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With that, Wei Feng’s traffic once again went up a step and the big boss couldn’t help laughing. By the way, a big red envelope was sent to everyone. The one for Formaldehyde was extra thick which blinded the others. Many people insulted him behind his back saying he stepped on dog shit luck but not only did Formaldehyde not get angry, but he was also secretly proud. Not everyone could step on this shit, do they have the ability to step on one?

And those who were really jealous was the owner of other websites. Among them, the owner of Love Tidal was the worst.

Love Tidal’s boss was bitter!

He worked hard to recruit the other*, but he didn’t see any cottage and only found a latrine!

After suffering a heavy blow, he finally dragged his injured body and held his injured heart back home, only to be branded as gay!

A guy on guy relationship, many women liked this and the other website bosses even put this up on their website to drive up traffic! But the problem was that he had a cheap mouth, ah! So he was ridiculed by the people!

He was angry and immediately fired his secretary.

Although he was quite capable, he couldn’t stand it, ah! Every time he took the secretary out, people would stare at his front and his secretary’s back! What’s wrong with these people!

His sexual orientation is normal, okay!!!

He originally felt guilty for the secretary but the result was…

The latter actually made a counterattack after the boss blamed him in anger!

And so, Yi Ti, who was keen on playing around and had little time to look at the net, only learned the news that evening when it had already spread completely.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 20:30:15


Long XiaoTian (XXOOXXOO) 20:30:21

What’s this?

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 20:30:25

Formaldehyde, tell me the truth, is this the truth? (chrysanthemum)

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 20:30:27

Heh. (smirk)


As could be seen from the expression, this guy had a lot of wicked thoughts.

As Yi Ti clicked the link and read a bit, black lines instantly appeared on her forehead. It turned out that the secretary was in a bad mood after being fired. This wasn’t good and it’s natural to retaliate, so he thought of a bad idea—— he opened a Weibo account.

And then put some specious statements in it, for example, “last year today, this year today”… types of things then looked for someone to push. Hahahaha, and the news broke again!

As the so-called “passionate woman… heartless man”, everyone thought that the ancients did not lie!

So the boss became popular again, although he didn’t want it to be in this way.

His rival was forced down so she knew that Formaldehyde must be happy.

Although this matter had reached the point where it had nothing to do with Yi Ti, she still felt a deep sense of sin, so she decided to silently forget about it.

En, she couldn’t remember.

Can’t remember at all!

“Jiji!” As if sensing some kind of “strange” aura from her, LiuLiu’s hairy body originally on her knee exploded and suddenly jumped on the young man’s head, arching anxiously, before turning his head into a henhouse.

Yi Ti looked and wanted to laugh but then saw the slightly glowing blue hair fly. Aside from using a few strands to “reinforce” LiuLiu, the rest was still spread smoothly.

With some kind of mischievous psychology, she left the laptop and stood up, jumping to his bed then madly scratched his hair.

LiuLiu: “…”

Cecil: “…”

After doing a “naughty thing”, the refreshed Yi Ti knelt down, lazily hooked his neck with her arms, and pressed her cheeks against his warm and generous back. Although she knew that the temperature was being adjusted by him, it still made her feel very comfortable.



“What are you thinking?”

“I was thinking that Xiao Ti is a bit cunning.”

“…what?” Yi Ti felt guilty. Did this guy saw the link too? Help, this wasn’t really her fault, okay?! She asked in tears, “Wh-where am I cunning?”

“Like now. You can hug me but I can’t hold you. Unfair.”

“…” This is cunning?

But thinking about it carefully, this guy always seemed to be tangled in matters that others wouldn’t care.


“I like it~” She tightened her arms slightly, then smugly said, “What do you want me to do?” How dare he not indulge her!

She just got her way when she suddenly felt her body flutter. Then she found herself floating up under the effect of the hair around her waist.

Cecil was certainly not doing this for revenge. He just heard her tone just now and wanted to do this for no reason. And this behavior was to express happiness and joy on his planet and also had the meaning of spoiling.

“Let me down!”

“Too high, I’m about to hit the ceiling!”

“…wait, higher, haha, I really touched it.”

Yi Ti was having a good time when suddenly, she changed expressions and looked toward the door: “Who?”

She also felt Cecil’s hair quickly retract and turn back to black. After reaching out and catching Yi Ti from midair, he also looked toward the door.

Although people often pass by the corridor of the hotel and even at night was no exception, should someone, who went directly to their room, be considered special?

A white figure suddenly rushed in, shouting: “Grandmaster, help!”

Yi Ti: “…”

Cecil: “…”

She took a closer look and was startled, wasn’t this XuanYuan Yu?

Taking a closer look, she was even more surprised, how did she turn back to being a female ghost?

Moreover, looking at her, she seemed to remember the previous time?

As if verifying her guess, the female ghost shouted in tears: “Grandmaster, please save me again!”

“…you remember, ah.” The things from before…

“Uh-huh.” XuanYuan Yu knelt beside the bed, before bursting into tears, “I remember it soon after I became like this!”

