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After going out, the four went to Shi JingLe’s room (yes, he booked a room before looking for XuanYuan Yi) and sat down, then called for room service along the way.

After sitting down, Yi Ti asked: “Is something wrong with her body?”

Zhao MingQi looked at Shi JingLe: “What do you think?”

She JingLe rubbed his chin. Only after thinking a bit did he say: “I actually read it in a book. Some people will have a gap between their body and soul due to some incidents. After that, there will often be phenomenons of separation from the soul.”

“Is there any harm?”

“As time goes by, the soul separating will become more and more frequent. For example, when you cross the road or going for a swim, your soul will suddenly leave.”

“…” That’s really a tragedy.

If it really got to that point, did XuanYuan Yu have to stay under people’s eyes twenty-four hours a day? Even so, there’s no guarantee that no accidents would happen.

“But it’s not without benefits.” Shi JingLe said again.

Yi Ti looked at him puzzled: “Benefit?”

“Yes.” Shi JingLe leaned back then lazily replied, “Because of traversing “this world” and “that world” frequently, her cultivation talent will become higher and higher.”

“I have heard of this.” Zhao MingQi nodded, “I heard that some cultivation methods must be practiced in the soul state and advancing just a little can make you freely change between the soul body and the human body. And even as a soul, you can touch things in reality.”

“So there’s this kind of practice method.” Yi Ti showed a surprised expression. She was envious of them, who were in the circle since childhood because so many things were new to her. For example, everything that was said just now.

“En.” Zhao MingQi replied affirmatively, “it’s just a legend. No one knows whether such practice methods really exist.”

“If it exists, it really suits her.” Shi JingLe raised a brow then said, “A living soul is different from a dead soul. As long as the body is not dead, it won’t be taken away by the messenger.” So she had enough conditions to practice.

“That means we can’t hope for such a thing with so little chance.” Yi Ti said conclusively. She remembered the special herbs used when she visited the Lu family before—— Golden Snow Patterned Grass, it’s characteristic was to have an effect on the soul. There were also some in her space and should be able to make a potion with the effect of “fixing the soul”.

The waiter quickly delivered the drinks and food they ordered.

Several people randomly chatted in the room and Yi Ti accidentally learned that the purpose of the XuanYuan family and these two people were the same—— Zhao MingQi’s grandfather was having his 80th birthday.

In fact, she should have guessed. XuanYuan Yu’s family was just ordinary people but at that time, they could bring in Shi JingLe and Zhao MingQi to treat their daughter which showed that both sides knew each other.

Of course, what Yi Ti didn’t know was that the truth was a bit different from what she guessed. For example, the XuanYuan family was indeed not a person in the cultivation circle but the siblings’ father, XuanYuan Bo’s old friend was in touch with this circle. So when XuanYuan Yu had an accident, they could invite Shi JingLe and Zhao MingQi through this old friend.

This was the point of contact and the relationship between the two sides gradually became closer.

For example, XuanYuan Yi and Shi JingLe…

Another example, Zhao MingQi’s father and grandfather were both calligraphy enthusiasts and XuanYuan Bo just happened to have beautiful calligraphy. At that time, he originally wanted to give the two people generous rewards but Zhao MingQi frankly said, “Your daughter is not saved by us.” After repeatedly being refused, XuanYuan Bo wrote some words in response to the party’s request.

These words naturally fell in father Zhao’s hands. And then one day, when he went on a run and met his father, it was “confiscated” by the old man.

Because of this, when it was time to celebrate the old man’s birthday, Grandpa Zhao deliberately asked XuanYuan Bo to come.

XuanYuan Bo and Song NanNing, this husband and wife, after what happened last time, realized that if they didn’t know anyone in that circle, then their daughter would have died. Although they didn’t know who actually moved, if they could get closer to this circle, it seemed harmless. This might also be a kind of “snobbery” but this point was the start for their family’s health and life. And so, they brought their children to the city before they were blocked by traffic.

Coincidentally, they met “their daughter’s real lifesaver” on the way. Unfortunately, it was only a meeting with no acquaintance.

Things were clear at this point.

Zhao MingQi’s grandfather had a birthday so of course, he had to come back. And Shi JingLe was his good friend so they must go together. Although Yi Ti deeply doubted that he came because “no one would cook for him at home”. However, it’s good enough to understand this in her mind and saying it was not so good.

“I originally wanted to send you an invitation.” Zhao MingQi looked at Yi Ti and said, “But I got the news that you were traveling so I could only stop. I didn’t expect your destination to be here.”

Yi Ti answered with a smile: “I went to the train station and bought a ticket. Being here is a coincidence.”

“Since it’s a coincidence,” Shi JingLe yawned then said, “Should we go together to the birthday party tomorrow night?”

