Alien 56: The World Is So Fair

Alien 55: Goodbye Grandfather
Alien 57: You're Also A Poor Ghost

Time seemed to still at this moment.

In contrast, her hearing became incredibly sensitive in an instant. It was so loud that even her heartbeat sounded scary as if it were tapping right next to her ears.


Dong Dong!”


Two messy sounds mixed together, making people hear an abnormal harmony.

It seemed like a long time passed, but maybe it’s just a moment.

The touch on her forehead disappeared.

Cecil’s face slowly moved away and a few strands of blue hair shimmered under the fluorescent light as it brushed her cheeks. Yi Ti felt a little itchy, then she realized that her face was very hot.

At this moment, there was a kind of feeling similar to “frustration and confusion” in Yi Ti’s heart, but she quickly let go of this inexplicable emotion. She subconsciously reached out and stroked her forehead, then opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

Or rather, maybe she shouldn’t say anything at this time.

Because of the messy mood, her eyes became complicated for a moment.

And under this complex gaze, “the culprit” actually slipped off the sofa a bit, squatted down, and desperately pulled on the sofa’s joints, as if trying to get inside. After failing, he silently stretched his hands around his head. This way of “covering one’s ears whilst stealing a bell” was how he “hid” himself.

Yi Ti: “……”

The mood just now was gone in a flash, okay?

Have to say, this guy was really an innate atmosphere breaking expert.

Also, it was clear that he was the one who created an awkward atmosphere, so why was he the one who became shy?

As if she was the one who did something bad.



More importantly, she has no money to buy bags now!

Her lips twitched, putting down the hand stroking her forehead. While trying to forget that touch she just felt, she grabbed his hair and none so gently said: “What are you shy about? Isn’t this all your fault?” She should be the shy one, right? Suddenly being attacked like that……

No matter how she pulled, classmate Cecil refused to look up. A long time passed before he whispered: “It’s the fault of Earth customs.”

Yi Ti: “……” He’s not happy without blackening the Earth, right? Therefore, “what does this have to do with Earth customs?”

“Xiao Ti, you said you need the most sincere comfort……”

“And so?”

“I found out it was a kiss.”

“……” Hey!

At this point, Yi Ti finally understood. Is that what happened? But at the same time she felt helpless——

“Did you forget that when searching for information, I’m from China.” While supporting her forehead, “This comfort method is completely inapplicable to us, of course, except to those who are particularly close.” It’s more common between couples and lovers, relatives……the way in which people express their affection was generally restrained, especially between parent and child. Not to mention this passionate way, even hugs couldn’t be done under normal circumstances. Of course, except for a special type of brother!

At the same time, an alien was severely hit by Yi Ti’s words.

Because the first time he collected information about the Earth, he was almost overwhelmed by a stream of information that contained a lot of garbage, he didn’t rush to accept everything and always had to search when he needed it. This also led to occasional problems.(Yi Ti:Is it really occasional? ! ) However, this time seemed to be more serious than before.

In fact, that kind of rude behavior to a Chinese like Xiao Ti, who was relatively conservative in etiquette, would definitely be hated.

I was hated……

I’m going to be hated……

Definitely being hated……

Yi Ti watched Cecil who was almost petrified and had turned gray all around. The feeling of silence became even worse. Did he have to show such a desperate look?

Searching for apology……

The most sincere way to apologize.

A word popped out of Cecil’s confused mind——harakiri.

He hadn’t had time to understand what it means before he hurriedly and carefully asked: “Xiao Ti, if I cut my belly, will you forgive me?”

“……are you threatening me?”

“……” QAQ

Yi Ti reached out her hands to “pull” someone’s face. Because she was “as powerful as a cow” and he was “as light as a swallow”, this was easily done. She sighed. While holding his face and looking at him, she said: “This time it’s okay if you don’t understand common sense, but don’t do this to others in the future, especially women. Or else you’ll be stabbed. I won’t help you then.”

The eyes of the youth who realized the “forgiveness” in her words lightened up, like the bright galaxy. He nodded solemnly then replied: “I’ll only do it to Xiao Ti.”

“Hey!” Did this guy learn his lesson?

“I mean……” Knowing what was wrong, Cecil carefully looked at Yi Ti’s face as he explained, “I just want to do it to Xiao Ti, because you are my best friend. And also, I just want to be closer to you.” Different from him, Xiao Ti had many friends on Earth. He knew it was wrong to be frustrated with such things, but he occasionally got upset about it.

