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This post was much more deserted than other posts. One post, one reply. The two were in a master-disciple relationship.

It looked very ordinary, but the problem was!

The issue was!

The problem was that the person who posted was “orange” ah!

That legendary “orange” ah! ! !

One of the seven people at the top of the entire cultivation world.

Someone joked in the chat area before that after collecting these seven people, you could summon Shenlong. Although that’s just gossip, many people really believed that. If these seven people come together, they could really make a dragon.

And this “Orange Grape Juice” was actually “Orange’s” disciple?

Unless you’re a fool, who would dare joke about this? Not to mention, this post had a clearly visible “reviewed” red stamp.

What does this mean?

It meant it’s officially certified. There’s no falsehood involved!

This “Orange Grape Juice” was still a newbie and also a black iron member. The number of tasks completed was 0, but in the eyes of Xiang TianHua, they had begun flashing a dazzling golden light. There’s a reason for it——even if they’re one-tenth of the master’s talent, they’re still his in-laws!

Based on this relationship alone, even if this “Orange Grape Juice” said that they’re actually the reincarnation of Sun Wukong, he would believe it!

“Not good!” Xiang TianHua smacked his head. He didn’t hesitate to speak just now. He shouldn’t have offended the other party, right? It’s just a small offense, but if this delayed ShuCheng’s illness, he’d feel guilty for life.

While one person regretted here, Yi Ti received a response over there.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Sorry sorry, I’m really sorry, it was a misunderstanding just now.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Still there?

TianLi ZhaoZhao: I’m really sorry about what happened just now, I must apologize to you.


Yi Ti watched the apology that came out, blinked and somewhat didn’t understand the situation. But the other party didn’t contain malicious intentions and now that they apologized, she was not such a mean person, so she reconciled decisively.

Immediately after, the two talked about the “patient”‘s condition.

Yi Ti thought about it then finally offered to give him a bottle of diluted potion. If it worked, she’d give the original potion. Although she’s confident in her potions and thought the chance of a cure was above 80% and even if it didn’t work, it’s good for the other person’s body, so it’s not 100% sure. If the original potion was issued directly, whether successful or not, the other party would have to pay a lot of money——because the herbs were very expensive at market prices. And if she sent a diluted version and it failed, it would not cause the other party to lose too much.

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Deserving to be that legendary person’s disciple, very tolerant!

TianLi ZhaoZhao: Okay, I’ll do as you say!

TianLi ZhaoZhao: You’re in charge, I’m relieved.

Orange Grape Juice: ……

Yi Ti was speechless once again. This man’s skill in turning the rudder after seeing the wind must be full. And at this moment, she also roughly understood the reason for the other’s attitude change. Until now, she had little real sense of the wonder her master brought before Lu Kong.

After the transaction was negotiated, both parties chose “to trade with the other party”.

This system was somewhat similar to “Taobao” where TianLi ZhaoZhao’s payment would be detained in the forum and only when he confirmed the receipt would Yi Ti get the money.

Of course, before the transaction was completed, Yi Ti received the prompt “Please bind your bank account immediately.” She thought about it, then directly entered the bank account left by her master. According to the elder, this was originally left for her, so it shouldn’t matter if she used it now.

In this way, after some troubles, Yi Ti finally confirmed her first transaction from the cultivation world!

It made her a little excited.

Excited, she just wanted to do something that made people happy.

So when she turned to look at Cecil, her expression immediately bemoaned: “Why can’t you change back.” She suddenly wanted to touch his soft body like before, and rub it desperately.

“……” TAT

The alien who was pierced with sadness also lamented. He also wanted to sit on Xiao Ti’s knee, but this was obviously impossible now.

Worried, he hesitantly opened his arms, whispering: “Otherwise, I’ll hold you?”

“I don’t feel like it right now.” Yi Ti was a little picky.

“……” QAQ

Looking at the other person’s depression for a moment, Yi Ti suddenly felt like “I’m a bully” illusion. She scratched her cheek in shame, reached out and hugged the youth, then patted his back: “En, in fact, it’s good to hug like this.”



“Xiao Ti is very comfortable to hug.” Cecil tightened his hands and honestly spoke his feelings, “Warm and soft with a touch of floral and herbal scent……en, and the smell of meat buns.” Don’t want to let go, want to continue like this.

“……remove the last one.” Yi Ti was helpless, “If you praise a girl like this in the future, you’ll be beaten up.” Saying that a girl smelled like meat buns or something, this was the rhythm of asking for a beating!