“Okay.” Since they met when the other’s elder was having a birthday, she couldn’t refuse at will. In addition, she planned to go up the mountain the day after tomorrow so there’s nothing wrong with promising now. She then asked, “I don’t know what your grandpa likes?” Since she decided to go, she must bring a gift. The best gift from a Spiritual Plant Cultivator was naturally “medicine”. However, if she gave medicine to people who celebrate their birthdays… she didn’t think it’d look good.

“His grandpa likes elegant things the most.” Shi JingLe said, ‘Calligraphy and paintings, jade tea sets and the like… he wouldn’t refuse any guests.”

Yi Ti nodded thoughtfully: “I see.”

“But you’re a spiritual plant cultivator, born a local tyrant and not afraid of not finding a gift.” Shi JingLe’s face showed a slightly wretched (in Yi Ti’s view) smile, “For example, I already have such a gift ready, I could sell it to you.”

Yi Ti: “…” Hey hey, is this really okay?

“If you sell it to her, what about your birthday present?”

“Take yours.”

“…then what should I give?”

“That’s none of my business.”



Yi Ti felt that the relationship between the two was really good. However, this relationship was also continued from their ancestors. At that time, the ancestors of the Shi family accidentally obtained a cultivation heritage. However, this part of the heritage was mainly related to medical skills with no obvious increase in force value. In short, it’s a typical “healer” type. Because of this, they were almost killed by unscrupulous people and this was the moment a “tanker” was born and they formed a “devilish combo”.

Yes, this DPS was the ancestor of the Zhao family. He was similar to the Shi family’s ancestor and also accidentally obtained a whip cultivation method.

When Yi Ti met Zhao MingQi in the hospital, he also used a whip.

As the saying goes, one was a gong and one was… milk, it’s a match made in heaven.

So after the two lucky couples wandered together, they finally came to settle in this city and by relying on their own skills, they’ve established a family. Also because of the brother’s closeness, the relationship between the descendants of both families was quite good. Shi JingLe and Zhao MingQi could be said to be childhood friends but when they grew up, they left this place for various reasons and wandered to other cities one after another. The latter was now a company executive and somebody’s nanny while the former… current occupation was a writer and squatting at home, only doing occasional work on the cultivation circle.

As for the “various reasons”, only the two of them knew.

Yi Ti knew that there’re some things she shouldn’t pry into. Especially when Shi JingLe and Zhao MingQi’s family was here but they chose to stay in a hotel. She was certainly curious but she also knew it contained some kind of sad story.

After chatting with them for a while, Yi Ti saw it’s not too early then said goodbye with Cecil, who was always offline. Then she secretly decided to stroll around the city tomorrow for some antiques and find a birthday gift.

Soon after, the two returned to their room. Yi Ti ripped off her shawl and only then did she find herself running around in her pajamas and no one actually reminded her… really shameful! Looking at Cecil again, because he hadn’t taken a shower at that time, he was wearing a normal shirt, wool vest and trousers, it’s not fair! Why was she the only one embarrassed? TAT

Yi Ti was tangled inside.

Since knowing this jelly alien, she also seemed to be focusing more and more on strange matters.

Cecil: “???”

“… it’s nothing.” Yi Ti got carried away and silently opened the computer she had closed before, then saw the dialogue between Aggregate and Formaldehyde in the discussion group.


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 22:22:27

(pops up) I’m back!

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 22:22:35

…how did you and XiaoTian disappear at the same time? Say it! Is there any JQ*? (evil smirk)

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 22:22:40

Did you know, actually, we just met at the hotel, and then… (vulgar laugh)

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 22:22:45

… (shocked)


Yi Ti: “…” Hey hey, where’s your morality?


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 22:22:51

Right, Aggregate, why are you using your phone to go online today?


Yi Ti took a look. Indeed, this guy usually goes online on a computer and seldomly used his mobile phone, why was he like this today? Was something wrong with his computer?


Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 22:22:55

Went out. It’s still in the computer bag since I haven’t brought it out yet.


He didn’t lie. After getting off the plane and after he and Zhao MingQi said a few words, they found a place to have a meal. Then, they took a taxi to the hotel where XuanYuan Yi was located and used his mobile phone to chat online.


Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 22:11:07

Went out? Went out for materials? (laughing while hammering the ground)

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 22:11:13

… the grandfather of a buddy I grew up with has turned 80.

Formaldehyde (XXOOXXOO) 22:11:18

80? That old man is so good! But looking at your data, your hometown is in J province. It’s already snowing there.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 22:11:24

En, it did two days ago but it’s sunny these days.


The quickly read conversation was reflected in Yi Ti’s eyes, but, she had no intention to read anymore because her head was buzzing—— after realizing one amazing fact.

Translator’s Notes:

*JQ – when referring to two people having JQ, it means they have something going on between them (usually romantic relationship)

Alien 135: Another Old Acquaintance
Alien 137: Finally Became A Man

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