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Chapter 174: Marrying Brother (2) (non-relatives)

For a while, both of them spent that time in “worry”.

Yi Shao could feel that Xiao Ting was a little angry with him at first, but her temperament was never strong so after a day or two, her anger disappeared and she couldn’t wait to find him to “reconcile”. However, he had been avoiding it.

He still needed time to deal with the mixed emotions in his heart. It’s too messy right now and he couldn’t face her yet.


The second class was over this afternoon when he got such news.

“Not good, Xiao Ti’s brother! Xiao Ti entered the medical office!


At that time, Yi Shao only felt confused, and unable to think about anything. When he recovered, he was already rushing on the road leading to the medical office. Because he was worried about Xiao Ti, even though he was cold with other people, he had a good attitude towards the friends around her, and he often asked them to tell him if something happened to Xiao Ti. This was probably the legendary “insertion of a spy”, allowing him to know exactly what happened to Xiao Ti.

But he never expected to get such a message.

Her body had always been pretty good, could it be…because of him?

If that’s the case, then he couldn’t forgive himself.

When he rushed to the medical office, there was no one inside, no doctors and other students. He only saw Xiao Ti lying on the hospital bed with a pale face, her body curled up and her teeth biting her lips, looking extremely pitiful and in pain.

“Xiao Ti!” He rushed forward and without thinking, put one leg on the bed and put his hands on her side, “How are you? Where is it uncomfortable? Let’s go, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“…brother.” She looked at him and her tears flowed down all at once, choking up before saying, “I thought you would ignore me forever.”

He held the hand wiping her tears, feeling abnormally cold while watching her cry with a shaking body, the worry in his heart even worsening.

He comforted her in a low voice: “I didn’t ignore you.”

“Liar, you obviously did.” She withdrew her hand, turned her back to him, and continued to wipe her tears, “it has been like this for several days. Ignoring me, I hate you.”

Even though he knew that she was just complaining and not really serious, when Yi Shao heard her say “I hate you”, his heart was still pierced with needles, and he smiled bitterly. This was probably retribution.

“Xiao Ti,” he reached out and wiped her wet face, “It’s brother who’s wrong. It won’t be like this in the future.”

After a moment of silence, she carefully turned her head, and looked at him with a slightly suspicious look: “Really?”

He nodded seriously: “Really.”

She blinked, then suddenly sat up and threw herself into his arms, hugging his neck and crying harder, as if she was about to vent all the grievances she had suffered during this time.

From touching her hair to her back, Yi Shao felt that she was spoiled by him. Besides him, who else could coax her so patiently? Could he really accept other people coaxing her like this? Taking her away from him, holding her hand, hugging her body, and even doing something similar to that beautiful dream to her…could he accept it?


Without thinking, he came to such a conclusion.

So his entanglement during this period was meaningless because he never thought about letting her go.

Perhaps he had secretly decided from the beginning when he knew that she was not his real sister—— she was his and no one could take her away.

Yes, she belonged to him.

Why not?

What’s wrong with that?

He was the person who knew and loved her the best in the world, and nothing would change in the future and no obstacle could get in between them.

So everything was okay.



“You really won’t ignore me in the future, right?”

“En, really.” He rubbed her head and whispered in her ear, “So Xiao Ti, you won’t leave me, right?”

“En.” She cried while nodding.

Since she promised, she must do it.


At this moment, the door of the medical office opened again.

The doctor, who had a bottle of hot water in hand, stared at the siblings “crying on each other’s shoulders” with black lines on his head (in junior and high school, these siblings were quite famous because of Yi Shao). He quietly said, “It’s just her first time having a period. It didn’t have to be a life and death separation, right?”

Yi Shao: “…” Ah?

Yi Ti: “…” She blushed, buried her head in her brother’s arms, and refused to come out. During class, she found that her stomach hurt and she had stained the chair red…she could no longer look directly at her classmates. TAT

While talking, the doctor quickly filled the hot water bottle and handed it to Yi Shao: “Let your sister apply it.”

Yi Shao took the hot water bottle, opened his sister’s clothes, and stuffed it in, then coughed slightly and asked, “Doctor Wang, are there any precautions?”

Dr. Wang knew that his family only consisted of the two siblings, so he didn’t ridicule him much. He said several things in succession, and they were all carefully memorized by Yi Shao.

On this day, Yi Ti was piggybacked by Yi Shao.

She had his sports jacket tied around her waist, her arms were around his neck tighter than ever, and her head was deeply buried in his shoulders, as if afraid of being thrown away by him.

