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Then Yi Ti thought again, she can’t let her brother know about this. Otherwise, he would probably be hit hard. Even if he acted too sticky or too controlling at times, she didn’t want to see him become sad.

“Miss Yi, may I help? Of course, whether successful or not, we will pay for it accordingly.”

“It’s not a question of compensation.” Yi Ti waved her hand, “It’s mostly me since I’m a newbie. I don’t have much confidence in the treatment, so I’m a little worried that I’ll make you run for nothing.”

“There’s no such thing.” Xue Ye shook his head, smiling as he said, “It’s good enough that you’re willing to help. And, as you said just now, even if you have just embarked on this path, it doesn’t mean that it will not be possible in the future.”

“Okay then.” She thought about it, “but you should know the rules of Spiritual Plant Cultivators.” Although a Plant Cultivator was powerful and unusual, like her master said, they have to be extra careful because of their rarity. So her master explained that if it’s not necessary, there’s no need to visit in person, just let the other person come. And this seemingly simple shop, in fact, has many places engraved with formations. These were her master’s “collections” for many years, so there’s no need to mention the effect.

And so, this was Yi Ti’s “home court”.

But, she wouldn’t use it under normal circumstances, because triggering the formation required her blood.

“Of course, I will visit in person with my grandfather. I wonder when you’ll be free?”

“Every day.” Yi Ti helplessly spread her hands, “Because my shop has no business at all.”


After saying a few words, Xue Ye said goodbye.

Yi Ti watched the other’s back, wondering how many times he’d acted politely since the first time they met. If there wasn’t that first impression, she would have thought of him as a polite gentleman. And what she didn’t know was, just a while ago, this vampire had always been ambitious, until……he drank a lot of water. Only then did he realized that he really can’t touch some people.

And so, he’s normal!

After a while, Liang Chen came to deliver her meal. The tip of his nose moved as soon as he came in, then he frowned: “Did that stinky bat come?”

“En.” Yi Ti nodded, then replied, “He said he would take his grandfather to seek treatment.”

“His grandfather isn’t dead yet?”

“……” This guy’s mouth is really……

Liang Chen quietly said: “Bring that strange thing over, do you think you have too much blood?”


“When are they coming?”

“Ah?” Yi Ti reacted slowly, “Thank you.” Is this guy going to help her out?

“Stop that unrequited love! I just want to see what’s wrong with the grandfather of that stinky bat!”

“Ahaha, all right, I understand.” Will you die if you didn’t badmouth somebody?

The werewolf snorted, then said: “Right, that girl came today.”

“That girl?”

“The one on the bus.”

“Ah, her.” Yi Ti remembered, “Is she going to school nearby?”

“Probably.” Liang Chen nodded indifferently, “She said she would like to thank us with her family, so you come over……what’s with that surprised expression?”

Yi Ti laughed twice: “N-nothing.” Because according to this guy’s personality of avoiding trouble, he would’ve rejected the other, right? But he actually promised, which just felt strange.

“Human beings are so troublesome, crying at every turn.” The baby faced young man snorted again, “At six o’clock tomorrow evening, remember to come over.”

“Got it.” It turned out that this guy was the type that was absolutely weak to a girl’s tears. Although a bit taken aback, she also wasn’t that surprised.

After saying this, like a high school teenager pretending to be an old man, Liang Chen turned around and left.

When Yi Ti brought the food back, she looked at Cecil who had already prepared her chopsticks and whimsically asked: “Cecil, have any girls cried to you?”

The jelly alien nodded: “Have.”

She clenched her hand unconsciously: “……what’s your relationship with them?”

“Very important friend.” After the jelly alien said that, he added another sentence, “From birth to now, the most important friend.”

“Is it.” Yi Ti asked again, “Is she your……girlfriend?” Although Cecil said he was just a teenager, even kindergarten students nowadays were free to fall in love, what else was a minor.

Hu Xiu Hu Xiu——”

“……” Is this such a shy topic?

The jelly alien drilled under the cabinet then whispered: “N-no.”

“But you must like her very much.”

“……why do you say that?”

“If she’s not your favorite person,” Yi Ti lowered her eyes. She opened the bag and took out the lunch box before saying, “You won’t be so embarrassed, right?” How to say it, she felt a little bit jealous. Sure enough, women’s friendship was different from men’s. Generally, the “third party” was excluded, so it’s really messy.

