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In the next few days, Ding Yuan mooched off his meals in Yi Ti’s place many times, raving about Cecil’s craftsmanship. Unfortunately, his teachings made him destined to never stay in one place for too long. According to him, their ancestors from all generations died on their journey, physically embodying the “bones are all over the motherland” words. Although this made Yi Ti speechless, it also explained many things to a great extent.

During this time, he also met Jing Yuan who happened to be here.

When the Taoist met the monk, you could see they’re not good friends from the mutual dislike in their eyes.

Both seemed to dislike each other.

Although Taoist Jing Yuan looked like a carved white jade with an always cold expression, once he grew up in the future, he’d be a new generation of the “facial nerve paralysis iceberg” type. It’s just that he’s still young so he didn’t look that cold. However, even with such an icy expression, facing Yi Ti who always helped him, he behaved extremely politely. Yi Ti finally understood where her infatuation with this little Taoist came from—— he felt like Su XingZhi in Aggregate’s novel.

Just like how Su XingZhi couldn’t get along with Tao TianLe, Jing Yuan didn’t meet eye to eye with Ding Yuan.

Once he met Ding Yuan, his expression would always get colder and the latter knew this, even laughing happier which made the air conditioner blow harder. The two were like spring met winter, it’s really easy to catch a cold.

Also thanks to this, Jing Yuan temporarily forgot the tangle in his heart—— although his grandpa said he shouldn’t ask about the other’s master when he came down the mountain, somehow, he felt like his grandpa really wanted to know.

Ask or not to ask, he was really tangled.

In fact, many people who came to visit also asked about this problem.

And Yi Ti was instructed by her master that to these people, she should only answer “she left” and did not say anything in detail. To be honest, even if she told the truth, afraid most would also choose not to believe it like Grandpa Lu. Not to mention, even she doubted it now. Master, did she really die?

After all, she never saw her body with her own eyes. And if so, would normal people easily give up a treasure like DongTian and leave it?

But it’s useless to speculate about this kind of thing, she could only wait for further developments.

By the way, Yan XiXing was very accurate, Lu Kong really lost a fortune.

And the reason was very deceptive.

He was accidentally hit by a car on the way to find a house (……). He was fine, just accidentally fell to a vegetable stall on the roadside. Because of this sudden event, the middle-aged man watching the stall had a heart attack and fell to the ground on the spot.

After that, the driver ran in a panic. Lu Kong didn’t have the idea of running so he was caught on the spot.

The vegetable stall’s owner’s family was not in good condition. The couple only makes money from this stall and they have two children studying at home so there’s no money for the hospital at all. Under these circumstances, Lu Kong couldn’t excuse himself, so it’s inevitable for this unlucky thing to lose a fortune.

After receiving his call for help, Yi Ti arrived in a hurry and helped him pay the money. After knowing the whole story, she was really speechless. Although this kid despised Yan XiXing verbally, in fact, he still secretly believed it. Otherwise, he would not honestly give all the money to A’Jiang for safekeeping. But since he had bad luck, how could he avoid it!

And so, sure enough, it was still a tragedy.

Under these circumstances, Yi Ti was also really worried about letting him go out to find a house by himself so she looked for help and found a room just fifty meters away. After Lu Kong heard about it, he almost cried until he became blind—— this was the comparison between Luck Z and Luck S!

It really made him choke as a former Luck S!

After successfully finding a foothold, in order to repay all kinds of debt, Lu Kong also successively found several jobs under this huge economic pressure. But he tragically found out that the pay from these jobs was not as good as those from working in Liang Chen’s restaurant!


He resolutely resumed his old career and randomly found a restaurant on the street to become a waiter.

He was bright and sunny, had a sweet mouth, and could coax a group of little boys and girls. He soon mixed in like a fish in water and many students called him “Lu-ge”. Many people even designated him to deliver their food and to this end, Lu Kong specially asked Cecil to draw a detailed map to carry with him so that when A’Jiang was temporarily absent, he wouldn’t get lost.

Because after seeing LiuLiu, A’Jiang’s interest was completely diverted from him.

