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Although many people wanted to win the first prize, there was no situation where everyone rushed to the table. In addition, several cameras projected the 20 antiques one by one on several large screens specially made to reflect events in real time. Every detail was displayed exceptionally clearly, enough for many people to see it.

But even so, Cecil still walked near the table. This was an instinct out of love for these items.

Yi Ti stood beside him, holding a pen in one hand and a paper in the other, asking softly: “Which do you think is authentic?”

“I don’t know.” He answered honestly.

“Then which ones do you think are fake?” She changed the question.

The young man shook his head again: “I don’t know.”

Yi Ti sighed. All right, she instinctively had too much expectation for him who was just starting to learn. No matter how talented he was, it’s impossible to recognize the authenticity of antiques immediately after learning. All this was because he didn’t carry a certain golden finger with him!

Judging by past luck, she felt that there might be a certain golden finger flashing behind her, so she decided to fight with female intuition.

En, which should she choose?

Yi Ti thought and unconsciously made a circle around the table.

“Local tyrant, you’re already so rich and still want antiques?”

The only one who could say this to her on this occasion was Shi JingLe, that guy.

Yi Ti glanced at the pen and paper in his hand: “Aren’t you the same?”

“I am different from you. At present, I’m a poor person.”

“…” Fortunately, he could say this without shame!

Yi Ti wanted to express her contempt with this guy in her eyes but saw he was sneaking a look at her paper. With black lines on her head: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Someone who was caught had no sense of shame at all and very “openly” said: “It’s not as good as everyone making a fortune.”

Yi Ti’s mouth twitched. How could this guy ever be her idol? Too unscientific!

Thinking of this guy being secretly happy because he knew she’s a fan of his, tsk, was slightly unpleasant!


“Isn’t the best way to find Mr. Zhao at this time?” Yi Ti said, “He must know which ones are true and which ones are fake, right?”

Her voice just fell when she saw someone “amazingly” stared at her, then sincerely said: “You clearly had a pure face but I didn’t expect you to be so dark inside.”


“But in that case,” Shi JingLe made a long hook and just grabbed someone over, “MingQi, this master plant cultivator threatened us that if you don’t hand over all the genuine antiques here today, the consequences will be serious. It all depends on you.”

Yi Ti: “…” Hey hey, there must be a limit to making things up!

Fortunately, Zhao MingQi wouldn’t believe this at all, and just looked at someone with contempt: “Do you think she is you?”

Yi Ti averted her eyes.

Someone, who had skin thicker than the Great Wall, didn’t think so and continued coming up with bad ideas: “As the saying goes, fertile water shouldn’t fall on outside fields. Why don’t you tell us the real ones and then we’ll give you half.”

Yi Ti: “…” This guy could really casually come up with a bad idea!

If Zhao MingQi’s eyes had slight contempt before, it was now full of contempt: “You want me to help you cheat my grandpa?”

“Up to 70%!”



“Roll, roll, roll!” Zhao MingQi almost couldn’t help but lift his foot and kick this thing. But considering the issue of public image, he had to grit his teeth, turn around and leave. He’s afraid he’d lost his image if he stayed.

He hadn’t walked a few steps yet when he was caught by his grandfather.


“…if you have something to say, don’t learn from Grandpa Shi’s smile, it’s scary.” For a kind-hearted person like old man Shi, a gentle smile would make people think he’s kind while his grandfather…once he smiled too gently, you’d feel like a pig waiting to be slaughtered!

Old man Shi made a sharp face as he slapped his shoulder: “Brat, what did you say!” Then he stopped his hand on the young man’s shoulder like this, and asked softly, “Who’s that little girl just now? And he’s also having fun…”

“That’s the spiritual plant cultivator I told you about and she has a boyfriend, the one with long hair over there that’s too handsome.” Although Zhao MingQi told the two old men about her, he hadn’t had the time to show them.

“So young? She looks like a little baby.” Old man Shi watched intently, then turned his head and looked at the handsome young man. Even though he was always picky, after looking for a while, he had to nod, “That kid looks good.” Cecil’s “lovable” aura once again worked.

Zhao MingQi looked at this grandfather unexpectedly, he rarely affirmed a person so readily.

“Looking at them and looking at you again, when do you plan on letting me hold your grandson?”

Zhao MingQi: “…” Give me a break...

“Even if you young people like to pick up some soap in pursuit of fashion, you can’t let our two families be the last, okay?”

Zhao MingQi: “…” Grandfather! Where did you learn such a fashionable idiom? He almost spurted a mouthful of blood, choking for a long time before speaking, “You’re thinking too much.”

“Then when are you going to let me hold my grandson?”

“When fate comes, naturally…”

“Then when will your fate arrive?”

“…” Holds forehead!

When the chime rang an hour later, Zhao MingQi was crying with joy. He was almost driven crazy.

Shi JingLe, who was “caught” before, was forced to take on the important task of “collecting tickets”. In other words, his “right to guess” was taken away. He was sure that Elder Zhao must have deliberately done so. He just hoped that he hadn’t guessed any correct answers, otherwise...hahahahaha!

