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The next day, while being “conveniently” led by Liang Chen, Yi Ti successfully handled the relevant documents.

After that, the flower shop was once again open for business.

Of course, she didn’t deliberately set off fireworks or things like that. She just pulled up the shutter doors before ten in the morning then moved some sun-loving flowers on both sides of the door. When the sun became too much, she could put the canopy down to shield it.

For a spiritual plant cultivator, it’s not difficult to do this because they can clearly perceive every emotion of the plant like when it wanted sunshine or rain or a dark environment…and make adjustments for this.

The flowers in the shop are relatively common types like roses, lilies, carnations, calla lilies, tulips and so on…during the period of no one taking care of it, many have withered. Only about 40% were saved by Yi Ti, so this means that the store has a lot of space.

She intended to buy a batch of succulents and come back. It’s a plant that young people love these days. She’s particularly fond of the Rhodiola Rosea (roseroot). It’s just that there was really no condition to raise it before. Roseroots are mostly happy, and its thirst for water is not strong. If it absorbed enough sunlight and water, it would grow into a variety of beautiful styles.

Right now, it kind of satisfied her wild hopes. And this is summer. In the cold season, succulents are priced much cheaper because many merchants would sell at a discount to reduce losses. It doesn’t have to be now, but if she waited until autumn, it’d rise back up.

Yi Ti wanted to find the time to go to the flower market, but she didn’t expect that Liang Chen actually sent a bunch of succulents to her door. She just accidentally mentioned it yesterday, so he bought a bunch? There’s no conspiracy, right…

“Don’t misunderstand!” Liang Chen roared as if offended by her suspicious gaze.

Yi Ti thought, if he revealed his tail at the moment, it would become a feather duster.

“This guy bought it.”

Yi Ti discovered that a familiar figure came out of the rear compartment of the car filled with various succulents.


Or rather, Mr. Vampire.

The young man came up to her and offered a rather gentlemanly salute, “Miss Yi, I apologize for the previous offense.”

If Yi Ti felt out of sorts from his actions before, she thought it’s normal now. After all, vampires are a long-lived race in all kinds of literature. They’re also known as the “Dark Noble” so such actions are not surprising. On the contrary, if he jumped in front of a horse and recite Divine Comedy, it would make her collapse.

“I originally wanted to apologize to you when I heard the news, but you’ve been living a secluded life.” Xue Ye is really helpless about this. He really didn’t think that this delicious little girl was really a spiritual plant cultivator, and…stayed home to a terrible degree. Staying behind closed doors for so many days is not something ordinary people could do just by relying on a certain werewolf to deliver food. Of course, the spiritual plant cultivators themselves are not really normal people.

As the one apologizing, he obviously couldn’t invade her residence since this would only irritate the other party. Under normal circumstances, no race is willing to offend a spiritual plant cultivator because they don’t know when they’ll need their help.

And, as someone from the blood family, the measures against them circulated in humanity are mostly useless. For example, he can bask in the sun, eat garlic, and not be afraid of silver. But at the same time, there is a small number that works against them, for example——unless the host invited them, he would never be able to enter the other’s residence.

After paying a considerable price, the damn werewolf was finally willing to introduce him to the spiritual plant cultivator and even told him what the other person wanted.


She actually opened the store!

This meant that he could have come on his own!

Xue Ye instantly knew that he was trolled by the surprisingly smart bastard werewolf (obviously, his community’s IQ average is 5!). But a contract is a contract, once signed, even if he wanted to vomit blood, he must stick to it.!

Although his heart is roaring in anger, the young man’s face still has a humble and elegant smile, “I hope you can forgive my previous sins.”

Yi Ti wasn’t happy from this meat pie delivered to her door. She looked at him, then said, “You didn’t do any substantial harm to me, at best, it’s just an attempt. But I want to know what did you want to do to me?” She could understand the vampire’s thirst for blood, but this does not mean that she could accept his lifestyle of hunting human beings.

“No, I think you misunderstood something.” Xue Ye explained, “The vast majority of blood kin don’t harm humans. Because we’re very clear, once we do this, our race would suffer a devastating blow.” The Earth right now is the world of humanity, a fragile but powerful race. “And we generally don’t live on human blood. After all, almost all humans now have many diseases, and their blood might not be clean.”

“…what do you eat?” The feeling of being dismissed made Yi Ti feel somehow both funny and extremely embarrassed.

“Animal blood.”

Yi Ti’s mouth twitched, her brain silently filled with this seemingly elegant young man going out in the dead of night, sneaking into other people’s chicken coop to steal food and finally head home.

