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Alien 24: Long XiaoTian's Appearance
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Finally, with Yi Ti’s strong opposition, the photo on the copy of the “ID card” made by Cecil became a bit normal. The real name was also changed from “Long XiaoTian-龍嘯天” to “Long XiaoTian-龍小天”. Cough, it’s really amazing. They just changed one word, but it felt like a domineering name suddenly became cute.

Because of her trust in Cecil, Yi Ti had no worries that the copy of the ID card on her hand will be found to be fake because she couldn’t see that it was fake.


Yi Ti watched the virtual name, address and other information on the document, then asked with some concern: “In case someone checks the household registration system for verification, will it be exposed?”

“No, the database does have information about it,” Cecil replied affirmatively.

“……what have you done to my data?!” Yi Ti was shocked, but before he answered, she weakly waved, “Don’t tell me anymore.” Because she really didn’t want to know.

Quickly after scanning the signed contract and a copy of her ID card into her computer, she sent it to the editor in the form of a picture together. The reason was simple, because “Long XiaoTian is currently not in the country”, so the contract could only be passed in this way.

This is normal on Wei Feng website, so the editor didn’t doubt it.

After getting this done, the next step was to wait for a formal contract, but this is not something Yi Ti should worry about.

“Yi Ti!”

A man’s cry suddenly came from the courtyard.

After Yi Ti froze, she went and opened the window: “Liang Chen? How did you get in?” Did he go over the wall again?

“That doesn’t matter.” When the werewolf youth saw her, he hurried over. Leaping lightly, he pushed Yi Ti’s shoulder as he went inside the room, then grabbed her wrist, “Help me look at him!”

“Him?” Yi Ti just found out that Liang Chen’s arms actually held a “baggage covered with a jacket”. As she watched, the black coat trembled slightly and a head was revealed. She pulled back her hand then covered her mouth, “This is……”

Yi Ti stared in astonishment at a boy about three or four years old who drilled out from the coat. The child was covered in dust, so his face can’t be seen clearly. The face was not as chubby as ordinary children. On the contrary, he was a bit skinny, so his eyes became bigger. Maybe since he noticed her gaze, he winced, timidly turned, then desperately dug into Liang Chen’s arms. He stretched out his hands and grabbed the other’s clothes tightly as if trying to find protection.

But these were not the reason it surprised her. The real reason was—— this child was the same as Liang Chen…… he had two brown ears.

Liang Chen nodded solemnly: “Yes, he is……”

“Your child?”

“……hey!!!” Liang Chen’s tail almost blew up. He subconsciously replied, “It’s your child!”

Yi Ti: “……how and to whom did I have such a child, you?”

“Who wants to have a baby for you!!!”

Yi Ti: “……” Is that the point here? Also, did he think that he’s the one having the baby? She always thought something was wrong. No, now was not the time to focus on this, “What’s up with him?”

When she mentioned this, Liang Chen’s face sank. He gently tore off the coat from the child, incidentally, the child’s clothes were already torn which exposed a skinny body. He had a furry brown tail at his tailbone which slightly shook, making him look cute. And on the back, he had a hideous wound of about ten centimeters long. It looked like it’s from a sharp weapon since the flesh was badly mangled and dripped blood.

“Who did this?” Yi Ti frowned, “This is too much.”

“Hmph, it’s you despicable humans.” Liang Chen didn’t blow up again and uneasily said, “The weapon that hurt him has a special aura, so this wound has been unable to heal. If it went on like this, sooner or later he will bleed and die.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“……aren’t you a Spiritual Plant Cultivator? Don’t you know this kind of thing?”

Yi Ti: “……” Sorry, she just became one, so she really didn’t know anything! But, at this time she could only try it. She opened the desk drawer pretending to look for something. Actually, there’s nothing important in it, but, if it’s a life-saving potion, Yi Ti couldn’t just take it out of thin air. So, a medium was required. As her connection with the space deepened, she found that it’s not necessary to enter to get things out. She just had to focus on imagining that something, and it will naturally appear in her hands. Of course, regarding the spiritual water, she still had to enter the space and extract it in person.

When she reached out her hand again, there were already a few tubes of small rejuvenation potions made according to her master’s recipe: “Try this.”

Liang Chen took a tube of the potion then asked after opening it: “How do you use it?”

“It can be used both internally and externally.”

He nodded, adjusted his holding position, carefully applied some potion in his hand, then applied it to the boy’s wound. The latter made a cry of pain. The furry tail suddenly straightened as he subconsciously whined and bit the young man’s shoulder.

Liang Chen frowned slightly but said nothing, just watched the wound carefully.

After a while, the flesh in that place gradually squirmed then gradually healed.

