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After a smiling a bit, Yi Ti suddenly returned to her senses. Feeling her face became slightly hot due to embarrassment. Cecil, this guy being stupid was the norm, how could she follow along……sure enough, since they’ve been together for so long, was she affected?

This is really bad.

The two got on the elevator just like when they came, then they walked out of the hospital.

Yi Ti was not worried about “getting lost” because there was never a shortage of restaurants near the hospital. Some were very advanced in the soup business which was a unique business in a unique environment.

It’s only afternoon, and although the sun was not as bright as noon, it’s still quite brilliant.

“Sure enough, it’s easy to feel cold in a place like a hospital.” Yi Ti sighed.

But, it’s not “full of that stuff” as described in novels. In fact, when she called Pei Ling regarding the lady ghost, she also said that because of aura, the dead soul couldn’t stay in the “world of the living” for too long. Otherwise, it’d be impossible to reincarnate and the soul could only be destroyed. So scenes similar to ghost films were unlikely to appear in hospitals. Of course, there were always special situations where certain souls could stay temporarily, but most of them harm others so they can’t get any benefit.

Nevertheless, a special existence like the hospital, because of frequent contact with “life or death”, would have a unique atmosphere. Regarding this point, practitioners would be very sensitive to it.

“The temperature inside is indeed a lot lower.” Feeling it more acutely, Cecil nodded.

Yi Ti crossed her arms and bluntly said: “So, to the sensitive Sutahnnian, can you tell me which restaurant to go to?”

Saying so, she looked at an alien, finding that he’s looking around with extreme seriousness, then immediately answered: “On both sides, but the third one on the right should be more in line with your taste.”

“……you beat me.”

Considering that her brother and his former classmate would talk for a while, Yi Ti ordered a few ready-made dishes first and ate quickly. By the way, the restaurant was now cooking a few dishes that her brother liked.

Cecil, who didn’t need to eat, was, of course, watching her eat.

Eating and eating, Yi Ti felt a bit stressed. She coughed softly: “Can you stop staring at me like that?” It was awkward eating while he watched. Although this didn’t happen before, today she felt extra strange. Probably because……of what happened on the bus.

“Is it not okay?” After calming down a bit, he would think of the question he asked himself on the bus, why do I care so much about Xiao Ti? To get the answer, he thought it would be best to look at her.

“……you doing that is making me unable to eat.”

“Oh.” The youth nodded, a little disappointed, and instead looked at the food in front of him, startled to think of a different problem——how to make Xiao Ti’s favorite meals.

Not long after, Yi Ti couldn’t stand it again.

For a good reason. She ate a few mouthfuls, but the opposite guy had no food and was even staring at the food in front of her, looking like she’s abusing him! At this moment, she received several scornful glances. It almost poked her into a sieve.

Have to say, although this guy Cecil was outstanding, his aura was calm and gentle, not aggressive. No one would normally bother him and even on the edge of a storm, he would be strangely ignored. Even that awkward Liang Chen said little in front of him. This just showed how good he was. And among them, he appealed to the elderly even more.

In the shop, there were several tables with the elderly……

“You can look at me.” To not incur public wrath, she decisively compromised.

“Can I?” Cecil didn’t feel bad about someone’s “fickleness”, just looked at her cheerfully, showing how cheap he was. Of course, he couldn’t “think about that problem” again, so he was really happy.

“Just look.” Anyway, she wouldn’t lose any flesh over it.

Looking around, the previous situation had changed.

Now the “evil girl who wouldn’t feed the young man” had become the “happy girl who was wholeheartedly watched by her boyfriend.” Right now, their eyes were not so malicious, but isn’t it just a little better than just now?

This guy is really a headache.

After Yi Ti ate her meal with a tingling scalp, she felt her stomach hurt as she paid and got the packed meals. She almost fled the shop.

“Xiao Ti, are you upset?” Cecil watched Yi Ti’s hand covering her belly, asking worriedly.

“……” Who does he think was at fault? ! But, watched by this sincere gaze, how could she reproach him? Yi Ti only felt out of breath, she couldn’t swallow it and almost vomited blood.

Just then, two people across the street caught her eye.

It’s not about just how special they looked, but also because one was a Buddhist monk and the other a Taoist priest.

She believed that those who have watched 《A Dream of Red Mansions (one of the four great novels)》would feel a subtle sense of sight for this combination. Of course, there’s no doubt that the image of the two people in the book and the one in front of her was ten thousand miles apart, because, this monk and priest were young.

Not only Yi Ti, many people on the street looked at the young monk and young priest with strange eyes.

The two were not walking side by side, but rather the opposite.

Taoist robes, monk clothing, same gray color, but the styles were naturally different from each other.

