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After that, Yi Ti grabbed Cecil and talked about “life” with the so-called poetry and song about life philosophy. She strived to help him re-establish a correct worldview, outlook on life and values. As soon as it started, it became Cecil’s “Universal Knowledge Lecture”. She later thought that he understood, however, this talk actually continued until the evening and only her phone ringing reminded her of the time. She picked it up and found that it was from Liang Chen, asking if she wanted her food delivered tonight.

She looked at her hungry belly that immediately reacted and resolutely replied with a “yes”!

Soon after, Liang Chen came over with the food on time. He then opened his mouth to ask——

“What happened to Xue Ye?”

“……ah?” Such direct questioning made Yi Ti pause, how should she answer that?

“I saw him leave your place distractedly.”

“……” why would he leave in a daze! But she’s sure, her brother and Xue Ye definitely “loved each other”. There’s no other reason. Her brother was an ordinary person while the latter was a vampire. If he was even a little bit unwilling, why would they stay in the bathroom…… for half an hour?

“What happened?”

“……” Yi Ti was stunned, then answered carefully, “What did you see?” Anyway, this could be considered personal privacy, right? Not to mention that the relationship between Xue Ye and Liang Chen was very poor, if this leaked out, the consequences would be dire.

The baby-faced young man was startled, then immediately snorted: “Whatever.” After he finished, he turned around and left the flower shop.

Yi Ti: “……” Was he angry? He’s too petty.

But even so, she couldn’t say the “secret” of others. Otherwise, where’s her basic principle as a human being?

Seeing that she wouldn’t have any guests coming at this time, Yi Ti decisively closed the store and returned to the house. She put the food on the table, and while it’s not a good habit, she pulled the laptop over, planning to eat while watching TV dramas.

When the computer was turned on, she habitually opened her QQ and visited her large and small accounts. Although she didn’t post much in her groups, the “Long XiaoTian” one was unexpectedly popular. So much so that her ‘add friends’ and ‘private chat’ notifications were always “dinging”. Fortunately, the computer was previously modified by Cecil, otherwise, it would most likely hang. Because she resolutely chose to become a lurker, she dare not post anything, afraid that she’ll be drowned by the “ocean of saliva” when she came out. In the end, Aggregate helped her solve this situation.

Aggregate 18:25:34

I haven’t seen you for a few days, very busy? (picking nose

Long XiaoTian 18:25:42

……actually, I’ve always been here.

Aggregate 18:25:49

What? Scared by the enthusiasm of the masses? (sinister smile

Long XiaoTian 18:26:03


Aggregate 18:26:07

Your name sounded like a protagonist with a domineering side. I didn’t expect the boss to be pushed around like this. (picks nose

Long XiaoTian 18:26:14


Aggregate 18:26:30

Right, leave it to me. (sinister smile

Yi Ti: “……” She had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, the next second she saw such a conversation in the group——

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 18:26:55


Han Paper Threw The Cat Into the River (XXOOXXOO) 18:27:01

Catch that wild author!

Bloody Tears (XXOOXXOO) 18:27:04

Hold him down!

Tooth Decay (XXOOXXOO) 18:27:08

Throw him down!

Sweet Muse (XXOOXXOO) 18:27:15

Overthrow him!


The screen flashed for a while.

At the end, when the enthusiasm disappeared, Aggregate calmly said a word.

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 18:33:02

I want to tell you, Long XiaoTian’s private chat——I contacted him! (scratching foot

Ethereal Soul (XXOOXXOO) 18:33:13

What did I see? ? ? ? ? ? (Rubs eyes

Worrying Sage of Yellow Pheasant (XXOOXXOO) 18:33:19

JQ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Bell (XXOOXXOO) 18:33:24



The screen was quickly filled with various ids.

Yi Ti almost vomited blood, only to see Aggregate contact her through private chat.

Aggregate 18:33:34

Get it? You don’t have to thank me. Actually, my other name is Red Scarf. (lol

Long XiaoTian 18:33:40

……(vomit blood

Aggregate 18:33:45

? ? ?

Long XiaoTian 18:33:50

They became even more enthusiastic, my computer is exploding.

Aggregate 18:34:06


Yi Ti didn’t lie because the icon in the lower right corner of her computer flashed even more crazily. She was very glad that she already muted the computer sound, otherwise, she’d have a “DDD” phobia!

Aggregate (XXOOXXOO) 18:34:46

Actually, I forgot to tell you something. There’s one character in my text that is always abused. He comes every day to die and was beaten a hundred times every day like cannon fodder. Are you interested? (smile

Lalalala (XXOOXXOO) 18:35:01

……this is clearly a threat, isn’t it?

My little friend and me(XXOOXXOO) 18:35:03

Punch him until he’s red in the face!

Smiling under the sun (XXOOXXOO) 18:35:08

It’s should be blue!

Nini (XXOOXXOO) 18:35:12

Punch him until blue+1

Whispers (XXOOXXOO) 18:35:21

2333 I want to let the whole world know that I contacted the private chat of this little goblin!

Meat Meat Meat (XXOOXXOO) 18:35:25

Overbearing Aggregate and Charming XiaoTian!


Yi Ti: “……” This was awkward, ah!

Perhaps because this statement was really effective, after the people in the group sent a wave of “I wish you happiness!”, no one finally harassed her.

