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Yi Ti forcibly suppressed the curiosity in her heart. Anyway, it had already reached her hand, no one could take it away so there’s no need to rush. After that, she chatted with the old man again and was very surprised to learn where this kind of thing was found—— anyway, all the herbs there were dug out by that person so he wasn’t afraid of others knowing it and said it very simply.

After that, she paid for some things that Cecil was interested in before she left.

Immediately after, she and Cecil continued to shop. She was even surprised to find a restaurant specializing in “medicinal cuisine” on the street. As the name suggested, they use medicinal materials and food ingredients to make a variety of delicious and nutritious meals.

They could also be considered lucky. It usually had a surplus of customers and there’s no way to find a seat so all must be booked in advance.

But because of the snow, Yi Ti and Cecil had the blessing of enjoying a delicious meal.

Although Yi Shao sometimes used herbs to make soup back home, this was her first time eating a purely medicinal cuisine. The novelty aside, she accidentally ate too much. Cecil watched her eating heartily and silently recorded information about various dishes.

Yi Ti had a bad habit. Every time she encountered something delicious, she’d love to eat it all the time until she got tired of it.

So in the afternoon, the two strolled on the street for a while, and only after having a medicinal cuisine for dinner did they reluctantly walk back hand in hand. She felt like a foodie after going back. Walking in the cold wind on a winter evening… surely it’s love lowering her IQ?

“Xiao Ti, what are you thinking?” Cecil stared at Yi Ti, who felt strange for a moment and asked curiously.

“I’m thinking,” Yi Ti took off her coat and hanged it on the room, “What if I change to become a clumsy person, are you okay with that?”

The young man immediately answered intimately: “It’s okay, I don’t mind.” He liked it when Xiao Ti became clumsy.

Yi Ti: “…” This wasn’t comforting but more like a secondary knife, okay?!

Although she knew this alien liked to blacken Earth, please don’t blacken her, thank you very much! QAQ

She raised her hand with some dissatisfaction and severely ruined someone’s cheek, then happily ran to the bathroom to take a bath. After running out refreshingly and pushing someone into the bathroom with LiuLiu, she sat cross-legged on the bed in her pajamas and with a woolen shawl, taking out the seeds from her space.

Because she couldn’t figure out what it was, she didn’t rashly plant it with the others. Even so, the aura in DongTian, which was far more than in reality, stimulated it to move, its vitality had seemingly recovered a lot.

Yi Ti held the seed in her hand and carefully recalled the list of medicinal materials recorded in the jade stele. After taking a moment to confirm, this seemed to be the seed of a plant named “回陽草, huíyángcào, Revolving Yang Grass”. Its role was very special. Although it had no medicinal value, it could increase the yield of other herbs and the aura contained in them. Therefore, it had always been popular. Of course, with the passage of time, it also disappeared in the long river of history. She didn’t expect to have found a few seeds.

To be frank, if someone else got the seed, they might not be able to grow anything.

First, although this child was still alive, its vitality was too weak.

Second, in today’s world, there were not many places for it to grow.

But for Yi Ti, this was indeed a very good thing.

She entered DongTian, looked around, and selected seven places. Then waving her hand a few times, seven seeds landed on the soil accurately.

Yi Ti immediately irrigated it with her spiritual aura and it soon took root and germinated. It grew to about Yi Ti’s knee. Each grass had nine leaves and at the center of each leaf, they all have a white round spot like its seeds.

Under her constant watering, soon, there was a golden glow in the white spots. Immediately after, a golden light ball about the size of a thumb flew out of it. After floating into the air, it exploded one after another and a cloud of golden light dust fell on the medicinal field.

The rest of the herbs moved, struggling to absorb the gold dust that was beneficial to itself.

Yi Ti looked at this scene, smiled, and raised her hand. There was a large drop of spirit liquid that spilled like rain, attracting the plants to move faster.

But ultimately, there’s only seven grass and it’s impossible for it to take care of all the herbs. However, this wasn’t a big deal. According to estimated records, after this grass produced 777 light balls, it would wither and die on its own. On some HuiYang grass, a seed would form on the white spots of its leaves but the probability seemed very small. Otherwise, it would not appear to be particularly precious.

Yi Ti decided to focus on them in the future. After all, such a good thing was hard to find right now. If all died and there were no seeds, it would be a pity.


She tilted her head. A plant that would shine like the sun and could also promote other plants, why did it look so familiar?

After thinking for a while, she had black lines on her head—— “Plants vs. Zombies?”

