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This thing was a seed.

Through her divine sense, Yi Ti noticed that this thing and that vine should be the same plant. It’s just that the breath inside was much purer and didn’t seem to be “contaminated”. Of course, this was also normal because it’s at the border between the snowfield and the forest. It’s far from the book and the leather bag. Whether it was either luckier or that vine protected its partner by instinct, she didn’t know.

But, she also roughly knew that the plant’s name was “青蘿血線藤, QingLuo Bloodline Vine“. She just didn’t recognize it before because the surface of this plant had no black barbs. It also wouldn’t eat flesh and blood. This was probably caused by the influence of something from the leather bag. It’s most prominent feature should be the very thin red line on each vine. It also didn’t need to eat like other plants, but it did like the fruit of other plants.

Don’t know if it’s a coincidence, this thing had no medicinal value, but it was very suitable for fighting.

This might be “a lucky find*” since she wanted to go up the mountains to find seeds, but it became hostage rescue by accident; and when she tried to save people, she happened to find a seed.

Whether a coincidence or not, she herself couldn’t tell.

Yi Ti thought about it and put it in the palm of her hand.

Cecil, who was turning over the sausages, felt it and looked up. He saw a light green and reddish seed floating strangely on her hand and into the air. The next moment, her hand moved, the five fingers changing movements constantly, like a hundred butterflies through flowers. Those movements had a mysterious rhythm, faster and faster, faster and faster. In the end, there even seemed to be afterimages.

At the same time, green light penetrated the seed and gradually showed a beautiful brilliance.

After a while, Yi Ti finally stopped and spread her right hand. The seed once again fell into her palm. The light faded, and it looked a lot more transparent than before.

“Xiao Ti, is this what you’re talking about?”

Yi Ti gasped slightly then nodded. Although it didn’t take much energy to do this, because it’s her first time, she was still nervous. Fortunately, nothing went wrong.

Spirit Seed Art was different from other methods of fighting with plants.

She threw the seed to the ground, even if it’s not soil, it would still take root and sprout quickly. Soon, it grew to the height of half a meter and under Yi Ti’s deliberate control, it wouldn’t grow again.

The uncontaminated QingLuo Bloodline Vine looked cuter than the previous one.

At the bottom was still a green “pocket”, looking chubby and kind of like a small purse. There were not so many dense spots on it, only faintly flashing red lines. It would stuff the fruits it encountered into this “pocket”. After a while, these fruits would turn into wine with aura, which was very popular with some cultivators. And its vines were completely tender green, just that there’s a bloodline on each of them—— this was also the most basic characteristic of this plant.

Yi Ti tentatively reached out her hand. A vine quickly entangled her finger, rubbing gently, expressing its closeness. It looked very happy.

Compared to what she had been exposed so far, this plant that had existed since ancient times was undoubtedly “smarter”. As a plant cultivator, she could perceive the emotions of plants keenly, but those that took the initiative to communicate with her like this was her first time meeting.

But this was not surprising since the previously contaminated QingLuo Bloodline Vine obviously had its own “consciousness”.

Also, after using the spirit seed art, the two of them were connected. She didn’t need to give orders at all, all it took was a thought.

Yi Ti retracted her hand, thinking tentatively in her mind: “Extend the barbs.”

The next moment, blood-red barbs popped out of the surface of the vine, like little paws. It was so cute but also full of terrible lethality.


Sure enough, the barbs disappeared.

This was one of the differences between spirit seed art and other combat methods, that was…

Yi Ti waved her hand, then saw that half meter high plant actually began to shrink rapidly, eventually changing back to a seed.

If other people who use seed arts saw this, they’d be shocked. Because for them, seeds were only one-time consumables. Even if it was used up, it’s absolutely impossible for them to return it to its original state. Spirit seed art was different. It connected the seed to the cultivator through a unique form, letting the former become part of the latter, and reach the greatest fit. With this, everything about the seed was controlled by the user, and its growth didn’t require conventional elements such as soil. Instead, it only relied on the spiritual energy inside the spiritual plant cultivator.

There would be advantages and disadvantages, so using this spirit seed art consumed more spiritual energy than other spells. Also, the number of seeds that could be manipulated using this art was limited because the aura of a cultivator was also limited.

However, this was not a problem for the current Yi Ti because…this was a seed she could barely use for combat at present!

The HuiYang Grass found before could increase the yield of other plants and the aura contained in them. The issue was, this QingLuo Bloodline Vine couldn’t produce seeds, because two or more are required. Simply put, there was also a small pocket hidden in the big “pocket” under them. There was some kind of liquid there dedicated to reproduction. After the two vines exchange liquid and merge, a seed will condense in the “pocket”.

