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Yi Ti was stunned, remembering that there was such a thing.

She thought about it and asked again: “Then if I take you to the shop and pay for you, can you eat it?”

“Of course I can.” Ding Yuan, in his heart, was praising himself. How could my eyesight be so bad when even master praised me?

“Alright, follow me.”

She then took the young monk to the nearest restaurant. The people in the store were a little surprised to see Ding Yuan’s shape, glancing every now and then, but the latter was calm. Obviously, he’d long been used to it.

After ordering a few dishes and paying, she said to the young monk: “You eat slowly, I’ll go first.”

“This benefactor.” Ding Yuan suddenly stopped her.

“Is there anything else?”

“Every meeting is fate, this is for you.” Saying so, he threw out something.

Yi Ti subconsciously caught it and found it was prayer beads, held together by a string, deep black with a little purple, and smelled faintly woody. More importantly, although this was not a magic weapon, she felt aura from it. If ordinary people wore it for a long time, it’d definitely be good for the body.

“This is……”

“Benefactor now had fate with this thing, please accept it.”

She saw the other was sincere, so she just nodded and accepted it.

After she left, the little monk Ding Yuan blinked. Touching his chin, he asked himself softly: “Is it okay to send it like this?” Although it’s not rare for them, its meaning was quite unique. When his master gave it to him, he bragged, “I gave this thing to someone who looked pleasing to the eye. In the end, that man gave me a huge reward. If in the future you found someone with good eyes, just give this to the other party. It’s also a test for your eyesight.”

Although his master was a bastard, he never lied. For many years, he never received cash. With his eyesight and mouth, he had a house in almost every city along with a large stack of bank cards. And the biggest gain was brought by the benefactor he gave those beads to that year.

His arrogant master often showed it to him, saying it was so good that he’s afraid the saying “the student surpassing the master” would never happen in his life.

That’s why, in Ding Yuan’s heart, there’s always been a competitive spirit. After taking the beads, he kept it cautiously and thought carefully with every people he met. He wanted to hit his master’s face with the facts but did not expect that he’d actually sent it out so easily in this small restaurant.

Just for a meal!

He gave it away!

But weirdly, he had no regrets.

“Strange……really strange……” The little monk’s master always talked about “cause and effect” as well as “free will”, but if you can’t figure it out, just leave it be. Anyway, what would come would always come, you can’t run away. So cheering up, he shouted, “Boss, make it more spicy and with more meat!”

At this time, Yi Ti, who was walking side by side with the young man, was carefully examining the beads. She found some black and red lines upon a closer look and it looked wonderful.

“Cecil, what kind of texture is this?”

Cecil took the beads from Yi Ti, looked at it, smelled it, and after searching for a while in his archives, answered: “It should be small-leafed red sandalwood.”

Yi Ti was surprised. Although she thought this bead was a bit unusual, she didn’t expect it to be red sandalwood. Not only that, it had more aura than Pei Ling’s “8888” pouches. It’s obviously more expensive.

“I got it for just a meal. We seemed to be taking advantage of him.”

“That guy’s cheapness is unparalleled.” A sentence came suddenly from one side.

She subconsciously turned her head and found that the young Taoist priest, Jing Yuan, was standing not far away. He still looked cold, but more relaxed than before when facing Ding Yuan. It follows that, the relationship between the two teenagers seemed poor.

Because she didn’t feel any malicious intent, Yi Ti asked: “This……little Taoist,” She awkwardly shouted the title that could only be heard in novels or TV then asked, “Is there anything wrong with this thing?” Even though she said that, she really didn’t think the little monk was that bad. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken it. Besides, they had no wrongs nor hatred, she just helped a little bit, so he shouldn’t have done anything to her, right?

“There’s no problem with that,” Jing Yuan slightly shook his head, saying, “Wearing it for a long time is also good for the body.”


“Their kind of people would never suffer a loss. Since they sent this kind of thing, they would definitely expect rewards from you in the future.”

“……rewards?” Yi Ti asked, “Like what?”

“I don’t know either.” Jing Yuan shook his head again, paused, then said, “But it should be harmless to you.” He heard from his Grandpa that people from their sect have excellent eyesight. Whoever they fancied would become dragons and phoenixes in the future. They’d be someone who could afford the “reward.” And so, “they’d receive benefits.”

“I see.” Yi Ti nodded then asked, “Little Taoist, why are you telling me this?” She didn’t think it was a coincidence that the other party hadn’t left yet.

“……” Jing Yuan looked suffocated. He didn’t seem as cold right now, as he whispered, “This benefactor, can I borrow some money?” Because he’d never done this before, just as the words exit his mouth, his face became crimson, destroying his cold front.

He had been on the mountain since he was a child until this time when he obeyed his Master’s orders to search for a descendant of a great man. He had no concept of money and didn’t have the patience to wait for others to prepare it for him, so he just took some and hurried out. When he wanted to buy food just now, he realized his money was running low. Not just that, he couldn’t seem to find his way out of the city. Plus, he only cared about cultivation, so he didn’t know much about these things. He just memorized the way back to the mountain, and he came here alone.