The young man frowned. After applying half the potion to the boy’s back, he pulled his head off his shoulder and poured the remaining in the boy’s mouth. Maybe he knew that he made a mistake, the child, who had blood stained at the corner of his lips, allowed the young man to move him, but still clasped the other’s clothes tightly with both hands, as if afraid of being thrown away.

Yi Ti noticed that the shoulder of the werewolf was completely wet with blood, so she quickly handed another bottle of potion: “Use this.” She did not expect to get a scornful stare.

“Are you rich?” Liang Chen snorted angrily, “When the old lady was alive, she said every day that the herbs were not enough. If she knew that she had such a prodigal apprentice, she would have crawled out of her grave.”


He looked at her “stupid face”, pulled off the clothes on his shoulder, and showed her that the wound was already healing: “Unlike you fragile humans, our bodies are very strong. This kind of wound doesn’t need medicine at all. Instead, you should use it for yourself!”

After Yi Ti was silent for a while, she honestly said: “If you want to persuade me not to waste potions, you could just say it straight, don’t use such euphemism.”

“Who’s euphemistic? Don’t be too affectionate!” Someone exploded again.

Yi Ti: “……” With this proud bearing, was he really a werewolf and not a cat man?! But this obviously can’t be said, otherwise, he might become so angry that he ran away after demolishing the house, so she asked instead, “Right, where did this child come from?”

“I picked him up by the road when I went shopping this morning.” The restaurant that Liang Chen opened only sold lunch and dinner, so he could go shopping in the morning, and there was no need to get up early. Of course, “helping the old lady with her meals” in the past was another matter.

“Picked up……” Yi Ti was speechless, she looked at the child in his arms, you can pick that up? But, he seemed a little afraid of her.

“That’s because he was cut down by a cultivator like you.” Liang Chen’s tone was very bad, “So he’s instinctively afraid of your aura.” As cultivation increased, the practitioner’s body will naturally reveal aura. If Liang Chen met her for the first time now, he would have immediately understood that “she inherited the old lady’s mantle”.

Yi Ti didn’t deliberately hide her aura, and only until this moment did she get reminded by Liang Chen. Following the method taught by her master, she quickly covered up her aura. Quickly, her breath became no different from ordinary people.

The boy turned his head, his eyes full of doubts, as if wondering “why would this person’s breath change”.

Liang Chen carried the boy. After he glanced left and right, he whispered: “You’re dirty, and you soiled my clothes. Kid, I give you two choices: One, get out and take a bath; Two, I throw you away. Choose for yourself.”

Yi Ti: “……” Is this really a choice?

The boy whimpered, watery eyes looking at Liang Chen. After a little while, probably after realizing that the mind of this “protector” would not change, he bowed his head in frustration, “woo”. The two dangling ears completely folded at the same time and the tail also trembled.

“Okay, it’s decided.” Liang Chen said while throwing the child to Yi Ti, “Give it to you.”

“Wait……” Yi Ti hurriedly carried the boy, her whole body stiff, “Give me some mental preparation.” T-the tail wrapped around her arms! So fluffy, I want to touch it!

“Are you ready now?”


Not just her, the boy’s body also went stiff. Although this embrace was warm and smelled nice, however, he still remembered. Although it’s gone now, she had a terrible breath before. Someone who had a similar aura to her, with a terrible sword……

Yi Ti noticed, subconsciously asked for help from her most trusted partner: “Cecil……”

The jelly alien who kept silent gently stretched out a tentacle in front of the boy, shaking it again and again.

After a minute, the boy reached out tentatively, wanting to catch this tentacle, only to touch nothing.


Didn’t catch it.

Grab again.

Still didn’t catch.


In this seemingly naive game, Yi Ti could clearly feel that the boy’s body relaxed.

She breathed a sigh of relief and gave Cecil a “You’re great” thumbs up.

The latter slightly lowered his head in embarassment, whispering: “I’ll take him to take a shower.” After that, he lifted the boy with his tentacles and like a “virtuous wife”, took him towards the bathroom.

Yi Ti thought the child would be afraid, but after a few seconds, she actually heard his laughter. Although very slight, it was indeed laughter—— Cecil, that guy…… could unexpectedly please the child.

Thinking so, Yi Ti asked Liang Chen: “Does that potion also work for this child?” It’s not always possible to show the ears and tail like this.

“Which one?”

“The one that can help you spend the full moon night.”

Liang Chen looked down at Yi Ti with contempt: “How stupid can you be?”


“He’s not a werewolf, how could that potion work for him?”

Alien 24: Long XiaoTian's Appearance
Alien 26: Called Out By That Person

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