Then, he forced himself to hold the tray in front of everyone and took away the folded paper in their hands.

At this time, Yi Ti also walked back to Cecil. He was next to Uncle Hai and Luo Xi, the latter saying: “Uncle Hai, which ones are true and which are false?

Uncle Hai shook his head slightly: “It’s hard to recognize if I just look, but even if it’s an imitation, the quality was also very high since there are almost no flaws.”

“If you can’t see it, it seems that my hope is slim.” Luo Xi sighed.

Elder Zhao once again presided over the overall situation. He found a few people casually and asked them their answers. Some guessed three authentic pieces, some guessed four, most guessed six. Although the numbers chosen by each were different, the common point was…

Luo Xi asked curiously: “Uncle Hai, why did everyone guess so little?”

“Because these collections are too perfect.” Uncle Hai sighed then said, “But the more so, on the contrary, the more people felt it’s fake. It seemed that not just me, other people also feel this way.”

“Right, so that’s it.” Luo Xi nodded, “I feel that way too.” Speaking of which, he lowered his voice and whispered, “Uncle Hai, do you think none of them are real?”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Uncle Hai glared at him, then he replied with a low voice, “How could old man Zhao do such a thing to ruin his reputation.” But… it’s really strange. With his many years of experience, although it’s impossible to tell the authenticity of all items at a glance, seeing a few things were not a big problem. This time, he was not sure about anything which was so strange.

Thinking of this, he turned his head to look at Cecil and asked: “Little Ce, how did you choose?”

Cecil was just about to answer when Elder Zhao on stage suddenly spoke: “That handsome guy with long hair, how did you choose?”

Among those present, a lot have long hair but there was only one man with long hair, especially a young man with long hair and even more so, a handsome young man with long hair. Everyone’s eyes turned with this sentence, seeing a young man in a white suit, slender, well proportioned, and very beautiful. And although his features were Oriental, people weirdly felt that there’s something different about him. That long, jet black hair that dragged down behind his head, under the illumination of the light, seemed to be able to refract light.

This young man was undoubtedly very attractive, whether it’s his looks or figure, but before the birthday star spoke, few people actually noticed him, as if he didn’t exist at all. This made many people puzzled. And at the same time, some people recognized Cecil, and there were also some people who hadn’t seen him before and came late showing amazed expressions on their faces. Then they asked what kind of background he had.

Although a certain jelly alien was easy to be shy, he seemed very calm at the moment and didn’t make any movements of drilling under the table. This made Yi Ti, who was uneasy, breathe a sigh of relief.

What a pity that she sighed too early.

Because of someone’s next sentence, “one stone stirred up waves”.

“I think everything is real.”

As soon as these words came out, all four were shocked.

Everyone was dumbfounded, then couldn’t help laughing. How could that be possible?

If that’s true, what’s the lesson? Why didn’t he just gave them directly?

This young man looked good, it’s a pity that he’s a bit silly—— many people have made this judgment.

Elder Zhao was slightly startled, and also showed a surprised expression: “Oh?” Then asked again, “Why would you make such a judgment?”

“Because I like them very much.”

Uncle Hai couldn’t help holding his forehead. It’s here, that line, those words that made people choke and had nothing to say. But he didn’t know why he also felt that what the young man in front of him said was the truth.

Suddenly, an idea that even he couldn’t believe appeared in his heart: Coult it be that what he said is true?

Yi Ti couldn’t help but want to held her forehead, but after seeing other people’s eyes, not only did she not do so, she even stretched out her hand and held his tightly, supporting him in this silent move.

However, to everyone’s surprise, old man Zhao actually laughed: “Good! Very good! You can take all the things here.”

Although he didn’t say it clearly, everyone who heard it knew that what the young man said was true.

“This is a trick, right?” Someone whispered.

“Yes, it’s all authentic.”

“This is too…”

Zhao MingQi smiled slightly and stood up: “Since it’s a treasure hunt, of course, there’s a treasure evaluation. Are you wondering if it’s all real?”

Of course, there was no problem at all.

“Many of you are critics of antiques. The reason why you didn’t recognize it has nothing to do with the craftsmanship, you were only affected by preconceived notions. Also…”

The people present thought about this. There were also a few antiques in their home. Although they’re not proficient, they’re no stranger to it. The reason why such a misunderstanding happened was because they thought that there must be some fakes in it and they ran farther from the truth with this train of thought.

At this time, those with flexible minds thought that old man Zhao seemed to be using this to tell people something, and all had a thought in mind, but they put this matter aside.

It was unexpected but still reasonable. Except for Cecil, no one guessed that more than ten were genuine.

And so, Yi Ti attended this birthday banquet and sent only one jade pot but took back 20 antiques. Of course, this money couldn’t be said to be hers, it’s the alien’s. If there were such good things every day, he’s probably not too far away from being the richest man in the world.

But, he didn’t seem to be interested in such things, but more interested in——

Alien 146: Do You Want To Bet On It
Alien 148: This Is Pampering and Proud

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