Yi Ti silently reviewed.

“……” Is that true?

“At that time, after seeing her cry, what did you do?” From Cecil’s words, he should be bewildered and spread out like a large flatbread. Then he’d carefully extend his tentacles, but don’t know how to touch the other, and just circle around her, right?

Wow, she could fully imagine this scene.

“I dragged you home.”

“……” Yi Ti paused, “You?”


“Did you forget Xiao Ti?” The jelly alien who shook his tentacles slightly from under the cupboard shyly said, “That time, the first time you saw me, you broke out in tears.”

“……” Does that count? !

Wait, so, the most important friend that he talked about just now was her?

What she said after that……

How shameful! ! !

What to do? Can I delete Cecil’s memory?

“Xiao Ti, What are you doing?”

“Finding a bottom of the cabinet that I could drill into……” Just ignore her, she had to hide first!

After Cecil went silent for a moment, the cabinet was suddenly lifted by his tentacles, as he thoughtfully said: “Let’s hide together?”

Yi Ti: “……” Wouldn’t it become more embarrassing? !

After taking a deep breath, she sat at the table and continued to eat. She had to say, Liang Chen’s skill was really good. As a foodie, after shoving food into her mouth, she gradually forgot about her embarrassment.

Then came a faint voice under the cabinet——

“Does that mean I like you?”

Yi Ti nearly choked herself: “……I beg you, just forget what I said before!”


“There’! ! !” This would make her unable to look at him again, okay? ! Although it was her fault……

“……” Cecil subconsciously wrapped himself with his tentacles——Yi Ti was sometimes very scary.

But, Yi Ti’s bad luck didn’t seem to end there.

When she returned to her room after dinner, she just turned on the computer when she encountered an inhumane “teasing”.


Aggregate 18:40:34

Just asked the editor, turns out you’re a blue child paper. (picks nose)I originally thought you’re a delicate, weak, and easy to push down loli (disappointed)

Long XiaoTian 18:40:42



Yi Ti: “……” The ID card was indeed a man.

But the more she became familiar with this guy, the more she felt like this guy was a gentleman (pervert)! Sure enough, the gap between reality and dream was too far away, it’s better to keep the distance between fans and idols; otherwise, you’d be disillusioned.


Aggregate 18:40:49

Sure enough, all lovely children these days are blue child paper. (wretched laugh)

Long XiaoTian 18:41:02

Mister Aggregate must be a girl child paper.

Aggregate 18:41:09

No, I’m a handsome guy, I’ve long been past the age of being called lovely. (ups and downs)

Long XiaoTian 18:41:21


Aggregate 18:41:25

Don’t go, little buddy! (hand reaching out)


Yi Ti: “……” Always felt that she’d heard this sentence before, an illusion?

And while bathing at night, she painfully found out that the last bottle of primary genetic modification potion in her hand also had little effect. This meant it was time to use the Intermediate ones. The problem was, a bottle of intermediate potion……was worth ten times that of a primary, it’s 30,000 points ahhh!

Who could buy it!

It’s already so hard to make ends meet……

If she died now, then so be it——oh the heartache!

And so, her pre-cultivation bathing plan has come to an end. Before rediscovering how to make more money, she couldn’t make up her mind to buy it. Fortunately, the effect of genetic modification potion was not temporary, but permanent. Now, the effect of Yi Ti’s cultivation was really much better than the beginning, not to mention with the newly created Ju Ling potion. Without knowing it, Yi Ti felt as if she had touched a barrier, but this was just a vague feeling, she wasn’t sure what exactly it was.

But over time, as the feeling grew clearer, she would understand one day.

Thinking so, Yi Ti lied down on the bed and was soon in dreamland.

That night, she had a strange dream.

In the dream, she didn’t know why she kept running, but there were ghastly and terrible voices behind her——

“Rome died because of you!”

“You shaved the Pope’s hair!”

“Come here and let me break your knees!”

Because she was hurrying too much, something tripped her, making her fall.

At this moment, several blue tentacles entangled her and held her high.


Yi Ti turned her head in surprise. In the next second, she fell into a strange blue environment, sticky all around, and blurry surroundings. Then she heard such a voice: “So crispy, tastes like chicken, Xiao Ti was delicious, I love it.”


Alien 38: Hit With A Sword To The Knee
Alien 40: Got A Message

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