Although it’s not a cat in nature, A’Jiang, who turned into a cat, still possessed various characteristics of cats. For example—— it really liked furballs.

At first, Yi Ti was worried that her cute little kid would suffer a loss but the result really surprised her. LiuLiu and A’Jiang got along well and there’s nothing similar to a bloody battlefield at all. Now, A’Jiang’s head had become LiuLiu’s new favorite place. It liked to perch on top and follow him to walk around. From a distance, it looked like the owner put a furball decoration on the cat’s head. After all, these things weren’t rare and they didn’t know it’s actually a living thing.

Seeing this, Yi Ti didn’t know why she felt sad as if her daughter was taken away by a bad boy. Fortunately, she adjusted quickly and didn’t do any shameful things.

During this period, Yi Ti’s account in a Hundred Ways Altar was finally upgraded from Black Iron to Bronze. After thinking again and again, she didn’t apply to join the Special Department. First, she’s not short on points; Second, probably influenced by her master, she didn’t like the feeling of being bound.

Although if she didn’t want to accept the task, she could refuse, based on her character, she wouldn’t be able to do this over and over again.

And, since her fame spread, she also started to undertake various transactions and sold all kinds of potions that her master once sold. Of course, her main asking price was herbs, supplemented by items and the second was money. With her controlling the amount, there weren’t too many to choose from. However, the miscellaneous potions she made by mistake were unexpectedly popular. She really didn’t know whether she should be happy or embarrassed.

During this period, the hidden danger left by her sudden breakthrough was also repaired carefully and patiently so it gradually disappeared.

The spiritual spring in DongTian also renewed its vitality. Although it’s not as rich as before, it’s still slowly recovering.

These two things meant that Yi Ti could finally start cultivating in the Foundation Establishment.

In addition to her current cultivation method, the jade stele also recorded some spells that were very suitable for wood spiritual roots. And what Yi Ti, who had a calm personality, liked the most was—— the spirit plant cultivation method.

As the name implied, it was to control the seeds of plants with aura and let them transform freely in various states.

Just imagine, if she came across someone picking a fight, she could throw a handful of seeds and instantly form a batch of vines to hang all her opponents upside down.

That scene must be quite spectacular!

But when it came to this, there was a problem. After learning it….. uh, where should she find the seeds?

Modern times were different. There were really not many plants suitable for weapons and she couldn’t bring a bunch of cabbage or radish seeds, right? If she tossed it at a critical moment…… that could only be used to cook and feed rabbits! But it’s true that when she carried this, she would never be hungry……

Therefore, she later adjusted her pricing method to harvest seeds of various plants. As a spiritual plant cultivator, her behavior was normal and no one doubted it.

This behavior was still effective and she really got some seeds that she could use. However, for Yi Ti, the types were still too monotonous.

So she decided—— to travel.

It’s now early winter. To be honest, it’s not the best time to travel but because of this, there would be no “multitude of people crowding each other”. She planned to take Cecil and go out for a month or so then come back when her brother came for Christmas and stayed until New Year’s Day.

Once such a thought was born, there’s nothing to stop it.

Yi Ti first made a report to her brother. After receiving an hour of nagging, she finally got permission to go. Then she said goodbye to her friends. This time, she gave the house keys to Lu Kong and Liang Chen, the latter took care of the house seriously while the former…… if he unfortunately lived on the street, at least he had a place to stay, right?

In addition, she hid a sum of money in the house and secretly told A’Jiang. Telling it that if Lu Kong was at the end of his rope, it could take a bit from inside to help the guy.

After doing all this, she then greeted her current business partners—— sister went out looking for rare herbs, don’t disturb.

For a plant cultivator who desperately needed herbs, it’s normal to do such a thing so no one felt something was amiss. And even if it’s not a plant cultivator, there were very few cultivators who’d just stay at home. They were born with a free heart and wanted to travel all over the world.

By comparison, Yi Ti, who seldom went out, was already considered rare.

And with that, Yi Ti dragged her husband (or wife?) out the door, and her first stop was……

Alien 124: I Really Have A Grudge
Alien 126: Getting Pointers From A PDA

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