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Soon after LiuLiu returned to Cecil’s pocket to rest, the XuanYuan siblings brought the lunch boxes, cleaned and washed. After that, the four chatted for a while. Among them, Yi Ti and XuanYuan Yu were talking, Cecil remained in a state of non-existence as always, and XuanYuan Yi, who already had endless goodwill toward him, was trying to observe this “martial arts master”—— as a man, he deeply believed that this seemingly reticent man, who seemed to be silent but would smile very coolly, could threaten people with terrible words and must be better than his peers (huge misunderstanding!)!

During the conversation, Yi Ti learned that the siblings came to celebrate the birthday party of an old friend with their parents and took the time to walk around.

Because of the incident before, XuanYuan Bo and Song NanNing put down their things and shifted their focus to the two children, leading to this situation.

XuanYuan Yu didn’t know why she said that to this woman she just met, but, deep down in her heart, she had a wonderful sense of trust. Not only saying these things, but she could also entrust her life to the other party.

Sometimes, she even felt that maybe she had already entrusted her life to her, she just couldn’t remember when that was.

Was this the legendary “previous life to the present”? Should she try getting hypnotized and explore it in the psychology clinic of her mother’s friend?

Many people felt that time on the train would pass slowly.

Yi Ti used to think so but probably because of someone’s company, she felt that time passed quickly. Chatting with Miss Ghost who survived, even playing games with her and Cecil, then chatting a little bit about this and that, it was more than nine o’clock in the blink of an eye.

Although only half the time had passed, everyone who had been on a train knew that though half a day passed slowly, half of the night would pass by pretty fast. It’s just a matter of closing your eyes and you’d be at your destination.

Especially once you got used to the “kacha kacha” sound of the train moving. You’d be “hypnotized” by it and hearing this sound would make one feel sleepy.

The same was true for Yi Ti. After washing a little and calling her brother, she yawned.

Originally, her life was very regular. She only learned to have an irregular lifestyle at university. From graduating to working, she relearned the laws of life again which was a good thing.

She turned over and laid down on the bed. For a moment, she was drowsy from the warm heating. Although the air in the fully enclosed car compartment was not good, she had to say, it’s really suitable for “hibernation”.

The train was always a magical place. You need a quilt during the summer but it’s almost unnecessary in winter.

Cecil turned around without making a sound, not letting her be disturbed as he covered her carefully. She liked to sleep facing the right side, this was the case at home and the same was true on the train. The scattered black hair covered half her face, her body curled up slightly, one hand on the neck, and the other on the chest. It looked very cute.

Immediately, he stood up and turned off the lights in the room. Along the way, he locked the door. They’d arrive at the next stop at around 3 am and it’s impossible for anyone to enter the room during this period.

Then, he returned to his original position and sat down, just watching carefully in the dark and an hour passed.

Don’t know when but LiuLiu got out of his pocket, then jumped directly on her neck, rubbing happily before sleeping again.

Cecil was instantly envious.

So nice.

He also wanted to do this.

After struggling for a while, he finally couldn’t resist his inner desire and directly became a jelly alien. After folding the clothes that fell, he reincarnated into a “pinball” and also rubbed against her neck before happily closing his eyes. Although he didn’t need to rest for many days in a row, once in a while was fine…

LiuLiu, who had closed its eyes, widened its eyes, watching the blue ball that suddenly appeared. It looked like it but without hair. Soon afterward, it smelled “daddy” from the other party so it walked over and rubbed before reentering the dream world with peace of mind.

Then, the family of three fell asleep together.

There was such a beautiful scene at night but at the same time, there was also a less beautiful scene.

For example, at three o’clock, although this could already be regarded as “early morning”, the sky was as dark as the night, gloomy, and with winds roaring. Everyone who got off the train shivered uncontrollably, wrapping their clothes more tightly to resist the colder winds as they got closer to the North.

Cecil suddenly opened his eyes.

After rubbing on her neck, he quietly restored his human form then put on the clothes he folded before with his tentacles, opened the door, and went out.

Yi Ti, who was sleeping on the train, did not release her divine sense since if she did so, she wouldn’t be able to sleep well at all—— after all, there were people everywhere. Besides, Cecil was there so she was also at ease. But precisely because of this habitual dependence, she didn’t even notice that a certain alien had quietly left the box.

He silently walked in the empty aisle, then went to the door on the next box.

A familiar voice came from inside. Coincidentally, it was the couple they met during the day.

“We’re almost at the station.”

“Hmph, I’ll make them look good when the time comes.”

