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With those words, everyone in the room stood still.




Yi Ti glanced around and found that the only one that could be called “mom” in this house seemed to be her? En, that’s if little Hong Ye didn’t have a gender cognitive impairment. She came back to her senses, looking at Cecil with a bit of surprise, her eyes saying, “when did you appear?”

Cecil: “……” TAT

Starting when Liang Chen went in through the broken window, he’d been inside the room all this time.

Probably because his sense of existence was too weak, the alien became a wallflower like always, waiting for the opportunity to brush his sense of presence.

Cough, anyway, now was definitely not the time.

Because the focus of everyone’s eyes was——Little Hong Ye!

Suddenly, the child let go of Yi Ti’s legs. He then turned around and hugged Liang Chen’s thigh: “Dad, don’t fight with mom.”

Everyone was shocked once again.




Even if they didn’t want to accept the facts, since it happened right in front of them, it couldn’t be ignored.

Dad = Liang Chen.

Mom = Yi Ti.

Child = Hong Ye.

This is a family of three!

Yi Ti really couldn’t accept being upgraded to mom all of a sudden. When did this happen? Why was I totally unaware?

And right now, because the werewolf “tasted the pain of betrayal and prepared to angrily sever their ties”, his face quickly flushed into a big apple that almost had smoke coming out: “W-w-w-w-what nonsense!”

“Dad! ”

“……don’t call me that!”

Although he was yelled at, little Hong Ye felt very happy. Because the method that Angus taught him seemed useful. Brother Liang Chen didn’t seem to quarrel with sister Yi Ti anymore.

Yes, the reason why a little dog demon who wasn’t temperamental suddenly behaved like a bear child, was completely inseparable from the old vampire grandfather. If the werewolf had a tender face, then Angus was undoubtedly a master in this line. With his deceptive appearance, he shamelessly evaded getting tickets around the world, ate more at restaurants, took advantage of women, and generally have fun.

Thanks to this, he soon made friends with the real child, little Hong Ye.

Because the latter seemed happy, Liang Chen didn’t stop it. Although he wasn’t lonely with the people in his shop, the dog demon didn’t have friends of the same age, so there’s nothing wrong as long as he’s happy. Of course, every time they talked, he would raise his ears, in case their simple and lovely child was taught bad things. Fortunately, a certain vampire seemed quite honest.

The problem was, is Angus honest?

That’s not possible!

He just didn’t find a chance to make it worse!

Just that today, he finally found a chance.

Just a peek inside coupled with his wealth of experience and excellent brain supplement, he quickly understood the situation. He decided to add another factor to make the play more interesting and along the way, teach a lesson to his serious grandson and the werewolf who always doubted him and lacked respect.

So he said to little Hong Ye sincerely: “Hong Ye, if it went on like this, they would have a falling out. Do you want to help them?” At this moment, a certain vampire seemed to shake a fluffy wolf tail, like how the wolf pretended to be a grandma.

The innocent little Hong Ye was deceived.

Then, things have changed now.

In this situation, among the parties involved, Xue Ye would definitely not believe it. Because the child smiled so clearly. Surely, the blood flowing in this child had absolutely nothing to do with either so-called parents, so he could never be their child.

From this, the one hardest hit must be Yi Shao!

Dad, Mom, a two or three year old child……

At that time, his sister seemed to be in college which was really not under his eyes. Could it be that……

“Don’t overthink it!” Yi Ti, who turned around because her back went cold, looked at her brother’s face. She knew what he’s thinking, so she shouted.

Yi Shao suddenly returned to his senses, took a deep breath, then reached out and touched his sister’s head: “Sorry.” He knew best what kind of person Xiao Ti was, how could she do something like this? So, it must be this man with an oil bottle who entangled with her!

She saw his eyes became worse and worse.

It seemed like her own brother didn’t misunderstand that much, so Yi Ti was relieved. She decided to take the rest of the people away. If this continued until tomorrow, this place would break down——because of a terrible tragedy.

At this moment……

Cough, although this sound had occurred a bit more often, it didn’t seem enough with this magnificent scene!

Anyway, just at this time!

Another figure ran into the house through the window and held Liang Chen’s thighs: “Dad, don’t you want me and my mother anymore?”

Yes, the undecided old man decided to appear in person. But after learning more than N lessons, it’s fair to say that he wasn’t daunted one bit. At least he did not personally offend the young plant cultivator who might be able to help him in the future.

Yi Ti: “……” What? Is there still friendship between them? No……what’s wrong with this situation?

Liang Chen: “……” Who is his father!

Hong Ye: “……” Is Angus brother’s child? So why didn’t they live together?

Xue Ye: “……” Grandfather, what exactly do you want to do? !

Yi Shao: “……” Not only a man with an oil bottle, he even fancies a man? Bad review!

Cecil: “……” Want to brush presence.

