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It’s just skin contact but Yi Ti already felt powerful strength just from the knees. It’s also right if she thought about it. Although the vampire in front of her had the shape of a child, under normal circumstances, the older the blood clan, the stronger they were. If even this surviving veteran from the blood race couldn’t expel the aura in his body, she deeply doubted whether she could do it.

Of course, this might also have something to do with the divine aura’s ability to restrain the blood race.

Yi Ti, who didn’t dare “irritate” that power easily, turned her aura into filaments and slowly penetrated Angus’ knee. After this period of refining potions, she undoubtedly became quite proficient in manipulating her aura. After injecting this aura, she approached the divine aura tentatively. As a result, the other party didn’t respond.

She took a deep breath and went closer.

With patient experimentation, Yi Ti found that as long as she didn’t touch it, this divine aura was in a “sleeping” state, but once touched, it’d immediately got ready and reveal its vigorous vitality.

But, she didn’t hate it, or rather, the aura in her body didn’t hate the divine aura.

It’s normal if you think about it. The plants and sun, how can one live without the other? In a sense, they were complementary.

After drawing preliminary inferences, Yi Ti put more aura and quickly surrounded that divine aura. She tentatively launched an “attack”, trying to pull it out of Angus’ body in this way.

Short-weaponed soldiery fights one another (idiom, fierce hand to hand infantry combat, to fight at close quarters).

This was where the war began.

But soon, Yi Ti stopped.

Because the “battlefield” was Angus’ body, the divine aura could do anything, but she couldn’t. She wanted to cure him, not blow his knee off.

After the attack failed, she started experimenting with “soft strategies”. In other words, since the two forces were not mutually exclusive, could it be merged temporarily?

But, the fusion of auras was undoubtedly quite difficult.

If it was someone else, it would have failed. However, Yi Ti was different. The power of a Plant Cultivator was inherently compatible which made it not be actively rejected by any force, either light or darkness. But even so, if she wanted to succeed, she needed a deeper resonance……

Feel it……understand it……accept it……

To concentrate, Yi Ti slowly closed her eyes. Don’t know for how long but she finally caught their “commonality”.

At this point, the two fundamentally different forces merged little by little.

To be conservative, Yi Ti merged only a small part. Immediately after, she slowly withdrew her aura from the knee without rashly incorporating it into the body and instead, let it dissipate in the air.

Xue Ye, John, and Liang Chen all stepped back. They seemed to hate this kind of bright power.

“Success?” Xue Ye asked a little eagerly.

Yi Ti re-entered her aura, frowned, nodded, then shook her head again: “I think I did find a solution, but I can’t do it now.”

The divine aura inside Angus was special. After the loss, it would take power from his body, and assimilate it again. Thanks to this, it only stayed at the knee. Otherwise, he’d probably had a bright light shining from inside him.

That’s why, if they wanted to completely heal the wound, all this aura must be pulled out in one breath.

And according to her current level, it can’t be done.

After all, she’s still not strong enough.

But Angus was content: “China really had Tibetan horses crouching tiger. You smell very young and delicious. You gave me a surprise.”

“……” Yi Ti was speechless, was it so scary to say thank you?

“……it’s hidden dragon crouching tiger.” Xue Ye looked on a bit helplessly.

“Is it? I remember it was a Tibetan horse.”

“Grandfather, please don’t confuse Roman and Chinese idioms.”

Yi Ti: “……”

“Delicious plant cultivator, I will wait for your growth.”

After leaving such a sentence, the blood trio left.

After Liang Chen watched them go, he waved and also left. In his words “I’m different from your stagnant business, I’m very busy” ——Yi Ti felt like she was shot in the chest!

Before leaving, the old steward John left a classic and beautiful wooden box. It’s said to be meant as a “thank you”. With his polite manner, Yi Ti couldn’t say “Can it be converted into RMB?” ……as you can imagine, once said, she’d be a laughingstock. And when they left, she opened the box and took a look. Inside was a gorgeous ruby necklace.

She was still thinking of the idea of “changing it to RMB at an auction”, but after seeing the note in the box, Yi Ti silently gave up. Because it said, this was what Angus, that disrespectful fellow, “took” when he “visited at night” a king’s room two years ago. Because this was a “precious relic”, the “treasure hunt news” was still hanging from it.

“Don’t give away stolen goods at will!” Bam!

Dare she sell it?

Can she sell it?

Ah? !

With the painful feeling of “doing something in vain”, Yi Ti silently closed the door of the flower shop (business is so bad anyway, so it should be okay——in short, she’s self-absorbed), dragged her tired body back to the living room, and lied down on the sofa. Her whole person felt unwell.

“Xiao Ti, are you okay?”

She turned her head and looked at the youth squatting beside the sofa and staring anxiously at her, then pulled the corners of her mouth: “Cecil, aren’t you playing a game?”

He answered with a serious expression: “Games are less important than you.” There were many games, but he only had one friend like Xiao Ti. Although she didn’t let him go to the meeting, he had been paying full attention to the movements there.

Yi Ti instantly felt that she was healed——it’s so heartwarming to hear such words at this time!

