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Let alone Lu Kong who stayed the night, even Yi Ti was a little excited after getting up in the morning. There’s a good reason for it——TianLi ZhaoZhao should be able to receive her potion today. She just didn’t know what the effect would be.

In fact, she was more than excited about it.

Not to mention Xiang TianHua’s side. After learning he bought the “medicine for the disease”, Li PengBin went crazy. However, for caution’s sake, he didn’t tell his wife about it for the time being. Because he was worried that if it didn’t work, she wouldn’t be able to withstand the blow of “getting hope back but was met with despair”. Since ShuCheng was admitted again, her spirit was stretched to a thin thread, which might break at any time.

As soon as he got up in the morning, Li PengBin, who had been up all night working, told his secretary to drive as he happily ran to Xiang TianHua’s house. With consistent knocking and persistent ringing, he managed to drag his friend off the bed.

After learning that the goods would be received at least afternoon, while Li PengBin apologized, he went round and round the house like a cat on a hot tin roof. For this, Xiang TianHua wasn’t angry. He was also a father. Usually, when their child got sick, they couldn’t wait to “replace them”, so he could understand the anxiety of his old classmate.

“Old Xiang, do you really think it will work?” Li PengBin asked this sentence on the “one thousand and oneth time”. It’s not that he didn’t believe in Xiang TianHua……he was just too anxious. As the old saying goes “coming closer made one more timid”. Although not very appropriate here, the emotions were similar. The more nervous, the more concerned, and the more you can’t help but worry.

Before it was really proven, there would never be peace in his heart.

“I think it should be fine.” Xiang TianHua didn’t say too much. Even though he was very confident with “Orange”‘s disciple, just in case, it’s better to leave a little room for doubt. Looking at his anxious old classmate, he said with half comfort and half ridicule, “You said that your wife thinks too much, but I think you’re both the same.”

“……hey!” Li PengBin sighed, sitting on the wooden chair to the side, “Old Xiang, let me be honest with you. If that person really cured ShuCheng’s illness……even if it just alleviates his pain in the future, I’ll give him all my properties.”

Xiang TianHua took a deep breath: “You’re really willing.” What he said when he posted——this person is stupid and rich, that second half was completely true.

“Willing……of course, I can’t bear it.” For his old friend, what Li PengBin said was very real, “Just, you can make more money when you run out of money, but once people are gone……” then you’ll really lose them.

His wife was old and in no condition to make a second one. Even if she could, he wouldn’t let her risk her life. He was even more unwilling to make her suffer for a healthy offspring. And even if there were children through other means in the future, they would not be ShuCheng either.

In this world, the most irreparable is life.

Once it’s gone, it’s really gone.

Xiang TianHua sighed in his heart then went to his old friend to pat his shoulder: “Did you have breakfast yet?”


“I helped you do such a big thing, so you should at least buy me a meal.”

“If ShuCheng is cured, not to mention that, I’ll pay for all your meals in the future.” Li PengBin also knew that this old classmate was just digressing and comforting him. He laughed and stood up, “Let’s take a walk. Is the Kyushu Hotel open now? The bird’s nest lean porridge there is good.”

“Let’s go.”

But how much time could they spend on breakfast? After that, the two fell back into anxiously waiting. Just when Li PengBin felt that the strings on his head were about to break, Xiang TianHua finally refreshed the site and got the “The goods have arrived, please pick it up by yourself.” message. He quickly stood up.

Li PengBin, who was surprised, was taken aback. Immediately afterward: “Is it here?”

“It’s here!”


Then, Xiang TianHua enjoyed the taste of “drag racing”. He thought that after today, he wouldn’t trust this old friend’s driver’s license again.

On the way to the hospital, while Li PengBin was driving, he’d glance at the person beside him from time to time: “This thing is really useful?”

“Look at the road!” Xiang TianHua carefully held the box, his fingers stroking the bottle of pale green juice as he took a deep breath, “There’s still aura even after being diluted, you can just imagine the source.”

“What do you mean……”

“The chances of success is high! You drive slowly!”

“It’s all right! My car has airbags.”

“……” Is that the problem here?

After that, the two arrived at the hospital in a state of shock.

Although Li ShuCheng was admitted to the hospital with an acute illness, he already moved out of the ICU after stabilizing. He’d been staying in a single luxury ward ever since. As a “VIP member” who had been here since childhood, the hospital had considerable experience in handling him. As long as he said something wasn’t good, the staff would care for him. Anyway, he’d been living in that special ward for most of his life.

When Li PengBin pushed open the door and entered the room, he found his son with open eyes and lying on the bed, staring blankly at the white ceiling above his head. Under the loose patient clothes, his body was so thin like there were only bones left. Even the hands outside the quilt were also thin.

He couldn’t help but feel sour, trying to stop his tears.

“Dad, why are you here?” Li ShuCheng, startled by the sound of a door opening, turned to look. He has a pale and thin face. Probably because of this, his eyes looked extraordinarily large, “Didn’t mom say you have an important meeting today?”

