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After Yi Ti fell asleep again, the train finally arrived at the station.

Just before the station, its speed would always become very slow. Most of the passengers also took this opportunity to tidy up their sleepy and haggard self. Even if they got enough rest time, sleeping in a train was totally different from sleeping on stable land.

Although not too afraid of cold, considering that it’s better not to be too eye-catching, Yi Ti still decisively took out the thickest coat in their luggage and tightly wrapped herself. The jelly alien also suffered from her “inhumane thickening” treatment. But when they got off, she discovered that she was really weak. They wore an overcoat while the others on the street were wearing down jackets!

The only thing that made her feel “very visionary” was that it’s always right to wear leather boots—— although almost all the snow on the main road was shoveled, the humidity was abnormal and it’s not easy to clean shoes with other textures when they’re soiled.

LiuLiu was different from its “parents” and seemed a little bit afraid of the cold. It very cleverly hid in the scarf on Cecil’s neck, its big eyes curiously looking at the strange place through the gap while warming up.

“So cold.”

A familiar voice came from behind. Yi Ti looked back and found the whole XuanYuan family also put on down jackets as a matter of course. After all, they knew in advance where their destination was and would be fully prepared.

“Xiao Ti, where are you going next?” After a few chats, XuanYuan Yu could already call Yi Ti very smoothly.

“First find a hotel to settle in.” Yi Ti said the name of the hotel. After discovering that it’s snowing, Cecil had already booked a room. Later, if they wanted to play around in the city: first, she wouldn’t worry about where to go, and second, according to Cecil, there would be snow these days and guessed that public transits would be out of service.

“What a coincidence.” XuanYuan Yu said with a smile, “We’ll live there too. Let’s go together?”

Yi Ti agreed.

Now it seemed that they’re really lucky to have gotten off at past eleven. Although the street was full of stagnant water formed from snow melting, relatively speaking, it’s also easier to walk. If they got off in the wee hours of this morning, they’d have the “pleasure” of experiencing walking on snow or ice.

After that, six people took two taxis and arrived at their pre-determined hotel one after another.

Of course, XuanYuan Yu was with Yi Ti and achieved the position of passenger seat very “cleverly”. The driver was a middle-aged woman and had a big sister attitude unique to northern women. Soon, she chatted with the Miss Ghost next to her.

“You’re lucky. If the snow continues to fall like this, I’m going to increase the starting price.”

Then she explained. Although the previous snow had disappeared, the snow was still falling and the superposition of the two could easily become slippery ice. With the danger of slipping on the road, cars dared not run and at most, drive at 30 kph. In this case, although the driving time was long, the mileage had not changed. The amount of money that passengers give was only so much and this way, the driver would be tired and earn less, so even if there were many people in the taxi, they might not earn more than usual.

At this time, many drivers would increase the starting price or simply not drive and the management would also turn a blind eye to this. After all, no one had it easy on this day.

The sister driver heard that Yi Ti was here for the first time and also enthusiastically introduced some places worth visiting and delicious food. She also handed her business card and in her words and actions, the bold temper of the northerners was revealed.

Shortly after, they arrived at the hotel.

Upon entering, several people seemed to return from winter to spring immediately.

To be honest, although the winter in the north came early and was particularly cold, the residents in the north didn’t feel it’s difficult during winter. At home, in the car, in the shop, in the company… heating was everywhere and this made the residents of some central cities envious to tears. Who made it so that their winter was not as warm as the South nor as heated as the North? So bitter, ah!

After entering the hotel, Yi Ti took off her coat as well, feeling very good and completely integrated into the environment, not at all standing out! Look, some girls wore much thinner clothes than her!

Because of the order of their reservation, the rooms of the two groups were not on the same floor.

After saying goodbye to the XuanYuan family, Yi Ti arrived at the room Cecil booked—— a double standard room. She was not surprised at the fact that they would live in the same room, or rather, she would feel strange if this guy booked two rooms. Anyway, he was very honest, so even if they lived in a single standard room, there wouldn’t be any danger!

After intentionally putting their luggage down, Yi Ti looked at the time. It was almost time for lunch. It was rare to be here so she felt like going to the western restaurant downstairs to eat. Although her favorite was Chinese food, occasionally changing the taste was not bad.

But before that…

Let her take a bath first!

Yi Ti had a quirk. She had to take a shower after being in a car over a certain distance. Even if the car was very clean, she’d feel uncomfortable all over her body without washing.

Anyway, this habit was not harmful so she was too lazy to change it.

Just like this, more than an hour passed before the two headed for the western restaurant. Not only Yi Ti, but even the clothes on Cecil was also changed. LiuLiu’s body also exuded the fragrance of shower gel—— that’s probably what people who lived with each other say.

Of course, this proved another point more clearly—— the master of the family was indeed Yi Ti!

Was it the fabled economic foundation that would determine the superstructure?