The boyish old vampire who focused on messing around for tens of thousands of years was very satisfied with the effect of his “prank”, so he turned around then held his grandson’s thigh: “Mom, why does dad treat us like this?”

Xue Ye: “……” = =+ Grandpa, that’s enough! ! !

Hong Ye: “……” Angus’ mother is Uncle Xue? But isn’t Uncle Xue male? How could he be a mom?

Liang Chen: “……” =皿= Who has a relationship with the dead bat!

As things came to this point, everything was messed up.

Even if Yi Ti could be easily fooled, at least she knew that what Angus said could never be true. And in less than ten minutes, she was exhausted physically and mentally, and could no longer bear any further developments.

She just wanted to be a quiet beautiful young girl (although she’s older than that), and talk quietly with her brother. Who did she provoke? Who broke her window? Who broke her innocence?

Anyway, she really had no mood to watch a complicated family ethics drama.

“Let’s go.” She took hold of her brother’s hand, “Brother, let’s go to the living room to continue talking.” Saying so, she also took the wrist of the domesticated jelly alien along the way. She dragged him away because——can’t let him learn bad things.


Only until this moment did Liang Chen finally realize that he seemed to have misunderstood something. He stumbled. Probably thinking of what he said before, his face instantly turned red, then gritted between his teeth: “Lu Kong! ! !” He didn’t know he was pitted by that asshole, he was a fool!

Then, he took little Hong Ye and vowed “revenge”.

“Is it over?” Angus put his hands behind his head, whistling boringly, “so boring.”

Xue Ye took a deep breath: “……grandfather.”


“I suggest you don’t come near here anymore, especially when that man is here.”

“Ah? Why?”

“……” I’m afraid you’ll be killed! ! !

Then, a hard-working vampire also dragged his grandfather away.

Almost at the same time, the extremely sensitive Cecil’s ears trembled as he said: “They’re gone.”

“All gone?”


Yi Ti was relieved then helplessly held her forehead: “Really, leaving so much mess.”

“I’ll clean it up.” Although he didn’t know much about things on Earth, he at least knew Xiao Ti. Knowing what she needed and wanted most right now, he didn’t and wouldn’t cause her any trouble.

“Can you?”


“Then I’ll trouble you, Cecil.”

An alien then obediently cleaned the room. On one hand, he’s really happy to help Xiao Ti. On the other hand, as long as he could feel Xiao Ti’s breath and knew that she didn’t leave, it didn’t matter where he stayed in the house. Of course……it would be much better to be by her side.

Watching Cecil’s back, Yi Ti took a deep breath, then solemnly told her brother: “Brother, let’s talk.”

“I also think we need to talk,” Yi Shao stared directly at his sister’s eyes, “About these strange men and what kind of people are they.” He was not stupid. It could be seen that although this group of people have complex relationships, they all seemed to revolve around Xiao Ti’s side. Although he always felt that his sister was more lovely than any other person in the world, he didn’t think all of them had the “unique insight” he had. That’s why he was worried about what trap she had fallen into without knowing it.

As an older brother, protecting his sister was his responsibility.

“……” TAT This is really not my fault!

Then, Yi Ti slowly revealed her experience during this time. But only about her own experience. Regarding Cecil, she didn’t say anything. Not because she didn’t trust her brother, but because before Cecil consented, she couldn’t do this.

Yi Shao listened carefully, nodding from time to time.

At last, she stopped, anxiously and nervously stared at the opposite man——wanting to get his affirmation and fearing that she’d be doubted.

“Cultivator, werewolf, vampire……” What kind of world has Xiao Ti entered? Yi Shao looked at his sister full in the eyes, sighed then suddenly extended his long arm and held her. As he patted her on the back, “Sorry.”

“……” Why is her brother apologizing? It’s clear I should be the one who is sorry.

“I didn’t care enough about you and let you face this kind of thing alone.” Just thinking a little bit about the danger she might encounter, he was terrified. Fortunately, she looked fine.

Yi Ti shook her head: “It’s not like that. It’s my fault since I concealed it until today……” In between sentences, her hair rubbed the young man’s neck.

“No, I know you don’t really want to say it. You’re afraid I wouldn’t believe it.” Yi Shao now recalled the text messages she sent to him at that time. He felt helpless and remorseful. Why did he take it as a joke at that time? This was the disadvantage of not being with her. Otherwise, this wouldn’t happen.

“……” That being said……she asked curiously, “Brother, do you really believe me?” She had thought that she at least needed to crush bricks in front of him or make a potion or something to make him believe it. She didn’t expect it to be so easy, to the point she felt incredulous.

Yi Shao pushed her away then asked with a smile: “Why not believe it?”

“But……” Her older brother never believed in these supernatural phenomena.

“Did I say that?” The young man reached out and pinched his sister’s nose, his smile deepening, “I believe in you more.” As long as she said it herself, he was willing to believe it. The same was true even if he had to break his beliefs.

Alien 68: You're Just Letting Me Go
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