The robe of this little priest was similar to Lu Kong but much more organized than the latter. Not only wearing the standard Taoist shoes, but the hair on his head was also pulled into a Taoist bun with an emerald-colored hairpin inserted upright.

He seemed to be 13 or 14 years old, with skin color like jade, clear eyebrows, and especially the red dot on the forehead. Don’t know if it was natural or drawn.

However, Yi Ti noticed that this little Taoist seemed to be real as she relied on the “watch” to confirm this theory.

And the little monk had obvious scars on his head. On his neck was a string of beads about thumb-sized. The color looked black, but a closer look revealed it was deep purple. Same white skin, but he’s a white fat man with a round body and a slick small face. Let alone an adult, for a young person to grow up like this… with a smile on his face, dimples appeared on his cheeks. He looked like a good-tempered little fat man.

And again, he was also a cultivator.

Except for Lu Kong and Sister Pei, this was the first time Yi Ti had seen other practitioners, so she couldn’t help but become a little curious. Because there were many people watching these two teenagers on the street, her eyes were completely inconspicuous. Not to mention, she hid her aura, so she just looked like an ordinary person with nothing to observe. Cecil was more prominent than her, but he also seemed to be just a “normal person who just looked good”.

It seemed that these two, who coincidentally bumped into each other, knew the other party. After a moment of silent contrast, the smiling little fat man opened his mouth first: “Jing Yuan, long time no see.”

Unlike the smiling monk, the young priest looked rather grim as he stared at the other, then coldly saying: “Ding Yuan, how come you’re here?”

Coincidentally, although these two young people have different seniority in different sects, they both had the character “Yuan”.

The little monk Ding Yuan laughed: “If the Taoist can come, why can’t a monk come?”

Jing Yuan didn’t answer but looked colder.

The little monk still giggled, seeming completely unaffected by the other party’s cold face.

In fact, why the other party was here, from the moment they met, he already knew.

After looking at each other silently for a while, the young priest turned and walked away. The little monk smiled, actually turned around, and went in Yi Ti’s direction. He finally stood in front of Cecil, hands clasped and praying: “Amitabha, I see that this benefactor had something on his body that is related to Buddha and brought to me by fate.”

Yi Ti glanced around, making sure he was talking to the alien and felt ashamed.

He had a relationship with the Buddha?

Is he telling Cecil to shave at home?

Don’t make trouble!

Whoever dares to touch his hair, is her enemy!

“Do you mean this?” Cecil raised his hand. Although Yi Ti evaluated her as “really stupid”, he just had no common sense. He’s rather the opposite and was very good at detecting the psychology of others, so no matter what Yi Shao tossed at him, he didn’t respond. Because he was very clear, the opponent was not malicious at all. But that’s why, her brother gave up instead——bullying this obedient guy can’t make him feel pleasure.

So he immediately found that the young monk’s goal was the food he was carrying.

“Right, right.” The white fat boy nodded again and again. His eyes narrowed until his entire face almost turned into a white bun. After saying so, his stomach complained in time.

“There is meat in it.” According to his information, Chinese monks couldn’t eat meat.

The fat man laughed even more: “It’s okay, my cultivation is somewhat special among monks, not abstaining from meat and fish.” Although young, because he followed an irresponsible master, who indulged in wine and meat, he was quite experienced in finding “fat sheep”. Like the one in front of him. At first glance, he’s a good person who’s easy to soften up, and the woman next to him was similar. Similar people always flock together. Will they have the heart to see me starve? Impossible!

But to his surprise, the “fat sheep” actually seriously shook his head: “Sorry, I can’t give this to you.”

“……” The little monk’s smile almost collapsed. C-can’t? Wrong target? Impossible, both of them have an “I’m a good person” type of face. If he capsized in such a small ditch, he’d be mocked to death by his master!

“Because it’s Xiao Ti’s.”

Xiao Ti?

Is it the woman next to him?

The fat little man with flexible eyes decisively looked toward Yi Ti. His little round eyes blinked and his belly also kept rumbling. He seemed pitiful no matter how you looked at him.

Although Yi Ti thought this young monk was a little slippery, she was a little soft-hearted. However, her brother was still waiting for something to eat. She thought about it, took out her wallet, and decided to give him some money to buy it himself. Anyway, it’s not a big number. She just concluded a business deal and she had much more on hand, so there was nothing wrong with doing good things. Besides, everyone was a practitioner. If the other party asked her for food, it’s normal to help.

“Benefactor, it’s useless!” The little monk quickly stopped her, saying, “My way of cultivation only received alms, never cash.”

Alien 73: Heart Skipped A Bit
Alien 75: What Are You Doing

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