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Alien 171: Uncle's Bitterness and Sorrow

At this moment, the tension in Yi Ti’s heart almost disappeared, leaving only a huge word——. She’s still nervous but the situation was too…

Soon after, several people arrive at “home”.

Yi Ti looked up and was once again dumbfounded. Where was the house? It’s on a tree that pierced the sky. Not only was it unreasonably high, but also unreasonably thick. At a glance, it’s about 20 meters thick and she had never seen such a big tree on Earth.

“Xiao Ti, look, a treehouse, do you like it?” Mama Sai said in a cheerful voice, pointing her finger upward.

“…it’s big.” Yi Ti was completely shocked by the faint outline on the branch. The tree was big enough, but compared to the house at the top (looking at this big build, it’s should be a manor, right?), it’s simply a child’s play.

“As long as you like it.” Mama Sai folded her arms and nodded in satisfaction, “it’s easy to plant trees, but it’s a bit troublesome to move the house on the tree. It took me a lot of effort before I succeeded.” Saying so, she turned her head and looked at Yi Ti expectantly.

Yi Ti: “…” Don’t know why, she felt that the other party was “seeking praise”, so she tentatively said, “too awesome.”

Mama Sai suddenly smiled brightly.

“Okay, let’s go up.” As she said so, her red hair fluttered, wrapped around the branches, and used it to gently and skillfully fly up. Along the way, she shouted at Cecil under the tree, “Son, I’ll leave her to you.”

Papa Sai chuckled softly, “I’ll also go ahead.”

Seeing his parents disappear above, Cecil sighed with relief and gave his father a thumbs up for stopping his mother from saying his dark history in time. He then walked up to her and said, “Great, my parents seem to like you very much.”

“…en.” Yi Ti recalled her previous struggle and nodded a bit shyly, “They’re very nice.” Originally, she thought she’d be satisfied with the gentle treatment but she didn’t expect to get far more than that.

It’s really a blessing to be treated so preciously.

She should have thought of it long ago. Of course, a family that could raise a gentle guy like Cecil should also be gentle.

Although this idea was an afterthought… “successfully passing” was really great.

Cecil glanced left and right, then leaned over and kissed the corner of Yi Ti’s mouth. Blushing, he asked softly: “Shall we go up?” Being alone during this period of time had undoubtedly brought their relationship a step further. From time to time, similar intimacy behaviors occur, cough cough, of course, that’s all. For two shy aliens, the pressure to take the initiative to do this or that was still quite large.

“En.” Yi Ti also looked left and right like a thief, coughed, then spread her arms and hugged his neck on tiptoes, “I’m ready.”

In this position, he gently hugged her and with hair flying, the two quickly shuttled between the branches and leaves.

Shuttling through the layers of greenery, Yi Ti only felt the wind and in the blink of an eye, the two stepped on the ground again. Her previous hunch was correct. What appeared in front of her was indeed a manor, with white as the main color. The style was somewhat similar to Rococo, but there were many differences in detail. Mama Sai and Papa Sai were standing at the gate of the manor, waving at them.

“What do you think of this place?”

Yi Ti wasn’t very good at this aspect, but as a guest visiting for the first time, she could say with certainty——

“It’s beautiful.”

“That’s good.” Mama Sai seemed to be easily happy with this kind of praise, “That’s great.”

While they were talking, they entered and the first thing they saw was a magnificent fountain. A statue stood in the center of the shimmering pool. Yi Ti took a closer look and began to sweat all of a sudden because it was actually Cecil’s family of three…with the water flowing out of the bottle they’re holding.

“Soon, I’ll have Xiao Ti’s carved up.”

Yi Ti: “…” Please don’t

“By the way, Xiao Ti, what’s your favorite color?” Mama Sai suddenly asked.

Yi Ti was taken aback, then tilted her head and thought: “Let’s go with green.” Since becoming a spiritual plant cultivator, she had always liked this color.

“Got it.” Mama Sai said. She took out a silver object that resembled a remote control from somewhere and then tapped a button on it.

The manor in front of her instantly changed color.

That’s right, it turned to green.

Yi Ti: “…” Sorry, she was wrong.

“This color also looks good.” Mama Sai held her face, looked left and right, nodded, then asked, “So, Xiao Ti, what kind of weather do you like?”

“…” Can she not answer? She always felt like something would happen, but facing the other’s expectant gaze, Yi Ti replied, “Sunny day.” This should be fine, right?