“Xiao Ti.”


“Can I help you massage it?”


“The information I found says——if the body feels tired, massage is a good way to relax.”

“You can?”

“I recorded the corresponding technique.”

“That……then try?” Yi Ti felt that for the first time, the information archived by Cecil was not completely useless like those things that can benefit the “public”. She moved on the sofa and patted her side, “sit here.”

“En!” The youth nodded with a serious expression. He sat down and took a deep breath before raising his hands like a doctor on an operating table. He then slowly put it on Yi Ti’s back, then moved down.

Yi Ti’s expression changed from humoring to surprised, then enjoyment. After a while, she slightly narrowed her eyes and hummed like a fully satisfied pig: “Left……right……heavier there, yes, that’s it……” Slowly close your eyes.


Don’t know how long it had been, she woke up suddenly. She looked around, only to find herself asleep: “How long did I sleep?”

“One hour 35 minutes 26 seconds.”

“……” It’s not that she’s too lazy, just that Cecil’s massage was too comfortable……wait! Yi Ti suddenly realized one thing, “Why are you still pressing?” He just sat here and pressed for more than an hour?

Cecil blinked then answered as if it was natural: “Xiao Ti, you didn’t stop me.”


“Should I stop?”

“Stop stop stop.” Yi Ti sat up, subconsciously grabbed his hand and asked, “Are your hands sore?”

The young man shook his head.

He didn’t lie, this degree was really nothing to him.

“That’s good,” She was relieved but couldn’t help but chatter, “If this happens again next time, if you see me fall asleep, you can stop.”


“However, your hands are really pretty.” After a rest, Yi Ti, who was in a good mood, held the hand of this alien and looked over it again and again. Among the people she had seen, Xue Ye’s hands were the most beautiful. When they first met, she thought they were amazing, but Cecil’s was also not bad. How envious. She said a little jealously, “Your fingers are so long.”

Saying so, she compared their palms together and sadly found that her fingers were shorter.

Cecil attached the other hand to Yi Ti, his eyes narrowed for a moment with a look similar to “enjoyment” on his face: “But, Xiao Ti’s hands are warm.”

“Isn’t this because your temperature is inherently low?” Yi Ti jokingly said, “All right, I’ll be far away from you in winter.”

“……I will adjust my temperature at that time.”

“Is that all right?”


“Aliens are really convenient, they can be used as a hot water bottle in winter.”

“Hot water bottle……”

Yi Ti was surprised to find that the other person’s temperature seemed to suddenly rise. The heat was coming from the palm on her hand. She thought that if he didn’t lose his ability to switch shapes, this alien would have turned into a large pool of blue liquid. She felt powerless: “What are you thinking about……”

The young man, who was almost cooked by the continuous high temperature, dropped his head, blushing while whispering: “In winter, do you want to sleep with me?” From time to time, he would raise his eyes and peek at her, looking adorably shy.

Yi Ti’s eyelids jerked a few times, before “relentlessly” replying: “No, you’ll be on the soles of my feet.”

Cecil hesitated for a moment, then nodded, “If Xiao Ti insists……” The hot water bottle does have such a role.

Yi Ti: “……” Hey! Don’t promise so easily! She almost vomited blood, “What exactly is the information you receive from the internet,” She retracted her hand then yanked his hair(this was her latest hobby), “Isn’t there anything more useful?”

“Something more useful?”

“Like,” Yi Ti held her forehead, “I’m suffering a huge mental shock now because of you, how are you going to comfort me?”

Cecil blinked and the answer came instantly: “There are many ways to comfort, Xiao Ti, what kind do you want?”

Yi Ti rubbed her fingers: “The most sincere kind.” As the saying goes “money comfort” because she’s short of money right now, but……does this guy really have money?

However, she didn’t know why he hesitated: “Really?”

She crossed her legs, acting as the “lady landlord” and said: “If it’s not possible, you can consider giving me an IOU and pay later. I’m not going to put interest.”

“……I’ll pay now.”

“Ah?” Yi Ti, who was just teasing someone, was surprised. Is Cecil really rich? It wouldn’t be his hidden private money, right? Help, he’d just been few days on Earth, how could he even learn this?

But his next move made her feel a little weird——

Because Cecil grabbed her shoulders. Yi Ti glanced around and was about to laugh and say something when she suddenly became aware that the temperature in his palm was soaring again. On the contrary, he lowered his eyes as large patches of redness floated on his fair skin. His eyelashes were shaking too, just not looking at her. She froze as if made aware of something. However, just before she responded, he suddenly leaned forward.

The distance between the two seemed to disappear in an instant.

The next second, Yi Ti noticed a slightly cold but extremely gentle touch on her forehead.

Translator’s Notes:

Sorry, Cecil is too shy to go for the lips. XD

Also, whenever China is mentioned, they’re actually saying the “Celestial Empire”. According to my dictionary:

天朝, Tiāncháo, Celestial Empire, a tributary title conferred on imperial China / Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

I just used China since it’s easier for me to translate.

Alien 54: Hello Grandfather
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