Thinking about this, wasn’t this also following the rhythm of “spiritual plant cultivation”? Should she go find a pea shooter next? Somehow, it doesn’t fit with the high-end atmosphere!

With this kind of embarrassing mood, Yi Ti left DongTian. Then she took out the hand-painted detailed mountain topographic map bought from Fifth Grandpa. This was a good thing that couldn’t be bought easily but since she wanted to go up the mountain, it was indispensable.

Then, when Cecil walked out of the bathroom holding LiuLiu, he saw his girlfriend sitting on the bed, arms folded, and studying a map with a serious expression. He walked over and asked: “What are you looking at?”

“I’m thinking…” Yi Ti said seriously, “how to understand it.” For her, this map looked like a heavenly book, ah, a heavenly book!


Yes, her geography was poor, very poor!

It was so bad that it dragged her grades in the college entrance examination.

“Forget it,” Yi Ti, who had already accepted this setting, handed the map directly to the young man without any shame, “the task of guiding is up to you.”

“…oh.” Cecil nodded. After taking a glance at the map, the scan was complete. He also understood what she wanted, “Xiao Ti, do you want to go up the mountain?”

“En.” Yi Ti remembered that she seemed to have forgotten telling him this, “I want to take a look at the place where the man found the seeds and look for something else along the way.”

The mountains in this season were very dangerous for ordinary people but for a cultivator, it’s different. Even so, they still have to make sufficient preparations in advance.

After the two chatted for a while, they decided to go up the mountain after seven days.

The weather was good for the next few days and Yi Ti decided to walk around the city with him, cough, for example, to eat the food introduced by the sister driver…

During this period, regarding the matters discussed before, Formaldehyde finally gave her a reply.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:23:27

XiaoTian, the big boss agreed!

Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 09:23:30


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:23:35

Really! (thumbs up)

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 09:23:36

Hey! What’s with this conspiracy? Quickly confess!

Long XiaoTian(XXOOXXOO) 09:23:39


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 09:23:39



Actually, Yi Ti had no conspiracy.

It’s mainly about the “character song”. The previous comments from the girls inspired her. After watching many anime in a certain country, she thought that if a character song came out, many people would like it very much.

They could also learn from this model.

However, since it’s a character song, the lyrics must match the character—— the melody could be borrowed from the public music library but writing lyrics and other things were too difficult for Yi Ti.

So she thought, could we use the power of the readers?

It was said that the power of the masses was enormous so it should be no problem doing this kind of thing, right?

Not to mention the wide range of readers of “The Shame of Online Games”. As soon as a new episode came out, it would hit the headlines of various websites, especially some very “scary girls” who made various edited videos and cheered on their CP as support.

And among these girls, there must be a lot of good lines. With their cooperation, it also helped narrow the relationship between the two sides so why not?

In fact, when Yi Ti said this idea, Formaldehyde felt it was good, but he was not the one who could make the decision so he immediately asked the Boss. The big boss now attached great importance to two people, Aggregate and Long XiaoTian. He was very concerned about their opinions. After learning about this, he studied with the rest of the executives before finally deciding to do so!

These two were a living golden mountain, they must dig deep and dig hard!

Dig dig dig!

The big boss only hated that he didn’t know any digging skills, otherwise… hmph, hmph, hmph.

Of course, this matter needed Aggregate’s consent and he had no opinion. After all, he was also one of the main beneficiaries and he always liked to interact with the readers. He also liked his current situation.

Then, with the two’s permission, the Wei Feng website quickly posted a red bulletin in the “Shame of Online Games” area. They had to say that as a literary website, their clerical skills were superb. The tone of the announcement was quite inflammatory and among the people who originally thought of just “looking”, few were unenthusiastic.

Moreover, the content was simple and clear—— open call for character song lyrics!

【Your voice is his (her) voice!】

【Once selected, the beautiful lyrics you wrote by hand will be sung from his (her) touching voice!】

【The winners will get great rewards!】

【Why haven’t you acted yet?】

Then, the whole circle burst again!

Not to mention the exciting cash and physical rewards, the words written by themselves could be sung by their beloved character, no one could resist this kind of thing! Regardless if they’re good or not, they were determined to give it a try.

Try it for free!

And even if they weren’t selected, Wei Feng would also draw a lot of people from the contributors and reward them separately.

The opportunity was so great, why weren’t they hurrying up?

And so, everyone came.

Alien 132: What The Hell Is This
Alien 134: Unexpected Second Time

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