Alien 126: Getting Pointers From A PDA

Alien 125: Yi Ti's New Decision
Alien 127: Meeting An Old Acquaintance

She didn’t know.

The reason why she wanted to go out was just a flash of inspiration and going with the flow.

Confronted with reality, some would call it an “opportunity” and always gained something along the way. Yi Ti didn’t care too much about that. Of course, she hoped to find satisfactory seeds, however, traveling with Cecil was also quite interesting to her.

Thinking back, they didn’t seem to have a similar experience yet.

In her history of going out, once was following her brother and once was following Lu Kong.

This meant the two people (LiuLiu is not a person!) were traveling together for the first time.

He promised to take her to travel in the universe and his hometown so, before that, she first had to take him to take a look around her hometown.

“Cecile, is there any place you want to go to?” Standing in the train ticket office, Yi Ti asked, tilting her head. The young man beside her wore sunglasses enough to cover half his face and wore a dark gray trench coat outlining his slender figure. His black hair was loosely tied behind him with her help and hanged all the way. It’s just that the hairball poking above his head instantly changed his image from cool and handsome to cute.

Yi Ti was helpless about this. LiuLiu seemed to like Cecil’s head and refused to come down, what else could she do?

If the little thing was sad, she would be unhappy. As soon as she was unhappy, Cecil became unhappy. So for the two of them to be happy, he could only be wronged.

The little guy seemed to have a natural ability to capture others. Not only her but the others who’ve seen it were also super hurt. When A’Jiang knew it was going out, it was heartbroken. Before leaving, it reluctantly gave away a bag of dried fish. Although LiuLiu wouldn’t eat this stuff.

“As long as I’m with Xiao Ti, everywhere is good.”

Cecil answered in his characteristic way as always.

Yi Ti thought a little and made a decision: “Then buy the nearest train ticket now!” Of course, she had the money, however, as long as she thought of leaving the ground, she felt very insecure. Instead, the ground made her feel more at ease. Buses obviously couldn’t be chosen so in contrast, the train, which made her not too dizzy, was the best choice. What she didn’t know was that there were quite a number of cultivators who shared the same “complex” like hers. For example, Master Qin WuYue.

Anyway, she had no destination and randomly chose, leaving it all up to God.

Because this wasn’t the peak season, the two quickly bought tickets. While wearing sunglasses, Cecil was stopped—— and was treated like a male fugitive. When they left, Yi Ti, who had good hearing, still heard people whisper——

“That kid wearing sunglasses, is he a celebrity?”

“Don’t know, probably.”

“Don’t all celebrities use the plane these days? Why take a train?”

“Probably not that popular.”

“Also, the one next to him is his agent?”

“Looks different, probably a nanny or assistant.”

Yi Ti, who was forced to become a “nanny”, was quite speechless.

Yi Ti also successfully received two soft sleeper tickets. Anyway, she had no shortage of money right now so it’s okay to pursue a little comfort. Yi Ti bought a soft-sleeper ticket for a four-person box because the conductor said that the tickets for the two-person boxes were sold out. However, it’s off-season. There might not be other people in the box and they could have it for themselves.

Looking at the ticket again, she found it was going to J province.

“It’s quite far……” Yi Ti froze. J province was located in the northern part of China and took more than 20 hours to get there by train. However, there was indeed a mountain range stretching for thousands of kilometers with beautiful scenery and few people. It’s indeed a nice place to go to.

“If it’s too long, do I need to refund my ticket?”

“No need, this is fine.” Yi Ti waved the tickets in her hand, “Go, sister will take you to dig ginseng in the mountains!”

She was just joking but he nodded seriously——

“En.” Then he asked, “are you going to buy the tools?”

Yi Ti: “……”

Soon after they left home, they threw most of their belongings in the space but with some consideration, Cecil carried a very light empty suitcase in his hand. Yi Ti also carried a leather bag. In this way, people wouldn’t find that they “took things out of thin air”.

“It’s almost time to board the train, let’s go.”


The two passed the ticket gate successfully and boarded the train to the provincial capital of J province.

Because the soft sleeper compartments of the train usually only had one car, the two quickly found the place. They just opened the sliding door and entered it. Compared to a hard sleeper, the soft bed was a bit better but still narrow. It’s definitely incomparable with their own beds at home. Fortunately, Yi Ti was petite and didn’t care about this. And Cecil didn’t need to rest at all so he also didn’t care.