“Not afraid, I’ll only say that about you.”

Yi Ti raised her face slightly dissatisfied. She stretched out her hand and pulled someone’s supple and extremely dark hair: “……I will beat you.” Why is she so unlucky? !


“Cough cough!”

“Cough Cough Cough!”

Yi Ti: “……”

Cecil: “……”

The atmosphere destroyer was standing at the door with tears in his eyes as he looked at the two people in the room: “I say you guys, why do you have to be so lovey dovey? I even watched a show when I just arrived. Is it intentional to stimulate people?” Other people could get hugs from women, but he could only brush his sense of presence by coughing. His throat hurts! But compared to his throat, his heart was even more painful!

Yi Ti pushed Cecil a little awkwardly. Although she thought their actions were quite pure, saying it like that made it less pure in an instant. Cough cough, the benevolent saw benevolence, the wise saw wisdom (idiom, different views are admissible), a vulgar person will see vulgar things, it must be so!

The person at the door was naturally Lu Kong. At that moment, he had taken a shower and put on clean clothes. The short, messy and oily dark hair also looked very refreshing at the moment. The yellow and white hair highlights on the left were particularly striking, paired with his sunny face which made him look energetic.

At this moment, he was carrying a lunch box in his hand. No doubt, he’s doing the work of delivering food.

“You’ve started working already?” Yi Ti stepped forward then asked after taking the lunch box.

“Don’t mention it.” Lu Kong softly snorted, “That stupid werewolf, even the shampoo, and conditioner I used had to cost money, really stingy!”

“According to your relationship with him, he’s already nice if he lends it to you.”

“……which side are you on? !” The young man hated iron for not becoming steel, “We are partners ah! Have you forgotten those years when we were poor?”

Yi Ti: “……” Who had such miserable years with him!

“Right, how’s the forum going?”

“I took a mission.”

“Oh? That’s good, what task?”


“Very suitable for you.” Lu Kong nodded, understanding the rules and not asking for the details of the task, “are you going to deliver it?”

“En.” Yi Ti nodded, “I plan to go to the delivery point later. I don’t know if it could be sent in liquid form now.” Since some accidents happened before, some courier would not accept any liquid on express.

She said what she thought was normal, but Lu Kong was stunned: “Wait, do you plan to send it on ordinary courier? X pass, O receive, like that?”

“……is there a problem?”

“Of course there’s a problem!” The young man supported his forehead and helplessly said, “Your master really didn’t teach you. Fortunately, I’m here.”

Then Lu Kong explained. There were also special express delivery channels for cultivators. This was normal because these people’s exchanges occasionally had some “prohibited products” like weapons and prohibited drugs. Hehehe, inconvenient for others to know, and the normal courier would not dare deliver it.

Therefore, in all cities where practitioners gathered, almost all have express delivery points. By the way, the name of the courier was kind of down to earth, it’s called——true pass (真通, zhen tong).

“Although it sounds a bit like a pain, it doesn’t matter that much.”

Yi Ti: “……” Obviously, it’s somewhat true to its name!

“Also, you see the address left by the transaction party. It’s obviously not delivered by ordinary courier.”

After his reminder, Yi Ti went to the computer and looked at it, instantly understanding what he meant——Hidden Point (地隱分點, de yin fen dian).

If this address was written on the courier form, it would probably trouble the courier, right?

“Each city has a special code name. It’s currently using 108 stars and the yin star is the city of Y in S province.” Lu Kong explained, “There are also special summary posts about this in the forum and the Scripture Hall. And the logistics information of the forum could only be filled using the internal courier, so if something went wrong, it’s easier to check.”

“What if the 108 stars are used up?”

Lu Kong replied indifferently: “No matter how big, we could just use the contemporary name of the Four Heavenly Kings or whatever.”

“……” Hey!

“The code name for this city is 天巧, Tian Qiao. I’ll take you to the delivery point this afternoon.”

Yi Ti nodded: “I will trouble you then.”

“Your welcome, just part of the rent.”


“Right,” Lu Kong suddenly said, “I want to ask you something.”

Yi Ti watched him look solemn and could not help but take it seriously: “Say it.”

“Am I handsome?”


“Do you think I could get a girlfriend among the customers?”


“What, stunned by my handsomeness?”


“Ah? Hey, don’t push! Let me go in and sit for a while! That asshole werewolf isn’t even treating me like a human! Classmate, don’t be so ruthless! After all, we spent our youthful years together ahhhh! ! !”

“I never remembered it like that! ! !” kick!

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