“…I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s certainly not like that.” The sensitive Xue Ye explained, “We all have specialized blood supply sites such as pig farms, chicken farms and others. It’s all taken care of by people inside the blood family.”

Yi Ti: “…” At this moment, she felt that her three world views had been reorganized.

V, vampires as a pig farm owner? Stop it!

“After extracting the blood of these animals as a special supply, the rest can be sold.” Xue Ye completely didn’t notice that his words dealt secondary damage to Yi Ti and went on to explain, “A lot of blood kin, like me, have opened supermarket chains across the country and we sell it there.”

Yi Ti: “…” Vampires opened supermarket chains…

“In fact, we have long been one of the largest raw meat suppliers in the country, and our products are well received since it’s fresh and safe. And there are also derived meat companies, such as…”

Then, the young man said a few well-known brand names to Yi Ti.

Yi Ti: “…” So tired… I don’t want to listen anymore…

“Not only that but also overseas…”

“Okay!” Yi Ti interrupted the other person’s words before he drove in another cruel reality. “If so, why would you approach me?”

“Miss Yi, look,” the blood kin young man showed a helpless expression, “Although humans eat enough vegetables to survive, they usually eat non-vegetarian dishes. Of course, we don’t hurt humans, but we do buy some blood from the hospital. On the contrary, the blood I’ve tasted in the past years can’t be compared with yours, making me instantly lose my self-control.” It’s too fragrant. If she’s not a spiritual plant cultivator…

Yi Ti noticed that the expression of the other party is actually very sincere. This made her helpless, “Should I thank you?” But, this kind of being sought after as food is not what she wanted.

“Of course, I didn’t want to hurt you. I just want a little…” The young man made a gesture of how little it is. “Just a little blood, you won’t feel any pain afterward. No trauma would arise from it and compare to donating blood, it’s more or less natural and nuisance-free.”

Yi Ti’s eyes twitched as she also sincerely said, “It’s a pity that you’re not a salesman.”

“Thank you for your compliment.” Xue Ye readily accepted “praise” from women. “I don’t deny that I had ill intentions about Miss Yi, but that’s because I didn’t know that you’re a distinguished spiritual plant cultivator. If I knew, I would absolutely not dare to do this.” Tasting the blood of a spiritual plant cultivator is the dream of all blood kins. Unfortunately, ordinary people couldn’t get it. It’s said that a long time ago, there was a gluttonous blood kin who went too far, and went over the spiritual plant cultivator’s trash cans to steal a used menstruation pad…he can’t do this kind of thing. And, the blood itself is discharged from the body as waste, so the taste is obviously not good. A guy who didn’t even know this is stupid. He thought about it then continued, “I know that these gifts are not enough to match my sins. If you have any requirements, just say it. As long as it can be done, I would do it at all costs.”

“No need.” Yi Ti shook her head. “I accept your apology.” After all, he didn’t (there’s still a chance) really hurt her, and the other was brought by Liang Chen, so she had to give him face.


“But I hope you know that this does not mean that I agree with your actions.”


Yi Ti stared at the slightly surprised face of the other person and sincerely said, “Although the blood collection you said sounded gentle, safe and paid, I think you forgot the most fundamental point, that is whether the blood donor is willing——my most basic right was denied.” It’s two different things to sell yourself for money and to be robbed of something and then compensated.

She didn’t mind the other side’s previous attempt and even admire his self-control at not wanting to harm humans and at suppressing his instinct. A little occasional out-of-control might be forgiven, but she can’t take for granted the idea that the other person’s behavior is right and impeccable.

For Xue Ye, who is a vampire, his behavior might be justified; but for Yi Ti, who is a human, this is not the case.

If she is just an ordinary human and still under the protection of Liang Chen, she would always be wary of a sudden attack from the other party; but because she is a spiritual plant cultivator, she could say her opinion directly.

Therefore, she is more willing to be friends with the foul-mouthed Liang Chen than the elegant Xue Ye.

Of course, it has nothing to do with the two meals a day!


so disappointing, 毁三观, huǐsānguān, (Internet slang) (of a situation, video clip etc.) to make one think “wtf!”
“三” means “three,” and “观” means “point of view.” Chinese netizens use “三观” to refer to “价值观” (values), “人生观” (life philosophy) and “世界观” (world view), which are more or less the same thing. “毁” means “to destroy.” The phrase is used when netizens want to complain about something very disappointing that has left them disillusioned.
神曲, Shénqǔ, The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri 但丁

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