Yes, the two who were snubbed during the day became angrier afterward. Later, when the night was quiet, they came up with a not-so-great idea. Thirty minutes later, when the train would arrive at the station, they’d let the brothers, who arrived at the platform by buying hard seat tickets, retaliate against them and make them run away on foot.

When the man called for the first time, he thought that his plan was clever and no one would know. He never thought that in the box next door, there was an alien with extremely sensitive ears. And unfortunately, he was still awake and so heard a conversation like this——

“What if they felt three o’clock is too early and be discouraged, won’t they just ignore it?”

“After helping me clean up that dog couple and family, I’ll treat them to a meal and let them play enough!”

“Hahahaha, good, contact them then!”

Cecil, who had always been calm, was angry.

Whether it’s waking up Xiao Ti or wanting to hurt her, it was a very bad thing for him, very bad.

So he felt that he had to stop all of this.

Late at night, several strands of hair flew up, sliding straight into the door seam, and easily opening the locked box door…

As the door slid silently, his figure was gradually reflected in the room.

Yi Ti opened her eyes.

After going through a “confused period” every time after waking up, she was dazed for a moment with a blank expression. Her eyes gradually recovered its focus then she felt a hairy touch on her neck. Looking sideways, she found LiuLiu sleeping there very soundly. Looking up again, she found that a slender young man had stood up and opened the curtain before looking back at her. His dark eyes sparkled in the night as he said: “Xiao Ti, it’s snowing.”

“…what?” Yi Ti froze for a moment before she reacted. She jumped up, kneeled on the bed and pulled herself to the window with both hands, looking out.

At four in the morning, the night seemed so dark and long.

But her vision far exceeded that of an ordinary person so she could see clearly. Large pieces of hexagonal snow fell silently from the sky, paving the moving train and all the ground in sight. A few more pieces fell outside the window but it soon melted, turning into a water mark.

Yi Ti sighed, her fingers drawing the shape of a snowflake on the window. Whether it’s her hometown or the city she lived in, all were in the south. In winter, it occassionaly snowed but it wouldn’t be very large and wouldn’t start until early December. This was the first time she enjoyed it.

Sure enough, China was so big.

It’s really the right decision to travel.

If not, how could she see a scenery she’d never seen before?

She subconsciously grabbed the quilt on the bed and wrapped it around herself. Although the temperature in the car was still warm, maybe it’s an instinctive reaction. Once you see snow, your thoughts would immediately be connected to the word “cold” and the body would provide the corresponding feedback.

Even as a cultivator, she was not afraid of temperature changes—— however, human instincts were not easily lost.

“The snow is so big,” Yi Ti looked at it for a while before saying, “Wait for the next stop and it should be very thick.” That must be beautiful.

Cecil searched for a bit then answered: “The weather forecast said this snow will last for a long time.”



After watching the snow for a while, Yi Ti yawned again. She wanted to wrap the quilt more tightly but she lost balance and fell backwards.

A pair of hands held her steadily.

She leaned against his arms and rubbed her eyes but she accidentally smelled something different from his touch.

Yi Ti’s eyes widened, looking back at Cecil carefully, then asked with some doubt: “Cecil, why did you change?” The shirt he wore was different from when he got on the train.

“Because of the smell of smoke.” He took off his trench coat as soon as he got on the train, wearing only shirt and trousers, it was the same when he went out just now. When he came back, he noticed that there was a smell of smoke on his body so he immediately replaced it. He remembered very clearly that she hated that smell.

“…smoke?” Yi Ti was even more puzzled. This guy was not an ordinary human so he wouldn’t smoke. He’d also be completely free from the smell of smoke even if he ran around to the dining car or the toilet. Then, “where did you get it?”

He never concealed anything to her, this time was the same.

“Looking for someone for such a thing, he’s too petty.” Yi Ti held her forehead. For this matter, she stood firmly on Cecil’s side, “How did you treat them?” She was not worried about this because he was by no means cruel. At most, he’d make the other party lose the ability to do that kind of thing.

“They will sleep until the terminal then wake up.”

“So it’s like that.” Yi Ti nodded but then thought again. If the snow was so big, the transportation might be temporarily suspended. Then… these two might be temporarily trapped in J province?

This was really a tragedy.

Thinking so, she was not so kind as to not gloat.

But at the same time, she was deeply aware that sometimes, this dumb guy was definitely a killer!

Although he himself probably didn’t realize it.

Alien 129: He's Also Reckless
Alien 131: The North Wind Blows

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