Yi Ti was sure that there were no other seeds in the snow, and so, before finding its kind, the plant in her hand could only be a miserable “bachelor”.

However, what’s the wine made from it?

It’s a pity that she had no chance to taste it now. She had to wait until she found other seeds later.

Yi Ti thought, putting away the seed.

As the sky gradually dimmed, a huge wind roared outside.

During nights on the mountain, the winds were always strong. And this gust of wind always included white snow, putting a thick new coat on this mountain. Those traces caused by a few people during the day would all be gone in just one night’s work.

This world that seemed to be isolated from the world would return to its most primitive scenery.

Fortunately, although the wind and snow were raging outside, the cabin was very warm. There was also a man who was “cooking” for her. Cough, wife…wrong, what does husband want?

Yi Ti felt her heart tug a little bit. She held her legs with both hands and watched the sausage, potato, rice cake, lotus root, and other things on the grill. The fragrance of mushrooms faintly spread from the tightly covered pot on the side. That was a beauty and she would never exchange it!

There were no lightbulbs here, only firelight. The latter was a very strange thing. It’s not as bright as the former, but it could give people a sense of warmth, as well as… a strange feeling.

She silently watched his face illuminated by the fire, suddenly having the urge to rush over, and almost implemented it. After reacting in time, Yi Ti thought to herself. No wonder so many heroes and beauties doing a certain thing always happen in a cave, the firelight was misleading!

Of course, this had nothing to do with being in a closed environment, eating and drinking until full, or having nothing to do (commonly known as “feeling lust after being full”).

But Yi Ti firmly felt that this was caused by objective reasons, her own thoughts were super pure! Hmph, absolutely!

At this moment, Cecil suddenly stopped his movements and stared at her strangely.

Yi Ti slightly turned her head guiltily: “W-what are you looking at?” He shouldn’t be able to read minds, right? Can he? Absolutely not!

“You seem to have a strange smell just now, Xiao Ti.”

“…what?” Yi Ti quickly raised her hand, smelling left and right, “Are there any?”

“It’s gone now.”

“…hey, are you kidding me?”

Cecil seemed to think of something, blushed then shook his head slightly.

“Say it!” She had no body odor! There was no…cough! How could she smell?

Under her “persecution”, he blushed even more and said softly: “Did you think of something strange just now?”

Yi Ti was stunned, then stuttered: “…w-what are you talking about!” Why did he ask?

As if guessing the question in her heart, the young man bowed his head and answered quietly: “Because when we Sutahnnas enters the physiological maturity stage, we can capture the signal.” To put it in a more popular way, it’s by virtue of this that they’d know if someone was in heat. Of course, he would be embarrassed to say such rude words.

“Signal?” Yi Ti was stunned, then vaguely reacted as her face flushed with a “swish”.


Can she still live like this!

Her heart momentary palpitated… okay, so if she thought about it, he’ll know?

Ahhhhhh! This old grandmother truly lost face!

Yi Ti turned her back silently, covering her face with both hands. She didn’t want to live anymore! Let her be buried here forever. TAT

“Xiao Ti.”

“Can’t hear, I can’t hear anything!” Yi Ti hugged her head.

“This is normal,” a certain someone tried to comfort his embarrassed girlfriend, “when I was with you, there are often such signals on the body.”

Yi Ti: “…” Is this really comforting people?

Why was it like a different kind of obscenity?

But obviously, this was someone’s style.

“And so…”

“?” And so? What conclusion did this guy want to draw?

“Xiao Ti, I think we should get married as expected.”

Yi Ti almost fell to the ground.


She turned her head and looked at someone, having a hard time understanding this guy’s brain circuit. Only a vague sound came out after a long time: “What?”

“According to the standards of my hometown, if both sides send out signals, it means that our bodies have reached maturity.” A certain alien blushed, but still tried to explain with a serious face, “this is a sign of wanting to reproduce. It’s not right to have offspring before marriage, so we should get married first.”

“Moral pioneer” comrade Cecil said so.

Yi Ti held her forehead, feeling dizzy: “So that you can climb into my bed?” The purpose of this marriage… was correct, right? But also wrong?

“You can come to my sofa.” Cecil replied very seriously, “just sleep together, it doesn’t matter where.”

Yi Ti: “…” Is that the point here?!

At this second, she had a strong urge to vomit blood.

Translator’s Notes:


*無心插柳柳成蔭, wúxīnchāliǔliǔchéngyīn, lit. idly poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you / (fig.) unintentional actions may bring unexpected success / also written 無心插柳柳成蔭|无心插柳柳成荫

Alien 152: Second Kill*
Alien 154: Common Sense Is Dead

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