are you doing?” She became a nervous wreck again.

He answered honestly: “Your lips smelled a little sweet so I wanted to taste it.”

“……” Is he that perverted?!

“It’s really sweet.” He even put a little force on the hand on her cheek, bringing her back to him, then he came closer again and asked softly, “Can I continue?”

“……” Sometimes, it didn’t seem a good thing for him to respect her opinion too much.

At this time, wasn’t it more embarrassing to be asked rather than to do it directly?

What should she say?

You’re wasting time or quickly come?

Both are wrong anyway!

Maybe seeing through her entanglement, or maybe feeling like he received some kind of consent, he bowed his head again and gently bit her lower lip. The action gradually changed from licking to sucking, then……

A real kiss happened naturally.

It’s not only an exchange of liquids but also a touch of their souls.

Never had they felt closer than this moment.

Whether physically or mentally.

The hands holding her cheeks gradually fell, one hand clinging to the back of her head, the other hand embracing her waist, keeping her close until they’re inseparable. People in love always suffer from “close skin hunger disease” and wished they could be completely integrated and won’t separate for even a moment.

And her hands naturally wrapped around his neck, not knowing how her position changed to being on his lap and being hugged like a big doll.

The faint sound of water rang in the room.

Mixed with rapid breathing and gradually out of order heartbeat……

Everything seemed beautiful.

If only someone didn’t become a pie on her face after their lips parted.

Yi Ti: “……” She silently wiped her mouth and pulled the big pie then kicked it to the ground.

Haha, her girlish heart was gone.

“Sleep, don’t disturb me anymore!’

After dropping this sentence, she laid down again and covered her head with the quilt.

Cecil: “……” QAQ

“Xiao Ti……”

Feeling like she’d been ripped off, Yi Ti dryly replied: “What?”

“You’re pressing on my clothes.”

She wanted to hit a wall. She reached out and pushed the quilt on the bed: “All right, wear it and go!”

“Xiao Ti……”

“What happened again?”

“It’s not good to sleep with your head covered.”

“……” After being silent for a moment, she tightened her hold on the quilt.

Cecil: “……” TAT

No matter how dense, he also knew that he seemed to have messed up again. After getting dressed, he depressingly walked out.

He just went out when a person sitting on the sofa and watching TV quickly rushed over, covering his mouth with their right hand (and right paw) at the same time then laughing wickedly.

“Hey hey hey hey……”

“Meow meow meow meow……”

If it was someone else, they’d long been speechless, but a certain alien had no such feelings as he silently watched Lu Kong and A’Jiang as if asking, “what are you doing?”

It actually made the two uncomfortable.

Cough,” Lu Kong coughed twice, before gaining the courage to continue to gossip, “really, this kid, since when?” Wink, “obviously before, you enjoyed sleeping on the sofa.”


“When did you reach this stage!” He understood that this dense guy simply wouldn’t understand tactful questions!

“Which stage?”

“……” Lu Kong looked at him, “What do you think is your relationship?”

Cecil answered with a serious expression: “We already have our own children.”



Just these words made Lu Kong, A’Jiang, and Yi Ti, who was eavesdropping with her divine sense, vomit blood at the same time!

Alien 119: Should She Scream
Alien 121: Worthy Of Being Their Child

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