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Almost at the same time.

The young man in the burgundy shirt (he was wearing a purple one today), who chased after Liang Chen and eventually failed, Zhao Mingqi, also returned to the hospital. The ICU was empty because the patient inside had woken up. Checks were underway at the moment.

There was only a minor injury brought by the car accident, but she mysteriously slept and mysteriously woke up. Countless doctors “sharpened their knives” to have the privilege of watching this miraculous patient.

The family naturally accompanied the former lady ghost.

“I can’t catch up.” Zhao Mingqi shook his head at Aggregate who was sitting by the observation window, “That guy is too fast.”

“Is he?” The decadent young man……which was Aggregate, was still dressed in a T-shirt and shorts today. He sat on the bench with legs crossed, one hand holding a cigarette, and the other hand quickly rapping the bench.

“What are you doing?” Zhao Mingqi asked strangely.

Aggregate’s dead fish eyes looked at his friend: “Meditating.”

“……and you have to produce a beat?”

“Brother, didn’t you notice that I was anxious because I couldn’t smoke?”

“……” The silent young man looked closely and found that the cigarette in his hand was indeed unlit, but this was understandable. This was inside the hospital and especially next to the ICU, “You just didn’t smoke one, why are you like this?”

Aggregate answered moodily: “If I make you go out and run around naked, don’t you want to die?”

“……are the two even a comparison?”



“My condition is more serious than yours.”

“Hey!” What does this guy think of cigarettes, God?

After a few seconds, Aggregate changed his pose but still tapped on the bench with his fingers. And Zhao Mingqi calmed down quickly as always——the benefit of knowing this guy was that it could improve mental endurance. Of course, the risk was that you could die of sudden myocardial infarction at any time.

“What’s going on inside?” Zhao Mingqi asked.

Aggregate lazily replied: “Very orthodox technique and it succeeded once, so should be a veteran.”


“The mirror was broken.” In general, “veterans” would have their own mirrors, and because such mirrors had been affected by aura for a long time, it would never break so easily.

Zhao Mingqi certainly understood this, so he said: “So, those two were here to help?”

“It does look like it.” Aggregate nodded, “It seems we have misunderstood.”

“Yes.” Zhao Mingqi nodded.

The female ghost girl had a domineering surname——XuanYuan (T/N: a personal name of Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor).

So her full name was XuanYuan Yu, and her brother’s name was XuanYuan Yi. However, just looking at her experience, such a powerful surname didn’t affect her life track. She was still a pitiful sister who would always be despised by her brother.

XuanYuan Yu’s father was an associate professor at her university while her mother also worked in the same school but in the literature department. They all say “there’s no distinction between literature and history”, so they naturally became a family. Of course, the XuanYuan family was not a cultivation family. However, Associate Professor XuanYuan Bo has an old friend, who was in touch with this circle and gave the couple “first-hand knowledge” several times.

That’s why when something happened to his daughter and the doctor failed to check the cause, XuanYuan Bo discussed it with his wife, Song Nan. They decided to ask their old friend to help. And the old friend recommended them two young people, someone who was an author named “Aggregate” and his “babysitter” Zhao Mingqi.

After the two heard about it, they judged that the soul was out of the body.

But the time and ritual needed to summon living and dead souls were different. The latter was best done in the middle of the night while the former was best in the morning, at the “turn of life and death” hour, because the living soul was in this state at this time.

That’s why, they arrived at the hospital early in the morning.

But they found that all three of XuanYuan Bo’s family were “sleeping”, and standing next to him was a “doctor” in a white coat. At that time, the two had realized something was wrong, and, unlike Yi Ti, who had restrained her aura and looked like an ordinary person, Liang Chen’s “demonic aura” was very obvious. Because of this, both men’s primary target was the werewolf.

Of course, the reason for this was because of a strange combination of circumstances. They thought that what happened in the XuanYuan family might be related to monsters, so they wanted the two to leave before they could talk.

But now, the truth was clear.

“If you have a chance next time, you need to apologize.”

“……why me?”

“Uhm……because you’re good at it?”

“Roll! ! !”

Aggregate, bearing the roar of his friend, lazily dug his ear, then stood up and walked out. One way or another, things had been resolved, so he did not need to stay here.

But, he frowned slightly while recalling that time again——when the cap was swept off, the woman’s cascading black hair and when she looked back, she had a panicked but also surprised eyes, it’s like saying “How can it be him?” ……

Have they met?

Indeed, he seemed to remember but just can’t in the end.

“Forget it……” If they have a fate, they’ll naturally encounter each other, thinking too much would only cause hair loss, hurrying out to smoke a cigarette to ease his anxiety was more serious business.

“What?” Zhao Mingqi heard his voice and asked in doubt.

“It’s nothing.”


As the duo went on their way home, the trio on the other side also returned home.

Yi Ti opened the door of the flower shop and said emotionally: “It’s the first time I’ve opened the door so early.”