“It seems like you don’t have ‘amnesia’ this time.”

Second time’s the charm*, of course, if you are used to being a ghost, you will not lose your memory.” The female ghost answered in a “quite experienced” tone, “have you ever watched a TV series where the heroine loses her memory twice in a row?”

The corner of Yi Ti’s mouth twitched: “I haven’t seen a heroine become a ghost twice in a row.”

XuanYuan Yu: “…” Tearfully, “I’m wrong, I should be cannon fodder, can’t covet the position of the heroine!” Hugged her thighs, “please let the heroine save me ahhh!”

Yi Ti: “…” It’s quite normal when it was a “person”, but once it’s changed to a ghost, the original form was revealed. Was this the so-called “taking off the outer skin”? In a sense, it really was. But the point now was, “How did you become like this again?”

XuanYuan Yu answered with snot and tears: “I fell asleep in the bathtub while taking a bath, that’s when I woke up like this.”

Yi Ti: “…how about your body/”

“Still in the bathtub, I can’t touch it in my state right now.”

“Is the water open or closed?”

“…” The female ghost froze, “it’s almost at the nose, so it seems… open? Ah! I’m dead! This time, I’m really going to become a dead ghost!!!”

Yi Ti: “…” Could such a thing be easily ignored? And the word “dead ghost” always felt strange.

She jumped up from the bed immediately, too late to change clothes and slippers, as she rushed towards the door. Cecil followed and wrapped a woolen shawl around her shoulder. Yi Ti took the time to turn around and smile back, then under XuanYuan Yu’s direction, she ran towards her room.

To save time, they didn’t use the elevator and chose to run down the stairs. In the process, Yi Ti directly took her mobile phone, prepared to call her family.

“It’s useless,” miss ghost said while crying out, “My parents are out, Xiao Yi also went out to play! I’m dead! I’m really dead this time!”

Yi Ti: “…” Alone in the room and asleep in the bathtub? What should she say? “I’ll help your soul find peace”? This wasn’t comforting at all.

Quickly, Yi Ti arrived at the door of miss ghost’s room, then knocked hard.

She was thinking about whether to kick it directly when a voice suddenly came from behind: “What happened?”

XuanYuan Yi, with headphones on his neck, looked at her suspiciously. He also carried a plastic bag with snacks in his hand and appeared to have just returned from outside.

“Your sister has an accident, open the door!”

“What?” The things in XuanYuan Yi’s hand fell to the ground with a bang. Unexpectedly, he took the card out of his pocket and opened the door. Although it couldn’t be seen on the surface, the previous events did cast a shadow on him.

Yi Ti ran directly to the bathroom door, lifted her foot, and kicked it away then walked in for a look.


Of course, this shout was not hers but from Miss Ghost.

The reason?

Taking a bath must show some skin.

Cecil didn’t enter.

But Yi Ti and XuanYuan Yi rushed in.

Normal women, who had been barged into while taking a bath, would make such a noise. She’s obviously abnormal but she still called out. It could be seen that there was no consciousness of being a ghost at all.

Yi Ti once heard Lu Kong say that the appearance of the human soul was basically consistent with their body, but in what clothes they changed into was based on their thoughts. For example, XuanYuan Yu. Although her soul was naked when she changed into a ghost, in her head, ghosts must be in a white dress like Sadako, so she also wore a white dress.

But she never imagined that she would forget her current condition.

This was really too much.

“Stop shouting.” Yi Ti rushed up and dragged her body from the water. After searching for signs of breathing, she helplessly said as she covered her ears with one hand.

“…I didn’t shout.” XuanYuan Yi looked at her strangely.

“…I mean your sister.”

“My sister?”

Yi Ti looked at the female ghost who was crouching in the corner, holding her head and screaming to escape the truth. She took out a bottle of spray from her pocket (actually from her space). This was sent to her by Lu Kong. It’s a spray made from cow tears which allowed ordinary people to see situations that were not normally seen within an hour, such as—— ghosts.

After spraying, XuanYuan Yi’s face instantly turned blue.

He stared blankly at the woman with closed eyes in the bathtub, then looked at the woman in white who was crouching in the corner, holding her head and crying out, then suddenly rolled his eyes and fell to the ground with a “boom“.

Yi Ti: “…”

XuanYuan Yu returned to her senses because of this sound, looked around then tearfully said: “Ahhhh, what happened to Xiao Yi?”

“…he just saw you like this.”

“He was very afraid of ghosts since he was a kid…” TAT

Yi Ti: “…” This brother and sister are really strange, ah!

The elder sister always became a ghost while the younger brother was afraid of ghosts.

Translator’s Notes:

*三顾茅庐, sāngùmáolú, three humble visits to a thatched cottage; famous episode in the fictional Romance of Three Kingdoms in which Liu Bei recruits Zhuge Liang (the hidden dragon) to his cause by visiting him three times

*一回生二回熟, yīhuíshēng’èrhuíshú, idiom, unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough

Alien 133: Plants vs. Zombies
Alien 135: Another Old Acquaintance

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