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Alien 156: The Snow Mountain Couple
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Yi Ti, who was smiling and waving to the camera, watched her brother perform a “face-changing stunt”. Hearing such a roar, the laptop in her hand almost fell to the ground.

The person across from her was shocked when he saw her and hastily changed his face again: “Xiao Ti, are you alright?”

“Brother…” Yi Ti burst into tears, not knowing what to say. It’s, of course, a good thing to be so loved by her relative but occassionally, she’d feel that her brother’s behavior was a bit too much.

“Where are you now?” Yi Shao noticed Yi Ti’s clothing, “Didn’t you say that you went to J province?”

“I’m here!” Yi Ti smiled, the shouted like showing a treasure, “Brother, let me show you something!” Then, she turned over the laptop. Like a child who couldn’t wait to share it with their friends after getting a treasure, she happily presented the scene to Yi Shao.

That lake, that water, that fish, that flower, that grass, that…

Not letting go of every detail. Even so, she also had a touch of regret in her heart. It would be great if her brother was really here.

But, this wasn’t difficult. If he wanted it, they could come together next time!

After a while, she turned the computer back: “Brother, does it look good?”

“Good, it looks good,” Yi Shao nodded, “But,” his face changed from sunny to cloudy, “you never told me about climbing the mountain.”

Yi Ti’s expression froze.

R-right, she was worried about her brother rejecting so she didn’t tell him about it. Anyway, because the phone could be used normally, she would call him every night (except that night when she knew the truth about laying eggs!). As a result, in her moment of excitement… she forgot.

It’s not that no one had been to this paradise before. These people also left texts, photos, and video records so Yi Shao easily guessed where his sister was. As long as he thought of her climbing such a high mountain under the wind and snow, his heart struggled. Mad at the wind, irate at the snow. His younger sister’s body was fragile, how could he stand it?!

What if she got sick?

What if she got frostbite?

What if she accidentally rolled down the mountain?

What would he do???

Of course, this was definitely not his sister’s fault. That kid must be the one in the wrong!

And since that appeared, his sister forgot to call him more and more!

And so…

Yi Shao gritted his teeth and shouted: “Jockey boy!”

Cecil, who was originally ordered to “go away”, obediently came over and shouted: “Brother.” Now that he and Xiao Ti were determined to get married, it should be fine for him to call him that way, right?

“…who is your brother!” Yi Shao only hated that this guy wasn’t in front of him. Otherwise, he must twist his head and kick it! His face was gloomy to a terrible point, “Don’t get too close. Say it, what’s going on?”

He meant to ask about Yi Ti going up the mountain but Cecil understood it as about the issue of calling him “brother” so he answered honestly: “Xiao Ti and I decided to get married.”

Yi Ti: “…”

She knelt on the ground with a thump. Only one sentence echoed in her heart: Is this guy seeking death on purpose???

There was a moment of silence on the other side. Soon after, there was suddenly a loud roar: “Don’t talk nonsense to me!!!”

The next second, the video call was broken.

The last picture the two saw was Yi Shao’s fist.

After looking at each other for a moment, Yi Ti swallowed silently: “Cecil, otherwise, don’t go back with me for Christmas.” She was really worried that he would be killed by her brother.

A certain alien strongly said: “Escape is useless.” Since he wanted to be with Xiao Ti, he had to pass this level anyway.

“…before saying this, please don’t melt first.” TAT People are scared to pee while he was directly scared into a pool of water, was this really okay?

At the same time, the entrance to the meeting room.

Subordinate B (the secretary), who ate the things that the Great Devil Yi treated, hummed a song while holding a cup of coffee, thinking of giving it to her boss and taking advantage of his good mood to flatter. However, just as she was about to knock on the door, she heard a loud noise inside. She almost splashed the coffee in her hand due to fright and quickly opened the door. Then she saw…

Her boss standing there, raising his right hand along with a… laptop.

How could there be a laptop?

Yes, he smashed the screen with one fist.

The secretary was instantly scared enough to pee.

A-are there martial artists in the company?

S-super fighter?

A-aliens lurking on Earth?

Mom, help! TAT

Stunned, the coffee in her hand naturally fell to the ground, making a crisp sound. The secretary was not in the mood to care about her new shoes and white pants wet with coffee. To her horror, she saw a certain man, who had been soaked in a black atmosphere, slowly turn his head and look at her…


She couldn’t help screaming, then rolled her eyes and fainted.