“ShuCheng……” Li PengBin stepped forward then lifted the youth to his arms, “You listen to me……” He opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. He just turned his head and looked toward Xiang TianHua.

Xiang TianHua didn’t hesitate and directly passed the bottle of light green potion: “ShuCheng, drink it and try.” He could be sure that even if it didn’t work, it would never be harmful to his body.

Li ShuCheng stared at the bottle in his Uncle Xiang’s hand with some helplessness in his eyes but still didn’t hesitate to take it.

His skillful movements made Li PengBin’s heart feel even more sour. This child had been like this since childhood. Because of his bad health, the people in the family would always find all kinds of remedies for him to use. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to swallow, but he would smile and eat without hesitation. This was all to make them feel at ease……

Just when Li ShuCheng opened the bottle cap, he felt something. His body trembled slightly and an incredulous look appeared in his eyes.

“ShuCheng?” Li PengBin looked at his son acting strangely, “What happened?”

“……nothing.” Li ShuCheng took a deep breath, lifted his neck, and slowly poured the pale green liquid to his mouth.

Immediately, he closed his eyes tightly, seeming to feel something.

Li PengBin didn’t want to disturb his son. After waiting a few minutes, he somewhat eagerly asked: “How is it?”

Li ShuCheng opened his eyes suddenly and with very bright eyes: “It works.”

“Really?” Li PengBin asked with a quivering voice.


“Great! Great! Old Xiang! Old Xiang! It works!”

“I heard, Old Li, that’s great news.”

“ShuCheng is saved! Saved!”


With the two elders’ cheering, Li ShuCheng slowly clenched the bottle in his hand.

The man he met when he was a teenager once told him that there were only a few who could save him in this world, no more than five. After knowing how slim the hope was, he had also given up hope for the cure. It was only his parents’ concerns that made him unable to safely die.

Just that……

Hope came too suddenly, making him feel uncomfortable.

Can it really be cured?

Can I really do that?

“I’ll buy the source potion now!”

“Yes! Buy it!”

After that, Yi Ti finally concluded her first transaction in the cultivation realm. Shortly after, she was prompted with a “Transaction Completed” notification, and received a sum of money from “TianLi ZhaoZhao”. Immediately after, they reached a second deal.

She mailed the other five bottles of source potion prepared in advance. Because she had never seen the patient with her own eyes, she didn’t know how bad the other’s physical loss was. Five bottles were just an estimate. She suggested taking it after dilution or every other day, just in case the effect was too strong……this usually didn’t happen, but what if the other person’s body was too weak? It’s better to be safe.

All in all, someone finally got rid of the “poor man” hat, and was once again called “rich man”. This made the poor ghost with luck Z simply envy. He hated himself for not having the talent to become a plant cultivator. Otherwise, he’d have a group of female friends——although Yi Ti said that there was really no connection between the two. His lack of a girlfriend was purely a matter of his character and luck.

Lu Kong was instantly possessed: “I’m not listening, not listening, not listening!” Covers ears.

The following days passed by dully.

As a resident, Lu Kong was a good guy. He even took the initiative to do housework, but when he broke three bowls and overturned the table three times, Yi Ti resolutely asked him to “just return to his room and behave”. If she let him loose, this house would really have “no bones left”.

Because they’re both cultivators, Lu Kong also got up every morning to cultivate.

Because he was here, Yi Ti didn’t go to the stone room built by her master to cultivate. Usually only after he went out to work, did she enter the space to refine potions. It’s not that she doubted him, or that he’s a bad person, but even as friends, it might not be possible to share such a big secret. Her master also reminded her specifically.

In the meantime, the editor Formaldehyde told her and Aggregate some good news——the animation would be put on the homepage of the Wei Feng website during the 11th. At the same time, the pre-sale would begin!

There’s even a bonus trailer, so unless a force majeure occurs, the sale of comics would be determined.

Not to mention, the Wei Feng website also boldly negotiated with several media and video sites and set off a big wave of offensive propaganda. It’s bound to smash the readers into “dizziness”. You have to know, although the Wei Feng website was the leader of this industry, as the gold content of this industry increases, the little brothers and sisters who quickly caught up were not in the minority. Under these circumstances, even the “big brother” who started early and occupied most of the cake was also like Alexander. Although the website was still booming, with the traffic increased, the market share would undoubtedly decrease.

At this time, the appearance of this “animation” was tantamount to a shot in the arm.

That’s why, as Formaldehyde was instructed, every effort should be made to win the cooperation of “Long XiaoTian’s team”.

Of course, after a period of getting along, it could be considered that Formaldehyde knew “Long XiaoTian”. This person seemed quite rich and didn’t care about economic interests at all.

If Yi Ti heard such a comment before, she would most likely vomit blood——in fact, she really lacked money ahhhh! ! !

Watching the time arrive the day before the National Day……

Alien 64: And So It Was Cherished
Alien 66: All Kinds Of Knives

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