Alien 179: Our Family

Alien 178: Marrying Brother (6)
Alien 180: Life Is Fun (The End)

My favorite people were Mom, Dad, and Uncle—— in no particular order.

My dad was a jelly alien (this is what my mother secretly told me). He’s very handsome and had a good temper and he loved me very much. But such a perfect dad also had shortcomings that people can’t look at. And that’s ——he’s particularly shy!

It is said that on the day I was just hatched, he was over-excited and fainted on the spot in his mother’s arms, then turned into a large pool of blue liquid. After that, my mother held me in one hand and took him home.

I am quite convinced of this because this is what my second favorite grandparents (in no particular order) told me. When it comes to this, my age (calculated according to the Earth method) is still what my grandmother, who was as beautiful as a flower, always said with sincere emotions: “It’s great that your father can marry a wife. It’s great that your father can have you. I thought he was destined to live alone!”

Every time my mother hears this, she always sweats.

And dad is always embarrassed.

But even so, I really like Dad. Especially since he didn’t infect me with a strange physique. Although he can also become a little jelly alien (mother’s evaluation), my control ability in this aspect seems to be better than the “disappointing” (grandma’s thoughts) father very much. There are no worries at all. Secretly, Dad seemed to envy me.

My mother is an Earthling. Although she seems to be a little different from ordinary Earthlings, she insists that she is “pure blood”.

Because of her, I lived on Earth for a long time since I was a child. It can be said that it is my first hometown. Although its civilization was not high, I love it very much. Moreover, my grandparents also admitted that although Earth looked inconspicuous, there are indeed many strange things on it. For example, in theory, my father’s genes should be better than my mother’s, but my mother and I look very similar.

However, none of us care about this.

My mother has a very good temper, and her biggest hobby was probably opening her flower shop, but unfortunately, there are very little business throughout the year. Whenever she mentioned this, she always shed sad tears since she didn’t understand how this happened!

So when Uncle Liang Chen, Uncle Xue Ye, Uncle Shi JingLe, Uncle Zhao MingQi, and other uncles came here, they would buy some flowers. Uncle Lu Kong wanted to buy them too, but unfortunately…he always had no money and didn’t know why. He’s so miserable. But when he saw me for the first time, his eyes were very strange. While saying I’m “too alike”, he touched his chin and muttered a few words, “if you are married after many years and if I haven’t married yet, be careful of your daughter on the way from school” and other such words I didn’t understand… I told this to my uncle and then, um, there was no more.

My uncle is amazing!

Even though he seems to be just the most ordinary human on Earth, everyone is afraid of him!

Many people are very puzzled about this.

But when I eavesdropped on what Uncle Jarrett and Aunt Tang said, I heard them say that uncle had a kind of “rare physique of denial”. “Anything that he subconsciously denies will absolutely be suppressed by him”. I don’t quite understand, but anyway… he’s awesome.

My uncle also loved me very much. I spent half of my life on Earth with him. Probably because I looked like my mother when I was a child, he was shocked when he first saw me. The relationship between him and my mother was really very good. Now and then, he’d show me photos from the past. After looking at it, I think my uncle was probably the “molester” that Uncle Lu Kong said. I told my uncle about this. Then, um, there was no more.

Probably because my uncle is a “molester”, he always saw my father as not pleasing to the eyes, and he especially liked to bully him. But my good-tempered dad never resisted. On the one hand, he’s naturally good-tempered. On the other hand, it’s probably because my mother will always compensate him afterward. So I think my father is probably looking forward to being bullied by my uncle.

This was the general situation of my home, it seems pretty good, right?


There is a small problem.

That is…

My name.

Yi Ran…what the hell!

Flammable and explosive, take care of things that easily burn, that’s my portrayal!

Looking at “LiuLiu” and “RongRong” at home, I know that Mom and Dad are really bad at naming!

According to the Sutahnna tradition, the child can have two names, which are named by both parents. Of course, if the husband and wife reach a consensus, they can also have only one name. For example, Dad is like this.

Yi Ran is the name my mother gave me, and the name my father gave me is——Celtis, 塞爾緹斯, sài ěr tí sī.

This name…

In Sister ShiGuang’s words, “change ‘er’ to ‘wan’ and you can directly write ‘Don Quixote’!” To use Sister MangMang’s words, “add a “si tan” at the end, and you can pretend to be a country!” It’s annoying to have two poisonous tongues together! TAT

So I still like TangTang.

TangTang is the son of Aunt Tang and Uncle Jarrett and even the same age as me. Because he is a boy, his experience was more tragic… this is embodied in the fact that the name given by Aunt Tang was… Tang Bao.

Since he became sensible, he was quite dissatisfied with this name and repeatedly asked for a name change. After careful consideration, Aunt Tang changed it to “Thomson Jackson”. In her words, “it perfectly embeds a word from your parent’s names. How about it? It sounds good!” TangTang… TangTang never admits that he has a name ever since.

Probably because of such a blow, he usually has a blank expression on his face. In Sister ShiGuang’s words, “it’s almost like a moving iceberg.” Aunt Tang said that he was like her. Because of an accident when she was young, she could only maintain facial paralysis for a while, and then recovered. I looked at her smiling face and I always felt that it didn’t seem to be true.

Although TangTang doesn’t like to talk and has no expression, I know that he is actually very gentle and very nice to people, but they won’t know until they get close to him. When I was sad because of something, he would always touch my head to comfort me, and he would read to me. At this time, I felt he was a bit like father and uncle, but he was different from them. The books he read are always a little difficult to understand. According to him, they are magic books borrowed from his father. However, his expression is very good when he is reading, so I just watched him while I listened.

Although there are many brothers and sisters in each aunt’s house, my favorite is really TangTang. This is probably because, when I first met them, I accidentally fell and he was the first person to come up and support me.

In Aunt Tang’s words, “this is fate, sooner or later, it’ll happen to him!” Then she suggested that I be his wife. I told my uncle about the matter and asked him if it was okay, and then, um, there was no more.

Since then, my uncle seems to hate TangTang a bit, and sometimes prevents me from going to play with him, which is a bit annoying.

However, as my mother said, it is precisely because there are waves that good things in life make people particularly happy.

So, I can proudly say—— I am very happy.

Alien 178: Marrying Brother (6)
Alien 180: Life Is Fun (The End)

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