The two tickets Yi Ti bought happened to be bunks on the left side from the entrance. The room was carpeted like the corridor outside and the curtains were also standard blackout curtains. The things packed in the bed were still clean with the pillows and bedding neatly arranged. In addition, each bed also had a small table lamp and a small hanging TV. Unfortunately, the signal was not very good, and using it for more than 20 hours was a bit questionable.

Cecil put the suitcase in his hand into the space under the lower bunk while Yi Ti put her bag on the bed. Then she took off her shoes and sat cross-legged. While no one was around, she took out a laptop from the space and put it on the small tea table between the two bunk beds, pushing aside the stainless steel tray above.

She turned on the computer and looked at the time on the lower right corner. It was 9:40 in the morning and the train was about to travel in more than 20 minutes.

Cecil sat beside her, don’t know when LiuLiu slipped down to his trench coat pocket, asleep and snoring. He said: “It seems there will be many provinces along the way.”

Yi Ti looked at him with a smile, her body retreating to the bed and pushing him to her original position: “Open the map and see.” While speaking, her chin rested naturally on his shoulders, one hand wrapped around his neck, the other hand tapping on the computer screen.

Even though it has taken a lot of time to get used to the “new relationship” between them, a certain jelly alien still seemed to be shy, his body heating up unnaturally again, so much so that a dissatisfied cry echoed from his pocket. It seemed to be saying “daddy, noisy, let me sleep!” Yi Ti poked his cheek, then said: “You can’t melt outside. I don’t want to see you being dragged away and cut up for research.”

The young man took a deep breath and seemed to have made a super big decision: “I will try and work hard.”

“……don’t just try, you must.”

At Yi Ti’s urging, the young slender fingers quickly swiped on the touch screen, bringing up the map of the TianChao Railway. Immediately after, the two looked at the cities they would be passing by. Along the way, they searched for specialties and places to play in these cities. Although they didn’t know if there’d be time, it’s always nice to be prepared.

The two chatted happily then Yi Ti suddenly found someone stopped by their door. The next second, the door to their box opened.

She felt a little regret: It’s not a two-person world.

But it’s just regret.

However, with the entry of others, Yi Ti ended her too intimate posture and instead sat beside Cecil. A disappointed look appeared in the latter’s eyes. Although he would be embarrassed…… Xiao Ti’s warm body was attached to his back. He liked that warm and close feeling, he liked it very much.

Into the box were a pair of young men and women dressed fashionably and in punk style. While chewing gum in their mouth, the orange in their leather jacket and long pointed toes on their leather boots seemed very intimidating.

At first glance, these two were in a relationship but they didn’t look at them. They put their luggage under the bed then immediately hugged and talked. This uncaring attitude was really shameful.

Yi Ti, who was just showing her affection, now watched others show their love in front of her. It’s really “karma cycled, appropriate retribution”.

She was speechless then suddenly felt her shoulders warm up. Looking sideways, she found that at some point, a paw had appeared on her shoulder. She turned her head to look at a certain someone who seemed to be looking at the laptop seriously. The corner of her mouth twitched before she saw him stretch out a hand to type a line on the computer——

【I learned something!】

Learned what! PDA?

【Is this not okay? Why can couples do this?】

Yi Ti: “……” Speechless, she suddenly heard a strange sound. Looking sideways, she immediately felt unwell because the young couple actually kissed.

Turning her head again, a certain alien stared at the couple then turned to look at her again, seemingly saying: Is this okay?

Yi Ti silently reached out, covered the eyes of a certain someone, gritted her teeth then said to his ear: “Don’t look at it. Don’t learn what you shouldn’t learn!”

The blindfolded alien asked her strangely: “Why?”

“There’s no reason why!”

At this moment, the door suddenly opened again.

Two men walked straight in, headed by an about 40 years old man with a slim figure and wearing a pair of glasses on an aging face. He had gentle eyes and seemed very generous. The teenager who followed him seemed to be only 16 or 17 years old. His extremely handsome styled hair seemed to be dyed. Under the light, it would reflect a reddish light. A shiny red ear stud was also worn on the right earlobe. His appearance was somewhat similar to the middle-aged man next to him. Clear-sighted people knew at a glance that they must have a blood relationship. However, his expression could be called unruly.

After the two’s eyes surveyed the box, it fell on the couple who were still kissing.

The middle-aged man picked up his ticket. After taking a closer look, he looked at the “world-shaking” movements on the bed and frowned slightly.

The young man was not so good-tempered. He shouted directly at the two: “Hey, that’s our position!”

Alien 125: Yi Ti's New Decision
Alien 127: Meeting An Old Acquaintance

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