Alien 79: This Is Probably Love

Alien 78: Sly Black Shadow
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It was also a bunch of coincidences.

Yi Ti, who didn’t find anything wrong, went out to buy a meal and could meet a monk and a priest on the road. She also got a rosary and a small jade sword from their hands, then she saw Han Rong again, and finally detected her abnormality.

But then again, even without it, when Yi Ti examined Song Yan, maybe she could find the problem.

Have to say, although the shadow was weak, it’s really cunning. Otherwise, it wouldn’t successfully find the weakness of the human heart and invade it. After discovering that it was found, it immediately moved from the red agate bracelet to the diary that was spiritually connected because it carried too much “emotion” to confuse them. It even pretended to lose its strength and left most of the black gas in the bracelet, like a lizard that survived by breaking its tail, and hence, “surviving from death.”

Therefore, the aura in the diary was minimal and looked like it got accidentally contracted through prolonged contact.

Pity, it did not expect that Yi Ti would leave that pouch in the house. She just let go of the bag, and it’s actually on top of the diary. This was simply a tragedy.

If this shadow being killed by “coincidences” was known, don’t know what the other evil spirits would think.

But Yi Ti didn’t care about it. Things like this that hurt others was better to disappear forever.

At that moment, the phone in Yi Ti’s pocket suddenly rang. She took a look and quickly picked it up.

“Brother? What happened?”




“That’s great.”


“Okay, I’ll be right back.”


“Don’t worry, I’m not a kid anymore.”

After hanging up, Yi Ti was relieved.

According to her brother, just now, about the time she completely wiped out the shadow, Han Rong woke up. After a while, she suddenly covered her face and cried. And Song Yan’s spirit seemed to be a lot better for the moment.

Yi Ti was very clear that the vitality that had been lost before had returned to his body.

Shadows wanted a physical entity, so they stared at the child in Han Rong’s belly and wanted to forcefully occupy the newborn. But it was hard, very difficult, takes a lot of luck and……energy. And so, it absorbed Song Yan’s vitality with the help of Han Rong. The reason why she was not affected was that if its dreams come true, it also required her to “give birth” to it.

Now that it was destroyed, the vitality it had no time to use naturally returned to Song Yan’s body. Although some were destined to be lost, at least his body wouldn’t continue deteriorating and instead get better. This was a blessing amidst misfortune.

At this point, things finally came to an end.

The only pity was that, because of being possessed during pregnancy, the child in Han Rong’s belly was inevitably affected. What would happen to it, even Yi Ti couldn’t tell. Even if there’s a reason, she did bad things, after all, and this might be her retribution. It should be where she hurt the most——For a mother, nothing is more painful than seeing their own child harmed. In addition, the injury was caused by herself.

But she thought that the pouch she placed in the house might play a corresponding role.

As for Song Yan, the passing of vitality would inevitably lead to a reduction in his life. She could do nothing about this. Her master was also lost at this level, so she thought that she still had a long way to go in terms of cultivation.

Of course, this was all in the future. The current problem was——



“Can you let go now?”


Yes, an alien, who had been holding her since just now, hadn’t released her. He might argue that he was protecting her, but wasn’t he obviously taking advantage of her? However, it’s hard to say if this guy even understood what it meant to “take advantage” of someone. Besides, if you count his appearance, the one who took advantage might be her.

The young man reluctantly released his arms, his “what a pity” expression very obvious.

Yi Ti felt her eye twitch: “Are you cold?”

“Cold.” Nod.

When he was holding Xiao Ti, he really felt warm. She smelled good and felt very comfortable. He was unwilling to let go. Cough cough, an alien had many advantages, probably the most significant one was——being honest.

“……” This guy didn’t understand anything!

As if aware of Yi Ti’s discomfort, Cecil was at a loss for a moment as he carefully said: “Otherwise, I also give you a hug?”

“……who wants that!”

“Obviously you used to……” Look down.

Yi Ti: “……” Am I like that back then? Don’t compare me to an idiot! Suddenly, she “badly” wanted to hit someone, “Who made you not cute at all?”