She obviously just opened and closed her account, but she felt tired like she ran a marathon. This was probably the legendary spiritual pollution……

Aggregate 18:36:00

Now what?

Long XiaoTian 18:36:12

It’s quiet. (relaxed

Aggregate 18:36:15

That’s good. (thumbs up

Long XiaoTian 18:36:27

Thank you Aggregate.

Aggregate 18:36:34

You’re welcome. (Adult man eats cucumber

Also from that day on, Yi Ti and Aggregate gradually became familiar with each other. Until now, they have a relatively good relationship as online friends. Even if they have no business, they’ll still say two sentences. Occasionally, she can look at the new chapters he hadn’t posted yet and made suggestions. Sometimes, she also sent drawings of the new characters for advice.

With the comic serial, Aggregate’s influence not only increased to another level but “Long XiaoTian” also acquired its own fan group unknowingly. This group of fans was not only active in the comments section of the Wei Feng website, they even built a special post for him, claiming it’s the “president’s backyard”. This made Yi Ti really want to vomit blood. Of course, because of their “cooperation”, most of the fans of Aggregate and Long XiaoTian were coincident, so their fans meet up frequently.

As the novel became more popular, the QQ group, which could only accommodate hundreds of people, was getting bigger and bigger, It became a large group with thousands of accounts where more and more people formed their own cliques. That’s why groups one, two, three, four, and five came into being. Yi Ti also added these groups under Aggregate’s invitation, but she was not good at chatting with people online, so most of the time, she only lurked.

There were also some people in the group who joined with a purpose. For example, Yi Ti often received private chats about “contracts”, but after thinking about it, almost all of them were rejected by her.

Of course, she occasionally surfaced in the group and said a few words. Why are the current netizens so tough? It’s just a few words in the chat but they teased her mercilessly. What’s with that “Charming XiaoTian” nickname! As time went on, she had many new nicknames such as “Cold Xiao Tian”, “Bright XiaoTian”, “Mighty XiaoTian”, “Noble XiaoTian” and the like……

Although it’s filled with their good intention, Yi Ti wanted to say she’s really not charming and noble! Just looking at these strange names made her not want to answer? !

Ah, thinking of such a sad thing made her lose her appetite.

Yi Ti silently opened her browser, ready to find a movie. Just at this time, the icon in the lower right corner suddenly flashed. She opened it——

Aggregate 18:35:15


Yi Ti looked at the current time, it’s almost 6:40.

Her finger was placed on the keyboard, just about ready to reply, but the computer was suddenly gone. To be precise, it was “kidnapped” away.


The flying tentacle sent the computer to the side of the blue jelly not far away, then he said in a serious tone: “Scientific research shows that computers can easily affect the appetite when eating as well as the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients. It’s more likely to trigger……”

“I’ll eat! Can I eat now?” Yi Ti grabbed her chopsticks. Since opening the lecture hall, the jelly alien seemed to have not come out of the “teaching mode”. But……cough, it’s pretty cute.

However, it seemed impossible to completely remove her bad habits.

Yi Ti asked while eating: “Cecil, do you need energy bars?”

“About five.” For physical reasons, he sought stability rather than speed when he absorbed it.

“Do you need me to buy another set?”

“Temporarily no.”

“How far have you recovered?” Although she asked this, she wasn’t too optimistic. After all, this alien was a local tyrant who has been eating special energy bars.

“Just arrived at 10%.”

“That’s very fast.” She counted. They probably need 45 lower level energy bars to get everything done.

“It’s not like that.” Cecil corrected her, “If I want to be 100%, then I’ll need more than 90 bars.”

Yi Ti: “……” Please forgive her mistake since she’s not good at math! All in all, this just means that they need a lot of low-level energy bars! She nodded, “I will work hard to make money.”

Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

“Hey!” Yi Ti really didn’t understand, “What are you being shy about?” Isn’t what she said normal?

Cecil whispered: “Are you praising my handsome appearance?”

“……what gave you the idea?”

“Isn’t there a saying on earth that 『I will be responsible for making money and raising the family, and you’ll be responsible for being beautiful』, right?”

Fortunately, Yi Ti was used to it, otherwise, she’ll be choked to death. Even so, she also coughed several times: “You’re thinking too much.” He’s completely detached from the words handsome. What about their talk about life? It completely failed!

Cecil: “……” QAQ

Yi Ti looked at the other person’s frustration. It’s a bit too heavy if they started to review what they just talked about. Maybe…… in Sutahnna Star, his shape was the standard handsome? She was thinking about how to comfort the other when he suddenly spoke again——

“Right, Xiao Ti, after recovering 10% of energy, I have another mimic, do you want to see it?” Maybe she would change her mind……

“Oh? Really?” Yi Ti was pleasantly surprised, “I’ll look!”

Then, she saw a faint blue light surround Cecil’s body, and in this light, Cecil’s body became a “blue liquid”. The body shape became more uncertain and seemed to be in an extremely unstable state. This state lasted for about three or four seconds before he re-formed. His eyes looked at Yi Ti: “Xiao Ti, how about it?”


Translator’s Notes:

JQ means two people have something going on between them.

Alien 21: Such Is True Love
Alien 23: Best Friends For Life

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