Now that he thought about it, this must be what master meant when he said he might fail the test.

Just, if you ask him to “beg” like that Ding Yuan guy, he can’t do it. For today only, he would find someone to borrow some money, then return it after returning to the mountain.

The world was so big, he should make some acquaintances.

He just thought that although Ding Yuan was cunning, his skill of observing people was the same as his master. They looked at other people’s fate, so they must be kind-hearted people. In short, a good target for borrowing money. So he found Yi Ti but unexpectedly found that the monk gave her the beads he regarded as a treasure. He immediately became curious and carelessly, he spoke those words.

As if afraid to hear rejection, Jing Yuan went on to say: “B-benefactor can write down your address. When I get back to the mountain, I will definitely send someone to pay you back. If you don’t believe……”

Before he finished, he found that she had taken out her wallet, and asked with a smile: “How much?”

Jing Yuan calculated the cost of these days and what he might spent later. He finally came up with an approximate amount and after reporting it, he quickly received the money.

He grabbed the banknotes and felt he was a little stingy. There’s the illusion of “punching the air” because the money came too easily. The psychological construction he’d done in advance was useless.

“Little Taoist, hurry up and hide your money, it’ll be bad if it’s seen.” Although this boy was a cultivator, she wanted to punch his master for not teaching him common sense. If he encountered a horde of gangsters, he might not get the desired outcome.

Jing Yuan nodded. After putting away the money and Yi Ti’s phone number, he took a palm-sized jade sword out of his robes, and gave it to her: “A token for you.”

“No need, I can trust you.” Except for wonders like Lu Kong, a practitioner would generally not care about money at all. She was very clear about this point.

The little priest stiffly thrust the sword into her hand, turned around and ran away. He didn’t give her the chance to return it.

Yi Ti stared at the other’s back, picked up the small jade sword and carefully observed it. She found that the whole thing was white, without any scratches, had a smooth texture, and also a little moist. Even if she didn’t understand jades, she still knew this was real jade, afraid it’s worth a great value.

In this way, she held a rosary in her left and a jade sword on her right. Looking at the youth beside her: “What day is today?” Not only did she meet two practitioners, she also received a gift from the other party. It should be a coincidence.

“September 30, the day before National Day.”

“……that’s not what I meant.”


“Forget it.”

When returning to the hospital, she found her elder brother walking back and forth in the lobby. He looked very anxious. Yi Ti’s heart sank, what’s wrong? Is his classmate’s condition very serious?

Who knew, when the young man saw her, his eyes lit up, grabbed her shoulders without thinking, and somewhat eagerly asked: “Why did you take so long? Did something happen?”

“……” He was worried about her.

Thinking back, Yi Ti found that she seemed to be delayed a lot on the road. She smiled a little embarrassedly and outrightly said: “Brother, I brought you rice, and all your favorite dishes.”

Yi Shao sighed and said in a sad tone: “No, that wouldn’t work……”

“I don’t want to talk about it!”

Yi Shao smiled: “Say it.”

He was actually like this because he could see that his sister didn’t want to hide it. If she really didn’t want to say it, he certainly wouldn’t force her.

In this way, Yi Shao listened to her story while eating.

After the meal, Yi Shao concluded: “A monk and a priest. They even gave you tokens. Why do I feel like I’m listening to a novel.”

“I feel like that too, but I can’t fake these things.”

Yi Shao took the little jade sword from her hand. After taking a closer look, he said: “What are you going to do with it?” He didn’t feel any so-called aura anyway, he just thought that this white jade sword was really good.

“Let go.” Although this thing seemed to be good for ordinary people, the exact origin was unknown. How could she be rest assured for her brother to wear or hold it? It’s still more secure in her hands. Thinking like this, she couldn’t help but regret. She wanted to confiscate it and “pour medicine” on his brother. Now it seemed it had to be postponed.

“Do whatever you want.” Yi Shao put the small jade sword back into his sister’s hands without any reluctance.

Yi Ti suddenly thought she could make such things. It’s actually really easy, buy a piece of jade and put it in the space. As time passed, it’d naturally accumulate aura. The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was a good idea, so she said decisively: “I’ll make one for you when I go back.”

The young man reached out and flicked her nose, giving a gentle smile: “Alright, I’ll be waiting.”

“Cecil, let me make one for you too.” There was such a good thing, of course, she wouldn’t forget her little partner.

“Can I?” The small envy of the young man who remained quiet while “squatting” was instantly swept away. He looked at his most important friend and this simple joy made a beautiful glow in his eyes. Yi Ti stilled for a while, her face turning slightly red.

Yi Shao: = =+ Scumbag, dare to hook up with my sister in front of me? Go die, go die, go die!

He was so upset that he turned someone’s face while he pointed his chin at someone else, “Then, help me lose the trash.”

“Oh.” The jelly alien nodded obediently.

“Brother……” You can’t always bully Cecil like this!

Yi Shao was sad, covering his face with a hand: “Hey, I’m already old, why make me work……”

“Brother, enough!” Change your face so it wouldn’t look so young!


Alien 74: What Is It, Little Master
Alien 76: Very Angry Yi Shao

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