“……” TAT

A thick cloud floated over the youth’s head, it even seemed to be raining.

You’re not cute at all……

You’re not cute……

Not cute……

Yi Ti watched someone look like he was hit hard and was about to cry. She reached out and pulled his hair: “Let’s go back!”

Cecil nodded, reached out and spread out his hair. On his palm was the broken hairband that fell to the ground.

“What are you doing?”

“Can’t go out if I have messy hair.” Cecil replied solemnly, “Xiao Ti, you told me this before.”

“……” This guy also learned “to use an opponent’s own methods to obtain retribution (idiom, to give sb a taste of his own medicine)”? And, even if his hair had been flying for a long time, it seemed very smooth right now. Where are the signs it was “chaotically moving” just now? But, cough cough, she’s still very interested in helping him comb his hair. Then……

The time to go back was naturally delayed a little.

Once again, Yi Shao grabbed her shoulders for a while, making Yi Ti feel pain and happiness, and also telling her brother what happened. After that, she poured a bottle of diluted Pei Yuan potion she previously made into a cup and let her brother take it to Song Yan to drink. Although it’s impossible for him to regain his lost life, it could at least make his body heal quickly.

After that, this matter was almost finished.

The only thing that made them unsure was that she, the person who solved everything, now had nothing to do. Her elder brother “exiled” her to the side. Okay, his original words were: “Stay with that kid, I will take you to dinner later.” He’s treating us like children!

But, Yi Ti was not dissatisfied, because she thought that even when she reached 30, afraid her brother would still treat her with the same attitude.

It’s nearing October and the sunset was not bad.

She and Cecil sat down side by side on a bench in the hospital garden. Most of the patients have returned to their room, so there was silence all around. This peaceful atmosphere made Yi Ti feel very comfortable. Closing her eyes and slightly raising her face to take a deep breath, she then heard someone say——

“Xiao Ti.”

“En?” Yi Ti didn’t open her eyes as she replied.

“I just heard that they plan to forget it together and continue their lives as before.” He knew it was bad to listen to someone else’s conversation, so he usually avoided it, but this time, he couldn’t help eavesdropping. This was probably because this had something in common with what he was thinking about.

“Who?” She replied subconsciously, then understood, “Oh, them.” Is this the best result? She thought that Han Rong would no longer be able to face Song Yan because of what she had done.

“En, that Earth woman didn’t want to do this, but that Earth man said 『If you really feel like you made a mistake, just stay with me and give the child a complete home』, and then she cried.”

“So it’s like that……”

“En.” The youth nodded, then said, “But, I don’t understand.”


“He almost lost his life, why choose to stay together?”

Yi Ti opened her eyes, looked sideways at Cecil, and found that he was looking up at the sky. The light of the setting sun made his clothes orange, and his softly lined face turned into a golden silhouette, exuding a touch of light.

After watching this silently for a while, she intuitively replied: “Probably because of love.” In fact, she thought that Song Yan knew that Han Rong liked her brother, but he said nothing and still wanted to take care of her. After encountering a “change,” he still believed his lover. Maybe he had been waiting for her to “wake up.” Fortunately, it didn’t end that badly.

Such things could no longer be verified and there’s no need to do so. After all, it’s just all in her mind.


The young man went slightly stiff, a shocked look appearing on his face. Something shined on his mind like a sudden bolt of lightning. For a moment, the fog that obscured the real answer seemed to be ripped apart by this light and what’s hidden——finally appeared in his eyes.

“En.” Yi Ti thought it was funny. Why would I discuss this topic seriously with an alien who apparently couldn’t understand the concept?

“So,” Cecil suddenly turned, her face reflected in his dark eyes. Yi Ti was surprised to find that his eyes were shining with joy and excitement as if he finally found some hidden treasure. Before she could ask, he said without hesitation, “Xiao Ti, I think I love you too.”


Alien 78: Sly Black Shadow
Alien 80: Just Want To Tell You

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