“It’s the same as mine.” Mama Sai said, then pressed something in the remote control on her hand again.

Yi Ti was surprised to find that the sunlight above her head seemed to increase and became more intense until it reached blazing hot.

Aiya, this seems a bit too hot.”

With these words, the sunlight weakened a little again, becoming warm and kind.

“How about now?”

“Ah, this is good.” Yi Ti curiously looked at the thing in Mama Sai’s hand and asked, “Can this adjust the weather on this planet?”

“Hahaha, it’s not like that.” Mama Sai laughed and took Yi Ti’s hand to stuff the thing to her hand, “It can only adjust everything in this manor. Come on, try pressing this…”

After Mama Sai’s explanation, Yi Ti roughly understood that this manor was completely independent, even a bit similar to “another space”. Moreover, it could even be moved. As long as she held the remote control, she could not only adjust the color of the house and change the weather, but also modify various places, such as the style of the house.

This kind of thing should be very important to every family, but…

“This is my meeting gift for you. How about it? Do you like it?” Mama Sai’s cheerful tone completely showed that she was deliberately “showing off” just now.

“This is too precious, I…”

“Accept it, this house was originally for you.”

Yi Ti: “…” Give a house at the first meeting? …that’s too scary.

At this moment, Papa Sai, who had been silently smiling, “pushed” the final knife: “So does the planet.”

Yi Ti: “…” Galactic tyrants, let’s be friends!

She was scared to death, but the family of three acted like it was quite normal. They were even discussing which planet was suitable for the wedding, and which one was suitable for the honeymoon, which made Yi Ti really embarrassed.

It wasn’t until this moment that she felt like the “fiance of the universe-class rich and handsome” man. There’s no way around it, she’d been raising him for so long that she’d always ignore this subconsciously.

But, it’s not a big deal once she thought about it.

Because no matter who Cecil’s family was, as long as his family was willing to accept her, she’s already satisfied. As for the others, they’re just embellishments. Of course, it’s good to have them but it didn’t matter even if they didn’t. Besides, with the title of “mysterious apothecary” that she had during this time, hmph, it’s perfectly possible to continue supporting him!

Unconsciously, she seemed to be cooler again.

And while Cecil and his mother were eagerly discussing “which model of spaceship should be used”, Yi Ti heard——

“Sorry, when Nordier talks about things that interest her, she always ignores everything else.”

“…huh?” Yi Ti glanced around to make sure that the other party was talking to her, and quickly replied, “no, I don’t mind.”

“That’s good.” Papa Sai gently stared at her, “You’re a good girl, Cecil has good vision.”

Yi Ti lowered her head, a little embarrassed.

“You were surprised when you first saw us, do you think we’re too young?”

“No…” Yi Ti wanted to deny it, but the other person’s gaze made it difficult to tell a lie, so she nodded, “yes, I’m sorry.”

“There’s no need to apologize.” Papa Sai shook his head and said softly, “You should have heard Cecil say that our race has a long life. Although we can get married and have children when reach adulthood, if we count by age, then Nordier and I are still in our early adulthood.”

“…” Isn’t that too long? However, seeing it this way, it’s normal for Mama Sai to have a lively personality since she’s hardly an adult.

“But don’t worry. Other races married to ours are usually affected by us regarding their lifespan. Of course, sometimes, we are affected by the other. No matter the result, we are very happy to accept it. Did he tell you about this?”

“En.” Yi Ti nodded. Indeed, Cecil once said it to her. At that time, she was very entangled with the fact that Cecil might be affected by her, but he then said, “our race has a saying—— if we can’t live together, then it’s good to die together.” This kind of view on life was almost engraved in each of their hearts. This time, she finally understood what he meant.

Yi Ti solemnly looked at the young man in front of her, then said, “As long as I’m alive, I’ll always be by his side.”

“That’s good.” Papa Sai laughed then opened his arms to her, “Well, you’re welcome to join our family. By the way, I don’t accept anything other than “dad”.”

Yi Ti stepped forward somewhat shyly and embraced the elder who was very young both on the outside and on the inside: “Thank you…dad.”

“Carrans, you are so cunning! I also want to hold my daughter-in-law!”


“The son belongs to you, and the daughter-in-law belongs to me!”


Alien 169: His Family (1)
Alien 171: Uncle's Bitterness and Sorrow

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