For her, this was very satisfying, but she didn’t realize that for Yi Shao, this was a different kind of torture.

The summer clothes were originally thin and with her clinging so tightly, even if he tried getting rid of unnecessary thoughts, they still entangled him with her tight grip. Especially because of this posture, his hands were supporting her thighs, and even if he deliberately held her skirt, the thin layer of fabric couldn’t hide anything at all, so he could feel her skin intuitively. Just her temperature… but this little imp didn’t know this at all, and even put her head on his shoulder. With every breath, a mist of warm water sprayed on his neck.

If this was “retaliation” for what he did before, then there’s no doubt that she succeeded.

Because it was so torturous that he was really sweating when they got home. Fortunately, it’s summer so it’s expected.

As soon as they got home, Yi Ti took the “necessities” that were “gifted” to her by Dr. Wang, took new clothes from the closet, then went into the bathroom. While Yi Shao dug out the winter warm treasure and urgently charged it. He found brown sugar from the kitchen and boiled it. Then he walked to the bathroom door and shouted: “Don’t wash your clothes since you can’t touch cold water.”

“Oh.” Xiao Ti’s head came out from the crack in the door, blushingly saying, “then give me hot water.”

“Don’t worry, it’s still warming up.” Yi Shao then said to her, “drink this first.”

“…en.” She walked out and drank from the bowl.

“Go and lie down on the bed. I’ll take the warm treasure to you later.”


He sighed, took the bowl and put it aside, then hugged her with one hand: “Don’t worry, just go now.”

She obediently didn’t resist.

In this way, she was “carried back” to the bed by him, and along the way, she obediently got wrapped in the blanket.

“Go to sleep.”

“It’s hot.” She whispered.

Yi Shao just remembered that it’s now summer, so he took the remote control to turn on the air conditioner in her room, and the temperature was set at 28 degrees.

“Okay, go to sleep.”

She continued to complain in a small voice: “…it’s too early, and I can’t sleep. Brother, can you find a book to show me?”

He sighed. She really showed her “somewhat spoiled attitude” to the fullest.

But if she’s serious about acting like a baby, what could he do?

He only resigned to find a book that she didn’t usually read, and brought it with the warm treasure. He handed it over then said, “get in the blanket and don’t catch a cold.”

“Okay.” She nodded again and again only to see that he was leaving. She then quickly grabbed him, “brother, where are you going?”

“…going out and buying something to help you.”

Yi Ti thought of something, blushed, retracted her hand, raised the blanket, and covered half of her face with it, her eyes drifting: “Then…then you should go early.”

He also coughed a little awkwardly: “En.” Then he asked, “I’ll be back soon, so don’t run around at home.”


“You’re not allowed to eat cold drinks in the refrigerator and you’re not allowed to eat spicy food.” He heard that the reason why she had a stomachache this time was completely inseparable from eating popsicles in the afternoon physical education class.


After several more instructions, he waited until the water was boiled and filled, then went out, still very worried.

What happened in the supermarket…he didn’t want to think about it. In short, he smoothly returned home. In addition, he also held items such as red dates, longans, and a newly bought book.

He looked at his hands accidentally dirtied on the road, walked into the bathroom, and when he opened the door, he smelled something similar to rust.

Yi Shao was stunned, his gaze shifting from the trash can to the small basin under the sink. A white corner was faintly exposed under the pink skirt. The color that originally meant purity was obviously stained with large swaths of bright red. He looked away and once again realized—— Xiao Ti had really grown up.

When he finished washing his hands and packed the groceries, he returned to her room. The little idiot who said she “couldn’t sleep” was already asleep. He silently walked over, tucked her hand back in the quilt, and habitually took care of her cute bangs. Her face was not as pale as before since she finally had a few traces of blood, her lips were the same. Unconsciously, his fingers touched her pale pink lips and rubbed them lightly.

She seemed to feel something, and after a slight murmur, she changed position and fell asleep more deeply.

Yes, she had always been defenseless against him.

Of course, this was good, but also not.

It’s because she’s so defenseless that he couldn’t do anything.

If he wanted to keep her by his side forever, he must first let her be guarded, and then completely defeat this defense so that he could completely imprint his name in her heart, not as “brother”, but as “Yi Shao”.

And so, one thing must be done.

But as long as he thought that this might cause her to experience a short period of pain, he couldn’t bear it.

He was always reluctant to make her feel hurt.


In the end, he lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Xiao Ti, forgive me.”

I just…

Don’t want to be your brother anymore.

Alien 173: Marrying Brother (1)
Alien 175: Marrying Brother (3)

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