Alien 52: She’s Really Not A Pervert*

Alien 51: This Must Be True Love
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(* 痴汉, chīhàn, (Tw) pervert (loanword from Japanese “chikan”)

Thinking of it this way made her a little desolate. But Yi Ti, who was good at adjusting emotions, quickly left it behind. She was so busy that she almost forgot about Cecil.

She quickly got up and after rummaging in the closet, she found some clothes that her brother left on one of his visits. Compared to Yi Shao, Cecil was definitely thinner, but not that obvious. Besides, thin was better than fat, at least the shirt wouldn’t rip.

Yi Ti walked into the shop while holding the clothes and was helpless to find that someone was still playing the game intently. Slender fingers flew on the keyboard, almost producing after shadows. After a while, his fingers slowed down. He seemed to be at the end of a fight, so she took the opportunity to walk over, but then heard him utter: “According to calculations, the chance of getting weapons is 7%……”


“X-Xiao Ti?” The jelly alien quickly withdrew his hands and sat still, his eyes guiltily drifting.

“You’re really……” Yi Ti held her forehead, “Are there no online games in the universe?”

“If we want to hunt monsters, we could just go to a special star domain.”

“……” What kind of worldview was that? Forget it, “Try this one.” Yi Ti gave the clothes to Cecil, “It should fit better than the one you’re wearing.”


“……what are you doing?”

The alien, who was seriously unbuttoning, replied: “Undressing.” Saying so, the shirt spread out and revealed his chest, exposing a small section of the beautifully shaped clavicle.

“……go to the house and change! ! !”

Yi Ti was helpless.

After looking around, she simply closed the shop doors. It’s not too late to open at ten. Anyway, the customers who were willing to come here were also accustomed to this lazy service attitude.

A few minutes later, Cecil stepped out of the guest room. Although it’s just the simplest white shirt plus jeans, Yi Ti thought that even wearing a sack would still look good on him (especially in this age of good looking face mania!). However, that might be regarded as abnormal.

“Xiao Ti, all done.” The young man moved his body stiffly as he obediently stood on the spot looking at Yi Ti like a soldier waiting for review. He secretly thought that since he returned to his pre-change appearance, she should be satisfied, right?

“Come here.” Yi Ti beckoned again seeing that beautiful and illusory hair and eyes, “Come to me.”

Quickly, the other party walked in front of her.

Yi Ti took off her shoes and stood on the sofa, unbuttoning the first button of his shirt, and slightly fixing the collar: “It looks better. But,” She looked down at the belt around his waist, “It seems like the waist is loose, why not tighten it a bit?”


“What happened?” She looked in wonder at Cecil’s awkward look.

“I-it will be uncomfortable.” The young man bowed his head, his cheeks turning slightly red.

Yi Ti thought that mimicry was incredible. It obviously just simulated the shape, but every detail was exactly the same as humans with no difference at all. Thinking like this, she said: “How come? You can tighten it so that it won’t fall.” It wasn’t like he’s wearing a corset.

“Not that……”

“That? What that?” Yi Ti was confused, she couldn’t figure it out.

The alien who didn’t know how to lie to her stretched out his hands, lifted the belt, then whispered: “These pants will grind uncomfortably.”


He nodded.

“Where? The texture of the jeans is a bit stiff, but isn’t that too harsh?” Yi Ti pulled his pants, “Where is it, let me see.” Was the belt or the trousers uneven? Strange, her brother was wearing it normally. Did it become damp in the closet? But this phenomenon wouldn’t occur even if it got wet.



“R-really want to see?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Must you see it……”

“……” It’s just wearing pants, do you need to be so shy? Why does he act like he’s undressing in front of her? ! She helplessly said, “yes.”

Cecil was tangled. Before today, he had no experience as a human being, that’s why he made such a low-level mistake. But, after being “reminded” by Xiao Ti, he then remembered that humans on Earth were not self-adjusting as the people on his planet where they could easily hide the parts that couldn’t be easily seen. Instead, Earthlings needed to “dress up” to achieve this goal. And, unless their relationship was particularly close, humans would never reveal their bodies without covering up.

But, since Xiao Ti requested it……no matter what the requirements were, he couldn’t possibly refuse.

The young man took a deep breath, then made a decision: “Okay.”


Yi Ti silently stared at the direction of his fingers then remembered a bit late. Cecil, this guy, seemed……to wear no underwear?

So when you wear tight jeans, it meant that……

Hey! ! !

Her face became red, eyes looking left and right, not knowing where to look. Anyway, she couldn’t look at the person in front of her!

Because it’s really really really really embarrassing!

But, occasionally, our alien classmate, who still didn’t understand the atmosphere, actually said: “Do you, really want to see it?” If Xiao Ti insists……

“……who wants to see it! ! !”

“……” She obviously wanted to before. QAQ

Yi Ti took a deep breath then reached out to cover her red face: “Stu-stupid! That kind of thing should be said straight ah!”

“Sorry.” The youth bowed his head. He had a gloomy aura all over again, “I was wrong.”

“……it’s not your fault either, I also have a problem.” She completely forgot. Also, even if Cecil said it directly, this embarrassment would still exist, so it’s just a matter of the degree.

A-all in all, the first thing to think about now was how to solve this problem!