He wanted to be her best friend, a friend who was different from the others.

But somehow, he couldn’t say this directly, because he thought it might cause her trouble.

He didn’t want her to worry about himself, not even a little bit.

Yi Ti: “……” Sometimes, she really thought that he might be fine boyfriend material. He was so shy for a while, but in the next moment, he could say such candid and unbearable words.

But she also knew that this guy didn’t even know the meaning of what he said. Or rather, knowing nothing might be a good thing. He didn’t have to think about anything and just let the trouble go to others, like her.

With this unbalanced mind, she held his cheek with both hands and pulled back and forth to vent her anger.

Just then, her cell phone rang.

Yi Ti “reluctantly released” her hand. After answering the phone, she jumped off the sofa and ran outside——the clothes just arrived. After checking and getting the payment receipt, she secretly rejoiced——fortunately, she had cash. Otherwise, it’s really going to be a big loss. But then again, she already ran out of food, now that she spent again, she’s really going to die!

Thanks to this, the previous embarrassment was directly forgotten by her. She walked straight back to the washing machine, cut off the tag of new clothes, and put it in. Even though it’s not that early, Yi Ti still chose to dry her clothes.

While she was busy, Cecil ran over with her phone, saying: “Xiao Ti, your phone is ringing.”

“Ringing again? Let me see.” Yi Ti selected the options and pressed “Start”. She then wiped her hands and took the call, unexpectedly discovering that it was a colleague who had called in the past.

Five minutes later.

Yi Ti hung up the phone then showed an “I vomited three liters of blood” action.

“Xiao Ti!” Cecil nervously followed “the way Chinese detect sickness”, reaching out and touching her forehead, “Are you okay?”

Yi Ti grabbed his hand and pulled it down: “Nothing wrong……and also, Cecil, if one day I really vomit blood, could you call the ambulance directly? Touching my head won’t save me.”

“……” Nod, just nod, then write it down.

She asked why the other person called suddenly and was told they were going to get married and asked her to attend. Attend a wedding means——a red envelope! ! ! This could be described as when it rains, it pours. She felt unwell all over.

But it turned out that God was fair.

This “fact” happened in the early morning of the next day.

After a night of painful thinking, she felt that running a flower shop……was impossible. But reminded of the little angel Cecil, she realized that she had another advantage to take advantage of, that was——selling potions!

She had potions for monster use and it seemed to be precious, right? Then it should be fine to exchange it for money. And this could be considered self-reliance since she made money by her own skills.

With this excitement of “I am about to be a drug dealer”, Yi Ti, who didn’t sleep well last night, made many many bottles of potions. This meant that at the end of her morning meditation, she was very hungry. Tragically, once she opened the refrigerator, she found that she’d ran out of food. Flipping her bag, hmm, 75 yuan and 80 cents must be enough for breakfast.

She couldn’t help but think of all kinds of “chicken soup” she had read in magazines before. She fondly remembered that before anyone won the lottery, there seemed to be one last dime in their pockets. Overcome by the genius idea, she seriously wondered if she should buy a lottery ticket?

She thought about it while opening the small door on the side of the shutter doors.


Something fell on her feet.

Yi Ti: “……”

She was frightened and took a step back, then quickly squatted down, asking: “Hey, are you okay?” Because she found it was a person.

Lying on his side, the man facing away from her shook his hand. There was a moan as if from hell: “I……hungry……”

How did it sound so familiar? She looked at the other carefully then incredulously said: “Lu Kong?” How did he become like this? Did he encounter a terrible and fierce monster?

“……” The other person abruptly turned around. After seeing her face clearly, his expression became moved to the extreme as he rolled over and hugged her thigh while crying out, “Yi Ti, yes, this is your home! I finally found you! ! !”

Yi Ti: “……” After being silent for a while, she asked, “Haven’t you been here before?” Why would he say such strange words?

“I’m not good at remembering the way.”

“……” Hey! How much is not good to make this happen?

“Then how did you get here?”

“By feeling!”

“……your feeling is pretty accurate.”

“Not at all!” It’s okay not to mention it, but mentioning it made Lu Kong even more sad, “I’ve been wandering in this city for more than ten days. I finally found your home again!”

Yi Ti suddenly felt that God was really fair in this aspect of life.

Although He didn’t make her rich, at least she encountered someone worse than her.

Alien 55: Goodbye Grandfather
Alien 57: You're Also A Poor Ghost

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