Cecil felt like his inner emotions could be represented by an angry word, that was——囧.

“……Xiao Ti, is this something to be proud of?”

“Of course!” For a patient with advanced procrastination syndrome, this was definitely something to be proud of and not just that一!

The good things don’t just stop there——

“I seem to have found inspiration for my trailer,” Yi Ti smiled proudly, “Congratulate me.”

Cecil blinked, stretched out his hands naturally, then held Yi Ti’s waist up high: “Congratulations.”

“……” Even if he became a person, his basic habits haven’t changed at all.

Thinking so, Cecil put her down, then opened his arms, looking at her expectantly.

“……what?” Yi Ti had a bad hunch.

The young man whispered a little shyly: “Didn’t we raise each other before?”


Although that’s true in a way, she suddenly found it difficult to understand this situation. After all, hugging a little jelly compared to a big man……the difference was too great! What to do? It hadn’t been that long since they separated, but she already missed her jelly alien.

“What happened?” Cecil tilted his head and looked at her doubtfully.

“I was thinking,” Yi Ti coughed twice, “I may not be able to lift you up.”

“No problem.” The alien, as always, encouraged his little friend as he convincingly said, “In Xiao Ti’s words, it’s absolutely easy to carry a fake mountain.”

“……” Why a fake mountain? Is she a gorilla?

But, being stared at with that expectant gaze, she always felt like she can’t simply ignore it!

Yi Ti said sincerely: “Cecil, the next time you go out, it’s best not to look at others with your current eyes.”


“I’m worried that you will ruin someone else.”


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand.” She said, carefully stretched out her hand, grasped the pretty thin waist of the young man, and strived to lift him up, “So light!” There’s too much weight difference from normal adult men, right? Almost as if it’s still the same jelly.

“En, although my body shape has changed, the weight didn’t.”

“So that’s why.” So to say, when he was a sphere, the weight was still the same.

Anyway, this meant that lifting this guy was really no challenge.

If someone passed by the flower shop at this time, they would definitely see a shocking scene through the glass door——a petite young woman easily lifted a young man who was much taller than herself and even lifted him many times.

“So, Cecil, could I trouble you to look after the shop?” Once she had the inspiration, she wanted to do it quickly, otherwise, she’s afraid it’d fly away.

“Of course.” The young man nodded obediently, then he asked a little bit awkwardly, “So……can I still use Xiao Ti’s computer?”

“……playing games again?”

“Yes, to analyze data, I mean, to gain experience.”

“……” This guy also learned to change terms, but, the appeal of online games was really big. This guy wouldn’t become a new generation of Internet-addicted youths, right? Should……not, right?

With such thoughts, Yi Ti returned to her room and put on the mind converter. In a sense, she thought that Aggregate was right, “Inspiration is like a grinning goblin. When you want it it’s not there and when you don’t want it, it came out by itself. If you want to grab it again, or if you’re not fast enough, it would slip away once again.” So before you apply it, you must properly grasp it.

She took a deep breath and tried to let her thoughts settle.

The trailer didn’t need to be too long, but it still had to emphasize the highlights of this novel. The biggest highlight of this online game novel, sure enough, was the kinds of interesting characters, right? Although Ling Yi was the real protagonist, everyone around him also shined in their own way, just like the stars accompanying the moon, not trying to outshine the other.

The image gradually took shape in Yi Ti’s mind.

Of course, the first character who appeared was the protagonist……

Ling Yu, carrying a plastic bag, walked out of the supermarket, only to find heavy rain. As the last resort, he returned to the supermarket and bought an umbrella. He walked out three or four steps, and it suddenly cleared up.

Ling Yu: “……”

Then his inner monologue——although I knew this would happen, it’s still really unpleasant!

He was so upset that he just put the umbrella on the side of the road, and continued his journey home.

After three meters.

Heavy rain fell again.

The suddenly drenched Ling Yu: “……”

He finally lifted his head and unable to bear it, cursed: “Asshole God, are you kidding me?”

Boom! ! !”

Thunder exploded.

“……you are so vicious!”

Ling Yu returned angrily and just picked up that umbrella when he heard a slight cry: “Meow~”


He squatted down and found one two three four five kittens squatting under the umbrella. Their colors were black, white, yellow, dairy cow, and three flowers. They seemed to have just been born with their bodies also exuding a faint scent of milk.





Ling Yu’s heart sounded a monologue again——ignore it.

As a result, when he held the umbrella handle and picked it up.

The rain became even more urgent.

It heavily smashed on his head and body. He stared at the kittens under the umbrella, some of them looking at him with their heads tilted. The cats’ eyes were full of curiosity. They seemed to find what this human was doing as strange. And also, they licked the hair that was wet by the rain just now, and even occasionally licked the companions around them.


Alien 48: Something's Very Wrong With This
Alien 50: Could This Be A Coincidence

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