With that, the prestige of “the great devil Yi Shao” had been improved!

Of course, he was in no mood to care about this now and also not in the mood to celebrate it. In fact, his mood was terrible! Really terrible! Although he had anticipated that his sister might have “associated” with someone, just embarrassed to tell her brother and planning a good opportunity to confess, for example, during Christmas.


He couldn’t accept it!

That things were so serious!

His sister was abducted just like this!

This was simply…!!!

He took a deep breath, took the phone out of his pocket, and started dialing. After pressing the wrong number three times in a row, he crushed the phone directly. Instead, he picked up the phone in the conference room.

After a while of thinking about the form of death for her fiance, Yi Ti trembled and pressed the answer button, but only heard a very calm and even mild male voice——

“I’ll talk to you when you come back, be careful on the road.”

Then, the phone was cut off.

Yi Ti: “…”

She clutched the phone, silently squatted down and blankly looked forward.

“Xiao Ti?” Cecil quickly squatted down, asking worriedly, “Are you all right?”

“Being all right… would be strange.” Yi Ti turned around and hugged his neck, rubbing his head to vent, “your timing is really bad!” It’s fine for her brother to curse since he’d calm down eventually. This time was like a volcano that had stopped temporarily! Once it erupted again, the consequences could be disastrous!

This was still a small matter. What made her feel a little unacceptable was…

“Brother seems to be really angry.”

Every time the two talked, she usually hung up first. This time, her brother actually hung up the phone first. Sure enough, he was angry. QAQ

Thinking of this, Yi Ti’s whole body wilted, almost turning grayish white from head to toe. The beauty in front of her could no longer interest her. She only knew that if her brother got angry, her brother would ignore her from now on so this view was totally meaningless!

Yes, although under normal circumstances, everyone seemed to think that Yi Shao was a siscon, in fact, Yi Ti… was also a shameful brocon, and still a recessive severe patient.

And so, she was ill.

Driven by this dark mood, the next morning, Yi Ti and Cecil arrived in C city.

This day happened to be a weekend so Yi Shao was naturally at home. Because he was really in no mood to go out for a stroll, when he heard the sound of the door after taking a shower and not sleeping well, he thought it was a fool who knocked on the wrong door or a fool who came to commit a crime. He was in a very bad mood when he thought about that jockey boy, so he opened the door without hesitation. What he saw was not an idiot or a thief, but his younger sister with a haggard expression.

Yi Shao had an incredulous expression on his face and said in surprise: “…Xiao Ti?” He was really surprised. According to the mountain’s height, going down the mountain was obviously not something that could be done in a day. Not to mention the distance between J province and here. He couldn’t even think that he’d see his sister the next morning.

Yi Ti, who was still thinking about what to say and how to apologize and how to make her brother not angry, when she saw Yi Shao herself, she didn’t want to say anything. She only felt sore in the nose, then her eyes reddened, and just cried out without caring about her image.


Listening to his sister’s bitter cry, Yi Shao trembled. The cue in his hand fell to the ground with a “pop” and he just felt pain in his heart. How many years had it been since he saw Xiao Ti crying in front of him? What is going on?

Too concerned to find the reason, he stretched out his long arms and hugged his sister who looked a little embarrassed. Then patted her back like a child and coaxed: “Don’t cry, don’t cry, who bullied you? Talk to brother.”

Under this familiar patting, Yi Ti naturally stopped crying and made a few hiccups.

When she stopped crying, she then felt really ashamed. She also vaguely realized that as long as she cried, her brother seemed to temporarily forget his anger so it was logical to cry even harder.

Yi Shao coaxed Yi Ti in his arms while staring fiercely at the bad boy standing at the door: Did he do it? Making Xiao Ti so sad! The latter didn’t seem to notice his gaze at all. He looked worried and looked anxiously at his sister in his arms, raising and lowering both hands, up and down. It seemed like he really wanted to take over his current job.

This recognition made him both unpleasant and vaguely pleased. He felt extremely complicated.

But he understood one thing, Xiao Ti crying had nothing to do with the jockey boy.

Yi Shao decided to put this aside for now. It’s a serious matter to coax his sister first. As for this kid… haha, uncomfortable? Tangled? Want to take over?

In your dreams!

Let him experience these feelings!

Alien 156: The Snow Mountain Couple
Alien 158: Go To The Same End

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