It really snowed for the next few days and Yi Ti perfectly demonstrated her “stay at home” character, nesting in the hotel and could be said to be a motionless mountain. Although she liked the food, it’s not so much that she’d search for it in a snowy environment. At this time, let her be a quiet beautiful woman!

Until the fourth day, this almost exhausting visual (the sky is always white!) finally stopped. Although the locals didn’t seem to take this kind of thing seriously, Yi Ti and other foreigners were relieved. She didn’t want to spend her rare travel time in the hotel room!

In the morning, the sunlight that had disappeared for a few days finally made a strong return, shining on the land with warm light.

People on both sides of the street shoveled the newly accumulated snow from time to time. The hard ice accumulated on the road was also reflecting sunlight under the wheels, gradually loosening and melting. The water overflowed and traveled to the sewage drain underground.

The whole city was finally freed from the ice and regained its vitality, a perfect interpretation of the so-called “from static to dynamic”.

So Yi Ti also planned to go for a walk.

She heard from the enthusiastic sister driver before that there’s a very famous “medicinal street” nearby.

Although this city was not the largest city in the province, nor the most prosperous city, it was the largest and most prosperous city close to the mountain range which was very desirable for Yi Ti. Since ancient times, these places had always been known to be the concentration of specialized medicine industry. All medicinal materials from the mountains or from the fields would be traded here. Over time, a special street was formed.

And the local government was very supportive of this and even provided them with various conveniences, making it famous throughout the country. Of all businessmen engaged in the Chinese herbal medicine industry, each one had been to this street and wanted to open a store. It was also because of these concentrated shops, reliable merchants, and genuinely valued medicinal materials that it attracted travelers from all over. Countless people would come here every year. Therefore, it could be said that this street had also made outstanding contributions to the development of the local tourism industry.

Because of the short distance, Yi Ti and Cecil walked.

Just as they neared the street, Yi Ti took a deep breath with pleasure. There was a strong smell of herbs in the air. Some people might not like it but this environment undoubtedly made her happy.

Probably because it was just after a snowfall, there were not too many pedestrians on the street and it was far less crowded than usual. Yi Ti looked around and found that the surroundings were all familiar “old brands”. In particular, many stores were far from being as modern as the branches in other places and instead looked antique with its long counters, Chinese medicine cabinet… every detail made people feel the traces of years passing by. But these shops didn’t only speak of ancient times. For example, various medicinal materials in transparent glass bottles were placed on the counter and people could clearly see it.

So Yi Ti strolled with joy.

Of course, the pharmacies wouldn’t sell seeds but finished Chinese medicine but this didn’t prevent her from looking.

After all, she was quite fond of Chinese medicine.

The boss of the pharmacy was very old. At a glance, he knew that the newly entered couple only had the idea of “looking” and since there was not much entertainment to see, he continued doing his things.

And just at this time, a person came in a hurry, opening his mouth to ask: “Boss, do you have ginseng? Don’t fool me, I just want the best!”

“Have it.” The boss opened his eyes. This person should be rich from the imported watches and heavy gold rings on his hands. His hair was barely combed and his body exuded the strong odor of cologne—— although he looked like an upstart, he’s a “fat sheep”, ah! A wealthy man who looked generous at first glance, which boss wouldn’t like it? He immediately cheered up and asked, “how about this?” Saying so, he quickly took out a box from the cabinet and opened it gently. One fat root covered in spindles appeared in the eyes of several people.

The boss looked at this man who didn’t seem to know what it was so he kept introducing: “This is wild ginseng and the best ginseng. It’s from our mountain and difficult to buy. Look at this beard, this reed, this…”

“It doesn’t matter.” The middle-aged man in his forties made a big wave, directly interrupting the boss, “how many years?”

“Sixty years.” The pharmacy owner answered affirmatively, “Don’t worry, just look at the sign in our shop. I won’t lie to you, wild ginseng of sixty years is definitely a fair trade.”

As they all knew, wild ginseng was the most effective ginseng. The bigger the head and the longer its age, the better the effect. It was even hailed as “the medicinal herb that could bring back the dead”. It was more famous for its scarce production. As the saying goes, “the rarer it was, the greater its value”. And this was different from the past. Many herbs were facing the crisis of extinction so sixty-year-old wild ginseng was definitely a treasure.

You have to know, a century-old dried wild ginseng had the price of 100,000 RMB per ten grams.

It seemed like the boss wanted to slaughter this man.

“Sixty?” The man frowned, “too short, is there something longer?”

The boss became even happier, but he made a rather difficult look on his face: “There is another that’s 80 years old, it’s just that…” The price, hehehe…

“Isn’t there something better than wild ginseng?” The man was dissatisfied, “As long as you get something out, money is not the problem.”

Alien 130: Just Want To Lean Like This
Alien 132: What The Hell Is This

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