Yi Ti thought about it. There seemed to be something left by her brother at home……well, even if they’re both men, it’d feel weird to wear something that the other wore. She thought about it, then jumped off the sofa while pulling Cecil to the bedroom. After rummaging in the closet, she finally found a small bag: “Found it!” Inside was a pair of black male underwear.

“……why does Xiao Ti have this?” The data Cecil just read told that generally speaking, only people who were very close could leave this clothing in women’s homes, especially such a personal thing……it didn’t smell like Xiao Ti’s brother, could it be that……the jelly alien thought frustratedly. Speaking of which, he seemed to know nothing about her past experience.

“Don’t think wildly!” Looking at someone who almost had smoke come out of his head, Yi Ti also felt awkward, “This is an offer from shopping!” Yes, a “buy one get one free” service at lingerie stores, but when she arrived home, she discovered it was men’s underwear. She also did not have the courage to go back and change it and was thinking of giving it to her brother, but she was worried that he would say something like “I won’t change it later” (He can really do it!), so she hid it in her closet. Now it seemed like it’s still there.

She looked at the bag carefully: “One size fits all, so you should be fine……right?” Anyway, just put it on casually. Cough, there should be no problem.

After that, Yi Ti washed it a little, put it in the automatic washing machine to dry, then turned to Cecil: “When it’s done, put it on yourself. Washing it is also your own task in the future.” After this, she wouldn’t help him wash this anyway!

“En.” The young man nodded solemnly as if receiving a major task.

“……” There’s no need to be that serious.

After that, finally, Cecil, dressed in proper clothes, came to the bedroom as Yi Ti said. She was currently browsing a page: “Cecil, come over and see.” She was looking at a clothes shop’s online website in the same city. It was recommended by a colleague at school, and usually, after the order was placed, the delivery would arrive the same day with payment upon delivery. Overall, it’s quite convenient.

Opening the clothing page, she chose menswear and chose underwear. Yi Ti stood up and pushed Cecil down on the chair: “Choose it yourself. Right, are you clear on your own size?”

“En, I wear this number.” Finger points.

“You don’t need to tell me this.” She always felt that she was a bit perverted.

Cecil really chose very seriously. Of course, for a guy who was born with a plugin, it’s almost stress-free to browse a few pages as he soon made a decision: “Xiao Ti, do you think this is okay?”

Yi Ti was helpless. Why did she have to help him with this? He’s really an idiot.

But in the next second, she became entirely Spartan: “Are you sure?”

“En.” Nod.

“Are you really sure?”

“Is there a problem?” Cecil blinked and looked at her doubtfully, “Not cute?”


Almost instantly, Yi Ti was only given seconds to respond to those beautiful eyes that reflected the sky and stars.

She fell to the ground and vomited blood: “Cute is cute, but don’t you think it’s too cute……” Underwear with patterns of kittens, chicks, ducklings……normal men would never want to wear this, right? ! Even her dullard of a brother just wore red tights occasionally.

“But here it says, buy more than ten, and you can customize your favorite pattern.”

Yi Ti had a bad hunch: “What do you want to print on it?”

“Xiao Ti.”

“……” Hey! ! !

The way he expressed affection was as disturbing as ever.

Yi Ti grabbed his smooth, long hair emitting fluorescent light with both hands, then gritted her teeth while saying: “I don’t want to be sitting under your butt!”

“Then print it in front?”

“……isn’t that weirder? !” What did he think of her?

“……I see.” Cecil bowed his head in disappointment, the light on his hair seemed to dim, “Never mind then.”

Yi Ti: “……” what’s with this guilty feeling? She did nothing wrong, right? She helplessly sighed, released her hand, grabbed the mouse, and quickly scanned each patterned underwear into the shopping cart, “Just give up the idea of printing a pattern on something like this. However,  if it’s printed on a t-shirt……” She could accept it.

“Xiao Ti……” Touched……touched……touched……

Yi Ti shoved away that happy face with a little embarrassment: “Don’t look at me like that!” She could sign any treaty to “surrender territory under humiliating terms” with those eyes!

Now that she bought it, Yi Ti simply planned to help him buy some more clothes, and just deliver it together, saving them from going out again.

After returning to the menswear page, she asked Cecil to choose some more clothes. Fortunately, this time his taste was normal with no more strange patterns. The only disappointment he felt was——

“There are no printable t-shirts……”

Looking at his disappointed expression after Yi Ti placed the order, she really wanted to open the great, but this one would get out of hand——finally, she bought four printable T-shirts and two of them belonged to her. Although……she didn’t notice until she ordered.

Thinking about it, she thought it was the fault of the contentedly smiling alien.

“Close your eyes, don’t look at me anymore!”

“……” QAQ

And just then, Yi Ti unexpectedly saw the price reduction notice sent automatically by the system.

“This shop……”

She subconsciously opened her eyes wide, her eyes lighting up instantly.


“Wh-what?” The young man, who was always sharp, heard something unusual from her words.

“Hey hey hey, look, I bought a T-shirt with you, and so, you buy this with me!” Saying so, Yi Ti “smirked” and touched the tape measure from the table as she moved closer to him.


Alien 51: This Must Be True Love
Alien 53: Refreshed Three Views Again

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